Authors note

Sorry for the really long delay on this. I'll do my best to finish this story. Enjoy

Puck pulled up in front of Finn's house and shut off his truck. After rubbing his hands on his jeans to get the sweat off and looking around for some kind of escape. When he decided that he should probably go up to the house.

There were a lot of things going through Puck's head. There were ball gags, whips, chains, maybe some kind of paddle, or just a whole lot of angry sex. He was okay with most of it, but he wasn't sure how it would feel about being tied up to Finn's bed with a ball gag, being beaten with a paddle and then turned into Finn's bitch. Though his Penis was kind of excited at the thought. Not fully excited, but just kind of.

The walk up to the house seemed to take forever and his mind was completely blank. Not much to think about really. Just that he wasn't going to be able to stop Finn from doing horrible things to him, they might not find his body after words, or Finn might be so rough it would give Puck a permanent lisp. He wasn't really thinking about the horror that was going to fall upon him. He reached the front door and pushed the door bell. He jumped a little bit at the sound.

When Finn opened the door he was dressed for business. Normally this would have been a good sign, but to Puck it was a sign that there wasn't going to be a whole lot of small talk and with the way Finn was looking at him, it wasn't going to be as nice as it was with Kurt, or as Playful as it was with Mike. This was going to be like the stuff you would see on Porn. However Puck had a feeling that he was going to be the one screaming "Give it to me!"

"Are you just going to stand there?" Finn asked. Puck wasn't sure if he was excited to enter or scared to enter. Maybe a little bit of both.

"Yeah, sorry." Puck stepped in to the house and the door shut behind him causing him to jump a little. For a split second his hands bald in to fist and he was also close to letting out a girly gasp. The worst part about it was that it wasn't a small little jump and he was almost certain he made a sound. When he turned around to look at Finn there was a hint of a smile, an evil, I'm going to love this kind of smile. At this point Puck was cursing up a storm in his mind and at Finn's slow deliberate approach Puck wanted to scream.

"Are you alright puck? You seem a bit jumpy tonight." Finn said with a condescending smile as puck slowly stepped back from the seemingly 7 foot tall Finn.

"Nah, I'm fine. Are you doing okay?" Puck wasn't sure what to say and felt like an idiot after saying it. Thinking of dialog is hard when you don't know what to say. Most of the time you just end up a babbling idiot.

Finn got a smirk on his face that was almost telling Puck that it was cute that he was playing off that he wasn't scared shitless.

"Yeah I'm… awesome. I was just expecting you to be a bit more ya know… Excited?"

"OH yeah, I mean, I'm totally excited. I mean, like a bad ass excited." The whole time Puck continued to walk backwards until finally he tripped over the fist stair falling clumsily on to the stair case.

He didn't really expect Finn to be on top of him, but he was. His lips soft and still minty fresh sent Puck in to a kind of a tail spin of pleasure and fear. How quickly he had pasted the point of no return, and how quickly it was going to be done. Finn wasn't wasting any time and it seemed that Puck was going to be uncomfortable on the stairs, and by the way Finn was controlling the situation Puck was in fact going to be his bitch.

Kurt's house

Mike happily bounced up the sidewalk to Kurt's house and rang the door bell. He was bored and wanted to see of Kurt wanted to go out and do something. He would have called Puck or Finn but he was certain that he didn't want to disturb them. Plus he and Kurt hadn't hung out by themselves. There was a bit of tension between them. They didn't have the interaction that Kurt had had with Puck and Finn beforehand. In this case he was just a kind of filler so that there could have been four of them. He was content with that at first, but not so much now.

When Kurt came to the door he frowned a little bit and then smiled.

"Mike, is there something wrong?"

"No, I'm just bored. You want to go bowling, or walking around the mall or something?"

"Ummm sure." Kurt let him in and Mike followed him down the stairs.

"Make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back. "

"Cool." Mike said as he sat down on the bed and looked around the room that was slowly starting to look like the command center for the Quad operation. Kurt had kind of appointed himself the keep of records. On the desk was a list of loyal Quad followers, and those that were on the fence. It was funny to Mike, everything was color coordinated.

"Hey Kurt?" Mike said loudly as he stood up and looked at the list on his desk.


"I was thinking about the pep rally tomorrow and the number we've been working on. I think we should change a couple of things really quick."

"Like what? I thought it was fine."

"Well, it is, but I was thinking that maybe we could make a bigger entrance you know. Maybe intimidate Quinn and the others a little bit."

Mike walked back over and sat on the bed and looked up as Kurt walked out and his mouth dropped. Kurt frowned at him and placed his hands on his hip.

"Okay, we have three problems. One, when you did finally decide to start plotting two, why would we need to intimidate Quinn and Three… Why are you still dressed?"

Mike wasn't quite sure how to respond to the question. One he didn't know why he was still dressed and he also didn't know that Kurt would look so hot in black boxer briefs.

Finns house

Puck wasn't sure where the struggle had begun for whatever it was he was struggling for, but it was clumsy and awkward and he kept scurrying away from Finn. He felt like a mouse and Finn was a cat playing with him. Sure it was kind of fun but damn it he was Puck and he didn't run away from people. Especially Finn.

"Okay really?" Finn said as Puck managed to squeeze his way out from underneath Finn again with the grace of a drunken beaver.

"Yeah like really! You're being all kinds of… I don't know…"

"Seductive?" Finn asked with a crooked smile.

"Yeah, that but…"


"Well, I'm resisting you, so no, but yeah kind of."

