Do What!!?!

So, okay, maybe Puck didn't realize it at first, but Hummel really pissed him off. Not like he was threatening his bad-ass-ness or something stupid like that. He just pissed him off. How could he be so cocky! He had put him in the dumpster, and thrown red, orange and blue corn syrup up his nose, and yet he walked around like he was the king.... queen…. WHATEVER!

If Mr. Shue hadn't been so hell bent on making them all friends Puck would have had Kurt Hummel crying by the end of the day. Seriously! The way he always looked at Finn like he was a god. Please Finn was a retard. He didn't even know if Finn was smart enough to be Gay.

Puck always watched him, Kurt, strolling down the hall with the fat girl on his arm. Santana and Brittany just loved him, and hell, even Artie respected him. Now it was on. Kurt Hummel was going down, he was going down hard. What could Puck do that would bring that little homo to his knees?

"Why are you staring at Kurt?" The thought of Nails being hammered into his eye sockets were more appealing then talking to Berry. Good kisser, banging body, annoying as Fu…

"Puck! You're not going to beat him up are you? Cause I will go to Mr. Shuster right now, and declare that you be removed from Glee promptly perhaps even ex…."

"Shut up Berry. If I wanted him beaten up I would have done it already. And I wasn't looking at him, I was looking at Mercedes." Puck rolled his shoulders and raised an Eyebrow. Trying to play off that he wasn't thinking about beating the crap out of Hummel

"Oh, well I can see how you would find her attractive. I mean aside from being a little over weight, she's a really good singer and a surprisingly good dancer, and she has a really nice smile. Good teeth, shows good self-esteem." Berry was slightly nodding her head, with her big brown eyes shinning in the light of the hall way. Puck looked at her with his eyes wide in shock.

"I'm looking at her because we are partners for that harmony crap in glee Berry! We're supposed to meet after school to practice."

"Oh." Puck loved it when the little bit of blush would come to Rachael cheeks. He will admit that he did like her, she was a really cool person. He was still pissed because she wouldn't let him touch her boob, but she'd come around. They all did.

Mercedes walked up to him with a scowl like she always did. Head bobbing ever so slightly, as she pursed her lips, and looked him up and down. Yeah she wanted him.

"Ok mo-hawk. I have more important things to do today then teach you how to keep up with me in singing," Puck was about to protest but she threw her hand up in his face, and continued, "But I talked to Shue, and he said that it was fine if Kurt helped you out."

"Helped me?!" Puck said as he put his own finger to his chest.

"Puck look," Mercedes said as she grabbed him by the arm and started to walk away from the lockers. Berry and Hummel followed closely, "I'm not going to deny, as much as I would like to, that you've got you some talent goin on. But if you're going to hang with me, then you're going to listen to my boy back there, because I'll be damned if you're going to bring me down. And if you don't like it, then I'll just tell Santana that you said I was finer then she is. Deal?"

Puck stopped dead in his tracks. She had just questioned his bad-ass-ness. In fact she had just told him what to do. Black Mailed him in fact. Slushy in the face here it comes. Luckily he still had some pull with the football team to get it done. And just to prove a point Hummel would be getting one too. Maybe even a mix.

Before Puck could protest she was gone, and as she walked she grabbed Berry by the arm. "Com on girl. We're gonna talk."

Puck looked at Hummel. Holding his book to his chest with a black Gucci shirt, and little golfers hat. His eyes wide, and head cocked so arrogantly to the side, with a small smile on those full lips.

"It's all a matter of perspective Puck. You hate me, and I hate you, and if it wasn't for her, I would be inclined to tell you that the mo-hawk is a major fashion crime. However, for the good of Glee, we need a good male back up besides Finn, and Artie, and since you are the only one that really has a name after those two, you're it."

"Fine Hummel, but don't think that this is going to get you up on my social ladder."

"I think you mean my social ladder." Kurt said as he walked pass Puck on his way to the glee room. Pucks full lips quivered as he tried to think of some kind of witty comeback. Sadly even he knew that he couldn't compete with Hummel in wit. That's why he was glad he was hot. He didn't need to be witty to kick the crap out of some one. Plus all his experience in his fight club didn't hurt either.

Inside the Glee room, Kurt pranced his way over to the piano. Puck watched him like a hawk. Those damn pants, he didn't even think a girl could fit into those pants. Kurt turned and looked at him. Giving him that what the fu…

"Puck look," he said as he sat down on the piano bench and elegantly crossed his legs, "We've got to get this done, and if you don't think that you can then just tell me now. Project Runway is coming on, and I would find it far more enjoyable then this."

"Whatever. Not like it will matter anyway." Puck said as he scowled at the petite little boy, and crossed the room, and leaned on the Piano. Kurt smugly turned around.

"Lets do the major scale to warm up."

Going through the scale about twenty times about sent Puck over the edge. He just wanted to learn the damn song, get the harmony perfect, and move on. Done deal, he wanted to go watch the Cheerios practice.

"So, the song that Mercedes has chosen is not easy, nor should you expected to have been. The guy solo needs a lot of projection, as does her part. She has it, you don't."

"Right." Puck said as he looked at the sheet music.

"Alright stand up straight Puck."

Puck looked at him, his glare even more intense then normal. Kurt rolled his eyes, and got up from the piano and started to walk away.
"Where are you going?" Puck asked shocked.

"Michael Corse is calling my name." Puck didn't know who that was.

"What about practicing?"

"I can't help you, you dumb brute, if you won't listen. You know maybe that's your malfunction Puck. You don't know a good thing when it kicks you in the nuts." The sheer anger in Hummel's voice, even if it was in the soprano range, made Puck think for a bit.

"Fine I'll stand up straight."

Hummel's shoulders squared and his head raised a good two inches as a small, yet present smile of victory came across his mouth. Puck was drawn to his lips instantly. Anger, or at the most he thought it was anger shot through his body.

"All we are going to do is focus on the highest note for right now. If we can get you to project that then once we get your breathing down you should be set. Not saying that you will be able to keep up with Mercedes, but at least you won't be forced out of the song because no one can hear you."

"It's a stupid song."

Kurt ignored the last comment, and sat back down at the Piano, hitting the same key over, and over. The key was just barely in Pucks range, and even though he could hit it, the projection wasn't there. No matter how red Puck's face got.

Kurt was looking at Puck tapping his fingers on his lips. Puck once again drawn to the lips began to get angry. To the point his legs were shaking. The fact that his legs were shaking, and not his arms was troubling. The room had gotten hotter, and it seemed to close in around him.

"Lets try this." Kurt hopped up from the piano, and walked behind Puck. Before Puck could react he had placed his arms around Pucks mid-section. Logic told Puck that he was going to force air out of him when he was singing the note, like Shue had done with Finn. His body however didn't register it that way. In the pause and feeling the strappingly strong arms of Hummel engulf him. He got light headed, and closed his eyes. It seemed to him as if all the stress in his body was about to leave. Even a moan nearly escaped his lips. He exploded. He pushed back from the Piano as hard as he could, and Hummel flew to the floor with a disgusting crack as chairs flew from the impact of his body. There was no sound from him. Puck turned and looked at him with fury. So much so that Kurt began to shuffle backwards on the floor.

"I'm sorry I didn't think… I'm sorry."

Puck was gone. He ran from the room as fast as he could, past the entrance, through the parking lot and into the street. He was running as fast as he could, pushing, even his well toned legs, to the breaking point. His chest burned, his shirt covered in sweat, legs starting to buckle. He slowed down. The, what ever it was, gone from his system. It wasn't anger that he felt towards Hummel now. It was distain… it had to be distain.