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This one came to me after reading the partial draft of Midnight Sun, so be warned of spoilers.

Taking sides.

Carlisle sat in the lounge trying to take his mind off the events of today.

"Why's everyone mad at me?"

He lifted his head up as Alice came and flopped down on the sofa next to him. He chuckled a little at the slight pout on her face as she folded her arms with a huff.

Putting down the book he had been trying to read he turned to look at her.

"No one is mad at you Alice." he said calmly.

"Yes they are." she huffed stubbornly "Edward and Rosalie and Emmett and…Jasper." sadness washed over her face and Carlisle's jaw tensed, it was lucky for Jasper he was out hunting.

"Edward's just confused by what's happening, he needs time to figure everything out. He has a lot to deal with but he'll come around." Carlisle smiled "After all it's meant to be. Right?"

Alice gave a small smile of her own thinking about her future friendship with Bella.

"Rosalie." Carlisle sighed "Well you know what she's like and Emmett is siding with her to make his own life easier but he's not mad at you."

He paused as Alice's face fell again as they reached the part that was really upsetting her.

"And as for Jasper."

Alice looked up at him hesitantly.

Carlisle smiled reassuringly "Alice he couldn't be mad at you even if her wanted to be."

He wrapped an arm around Alice's shoulder giving her a little squeeze.

"He's mad I didn't side with him." She mumbled

Carlisle shook his head "No Alice, he made his decision based on his old life he thought he was doing the right thing to protect us and now he just needs some time to work through this and realise he was wrong."

Alice stared at her hands for a while.

"He didn't even ask if I wanted to go hunting with him." she mumbled dejectedly.

Carlisle sighed heavily "Maybe he thought you wouldn't want to go, after all you did go with Esme last night."

He was trying to make her feel better but it seemed to have the opposite affect.

"But he always asks, even if I only went hunting earlier that day. I told you he's mad at me."

Oh to be a human father, Carlisle thought longingly.

What he wouldn't give to be able to side with Alice now. Tel her all the usual clichés of how she was better off without him, he wasn't worth crying over and she could do better.

That way he could make Jasper pay for hurting his little girl.

Unfortunately he couldn't because he was Jasper's father as well and he had to look at this from both sides.

He was pretty certain Jasper was avoiding Alice because he felt he'd let her down by threatening to kill the first real friend Alice would get.

All he could do was hug Alice tighter and try to reassure her until Jasper got home.

"You know you'll work through this and be stronger because of it. You can talk when he gets back and by tomorrow it will all be forgotten."

"I know that." Alice said leaning into him "I just don't like him being upset with me."

Carlisle chuckled "Oh Alice no one can stay upset with you for long."

She giggled a little.

"For what it's worth." Carlisle continued sitting up so he could look at her directly "I'm very proud of you Alice, for standing up for what you believe in." he smiled at her "And for getting Jasper to change his mind, he wouldn't have listened to me."

Alice deflated again with a sigh and Carlisle hugged her tightly "Everything will be fine Alice. You know it will."

She nodded "I just wish he'd come home." she whispered.

Carlisle took a deep breath "He will." he reassured again trying to think of something to take her mind off Jasper "How much have you seen of Bella?" he asked curiously.

She grinned happily at him, this was obviously a good subject change.

"Not much. With Edward unwilling to just admit how he feels some things are still hazy, uncertain."

Carlisle shook his head "One hundred years and he's finally found his mate, only for her to be a human who's blood is almost unbearably tempting to him."

Alice rolled her eyes "Yeah, Rosalie was right it's very typically Edward." her face fell again "I know he's mad with what I saw but I can't help it, it's not like I can always help what I see."

"I know Alice." Carlisle said with a smile. "Edward will come to terms with everything. You just need to learn to be patient."

Alice bit her lip guiltily "Yeah it's hard waiting for things to happen sometimes."

Carlisle shook his head and laughed "Alice for someone who can see everything's going to work out you worry far too much."

Letting forth a giggle Alice sat up hugging Carlisle "Thanks daddy." she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before hopping up and heading for the stairs.

"Where are you off?"

She bit her lip "Jasper will be home in five minutes, I need to change so it doesn't look like I've been moping all night."

Carlisle shook his head with a smile as Alice disappeared, as much as he loved her he really found her difficult to understand at times.