"Then why don't you just give in to what you're feeling and we can get this over with." Finn said as he pulled his shirt off and threw it to the other side of the room.

"Get it over with? You make this sound like it's a chore." Puck said as he took his shirt off and threw it on top of Finn's"

"Now why would I think that?" Finn said rolling his eyes with obvious sarcasm that Puck's penis twitched. This was like a new Finn. He was like a hybrid of two hell beast. One smart, manipulative Finn mixed with Predator Finn. Oh this was bad, bad on many many levels. And Puck liked it.

"Maybe I'm don't want to be topped by you. Maybe I'm saving it for Kurt."

"Or maybe you're just afriad. You're acting like a Pussy."

"No, that is exactly what I'm trying to stop myself from becoming."

Finn thought about that for a second and then laughed a little.

"It's a pun!" Finn shouted it almost with the delight of a child. "Puns are fun."

Puck had to think for a second as he looked around the room. So if Finn was that easy to distract maybe he could get away with keeping his… well he didn't know what to call getting your ass pounded by a 6'5 child like idiot who seemed to be able to channel Steven Hawkins, and Jenna Jamison at the exact same time. But he was sure it wasn't a good term. Anal Virginity just didn't seem to cover it.

Finn took a couple of steps forward and Puck took a couple of steps back. There was a glint in Finn's eyes and Puck was certain that he was in fact about to be ass raped.

Kurt's House

Kurt and Mike rolled around on the bed kissing, laughing and giggling the whole time as Kurt fought with Mike to get his clothes off. It was a fun game. Kurt kind of liked it. It was far flirtier than with Puck. It also was easier to play around like this with Mike than it was with Finn. Finn seemed to always be so worried about hurting him, but Mike realized that Kurt wasn't as weak as everyone thought he was… Probably when he threw him on the bed in a fit of hormonal teenage lust proved that.

There was also a sense of mischief that Kurt found more than a turn on. He found it down right freaking hot. He wasn't sure how but had managed to pull Mikes pants off and he looked down at the very skinny, very well built Asian and uttered a "Damn." Under his breath. Mike smiled and put his arms behind his head as Kurt leaned forward. Mike suddenly got the song "Lips of an Angel" Stuck in his head as he moaned a little.

Finns House

Puck wasn't quite sure how, but he had managed ended up under Finn again only this time, the monster of a of teenager was being gentle and his hands were gently making sure that Puck wasn't about to scurry off in a fit of what Puck had begun to refer as a "bad ass retreat."

And there was a few times that Finn had managed to get a couple of good pokes towards Pucks no fly zone. Here was the situation in Pucks head. He had messed up. He had slept with Quinn when Finn was dating her. He had betrayed the trust of the Quad and this was his payment for it. He knew that Finn wasn't going to hurt him, at least not purposely. He knew that this was the honorable thing to do, but he wasn't sure if he was going to be able to go through with it. He, in his mind, was going to be the supreme top in the Quad and Finn was challenging that and Puck didn't seem to think that was a good idea.

Of course these were broken thoughts and that's only because within a matter of minutes Finn had figured out how to make him putty with a well placed hand and or kiss. This was just not going to go well. Puck was going to have to submit and Finn knew it because he reached for the KY and smiled devilishly at Puck.

Kurt's House

Mike's back arched as Kurt slide inside of him. They were already sweating and Mike wasn't quite sure if he would be able to hold his own against Kurt who slowly started to pull himself out again. Mikes hissed out in pleasure and brought his head up to Kurt's shoulder.

"Michael if you bite me, I swear to the Fashion gods I will simply kill you painfully."

"But it feels so good." Mike said as Kurt pushed himself in again and Mike put his lips on Kurt's shoulder.

"No bite."

"Just shut up and Fu…"

Finn's House

"Puck… are you okay?" Finn asked his eyes dancing with delight at seeing Puck squirm uncomfortably under him. We'll just say that the first attempt was… well it hurt like a mother Fu… "Puckerman are you okay?"

The pain had started to subside and the burning know wasn't as intense.

"Yeah… try again." He said trying to sound as bad assed as possible.

"K." Finn said with a smile.

Kurt's House

Kurt collapsed on top of Mike and shuttered.

"Okay… Mike if ever tell you not to bite me again, I wasn't you to bite me anyway." Kurt said as Mike smiled and looked at the neck and collar bone of Kurt.

"My turn." Make said as he jumped on top of Kurt.

Finn's house.

Finn collapsed on top of Puck and shuttered.

Puck's only thought was. "I liked it. Damnit."

McKinley High School.

Puck had a hard time strutting in to the school like he normally would, and he was certain that people were going to take notice. Luckily they would think it was kind of sports injury and not the end of the No Fly Zone.

There was a slight hesitation when he saw Mike and Kurt standing next to a bank of lockers. Pucks body temp started to rise when he saw the turtle neck covering Kurt's neck. Even worse was the clear bite mark on Mike's neck.

"Your… strut Puck. It seems a little, shall we say… lose." Kurt said with a smirk that seemed to be somewhat angry and delighted at the same time.

Puck knowing what Kurt meant just smiled at him then slapped him on the shoulder. Kurt let out a hiss and glared at him.

"Those Asian Vampires… viscous little bustards aren't they?"

"Okay, truce." Kurt said. "Mike and I want to change up the entrance for the pep rally. Get Finn… We'll top this… I mean talk this thing out." Before could grab him Kurt was running down the halls. "Top that!" He yelled back over his shoulder and disappeared.