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Booth couldn't wait to show the card to his wife.

His wife.

The word was still new on his lips and felt wonderful every time he said it. A year ago, he would have never believed that his amazing partner would become his amazing wife…at least not in the waking world. But six months ago, Pops had asked them to kiss to prove that they weren't pretending to be together to make him happy. The coerced kiss could have been a replica of their mistletoe lip lock a few years before, with both of them denying how deeply it had affected them. It was like kissing my brother, Brennan had said. Luckily their kiss in front of Pops had had a different outcome. After that mind-blowing, line-shattering kiss, they couldn't pretend that they were still 'just partners'. They had gone on their first real date two days later.

A few months later, Booth had proposed to her on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, giving her the romantic proposal she'd described to Pops, and, miracle of miracles, she'd said yes. They had gotten married two weeks ago. Angela had been her maid of honor, Jared his best man. Squints and squinterns had filled her side of the church, along with her father, brother, his wife and daughters, and her cousin Margaret. His side had been mostly occupied by FBI agents and a puckish prosecutor. Only two of his guests weren't currently involved in law enforcement: Parker and Hank Booth.

Pops' doctors doubted he would live to see the wedding, but he had been determined to prove them wrong. He had been diligent in taking his pills and taking better care of himself, and his hard work had paid off. He was not only well enough to attend his grandson's wedding, he was well enough to take a turn or two with the bride on the dance floor.

Pops had also delivered the best toast of the evening. "Seeley and Temperance, I couldn't be happier for you both. The first time I saw you together, I could see that you had something special. I'm sure everyone who meets you two sees it. Am I right?" There had been applause and whistling and several shouts of 'YES'. "I bet everyone here predicted that you'd walk down the aisle someday. Frankly, I'm surprised it took you this long to do it." Laughter. Lots of laughter. "But now that you have, I know you'll love each other and take care of each other the way a husband and wife should. I know that you'll always remember how lucky you are to have each other, and how precious life is, so that you won't take one minute for granted. Right?" The bride and groom had nodded. "Good. Now let's eat!"

Laughing at the memory, Booth took the card from his desk, left the Hoover building, and drove to the Jeffersonian, heading straight for his wife's office. He found her sitting behind her computer. "Hey, honey." He kissed her cheek. He would have preferred to kiss her lips, but had promised her they'd keep things professional at work.

"Hey." Brennan smiled at him, but the smile seemed forced.

Booth's relationship radar immediately sounded an alarm. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing important," she said with a shrug.

He sat on her desk. "Tell me anyway."

She hesitated a moment before she answered. "Since we've been married, you've been calling me honey, honey bun, cupcake, and other nicknames having to do with food which I assume are traditional for spouses. These new names seem to make you happy, but I miss hearing you call me 'Bones'."

Booth chuckled to himself. When he'd first given her the nickname, she'd hated it. How many times had he heard her say Don't call me Bones? Now she actually missed it. "Alright. Let me try this again." He walked out of her office, turned around, and walked right back in. "Hey, Bones." He flashed her a charm smile and kissed her cheek again. "Better?"

This time her smile was genuine. "Yes. Thank you. Do we have a new case?"

"Nope. No yucky bones for my lovely Bones. But I do have something to show you." He took the card out of his pocket and handed it to her. "Look what came in my office mail today."

Brennan took the card from him. The front cover was white with "Thank You" written in gold cursive letters. Tears blurred her vision as she read the message inside:

Dear Agent Booth,

My name is Rose Douglas. We met six months ago.

I had been kidnapped and chained up in a basement. I didn't know who my kidnapper was, or why he was hurting me, or how long the torture would go on. I was certain of only two things: I was going to die, and the baby growing inside me would never be born.

But then you came and brought me out of the darkness.

Yesterday I gave birth to my son, Seeley Joseph. When he's old enough, I'll tell him about the noble FBI agent who shares his name. I can never thank you enough for giving us our lives back.

You said that you couldn't have saved us without your partner, Dr. Brennan, so please pass along my thanks to her. God bless you both for the wonderful work you do.


Rose Douglas

Inside the card was a birth announcement with a picture of a sleeping infant dressed in a sky blue onesie. The baby had brown hair and his fingers were curled in tiny fists. Above the picture were the words: "Proudly introducing Seeley Joseph Douglas". Beside the picture was baby Seeley's birth date, time of birth, birth weight and length. The bottom of the birth announcement read "With love, Sam and Rose". Brennan smiled as her eyes returned to the picture. "He looks a little like you."

Booth looked at the picture again over her shoulder. "You think so?"

"He has strong symmetrical features like you do, and his hair is a similar color."

Booth turned to face her. "You ever wonder what our kids would look like?"

"Yes. When I asked you to help me have a child." She lowered her eyes. "I'm sorry I asked you for your sperm. In retrospect, I realize it was a very selfish request."

"Don't worry about it, Bones." He extended a hand to stroke her cheek. "I did want to have a baby with you. I still do. Hopefully someday we'll have one the old-fashioned way."

"We will." Brennan grinned. She had been planning to tell him tonight, but now seemed an appropriate time. "In about seven and a half months."

He flashed her one of the biggest smiles she'd ever seen. "Really?"

"Really." She laughed at his enthusiasm.

Booth lifted her out of her chair and spun her around, then put her back on her feet and kissed her as if they were the only people in the building. Or the world. "Sorry," he gasped, pulling back several seconds later. "I forgot your 'no public displays of affection at work' rule."

Brennan grabbed his jacket lapels to pull him back to her. "I think we can make an exception today."

Seven months later, Brennan was piecing together a shattered skull in an autopsy room when her water broke. She called a janitor to clean the floor, went to her office to grab a spare outfit, and changed in the bathroom. Then she returned to the autopsy room and called Booth.

Booth was sitting at his desk in the Hoover building, filling out paperwork on their last case. "How's my beautiful Bones?" He said when he answered the phone.

Brennan smiled. She didn't think she was attractive in her current state, but Booth continually called her beautiful. "I'm making good progress on our victim's skull. It's too early to draw conclusions, but I think I may have found cause of death. Angela should be able to do a facial reconstruction soon."

"Glad to hear it."

"And the baby's amniotic sac just ruptured." She delivered this news with the same calm tone she'd used to describe the skull.

"Whoa!" Booth shot to his feet. "You mean that your water broke?"


"Why didn't you tell me that first?" He grabbed his jacket and car keys. "Hang on, Bones. I'm coming over there right now."

Brennan started to tell him that that wasn't necessary, but he had already hung up.

Booth arrived at the Jeffersonian in record time, breaking several traffic laws in the process, yet Brennan wouldn't let him take her to the hospital until she'd finished with the skull and handed it off to Angela.

Eighteen hours after arriving at the hospital, they held their baby boy for the first time.

"I've only just met him, but I love him," Brennan said as she looked at their sleeping son and stroked his soft brown hair. "That's very unusual for me."

Booth laughed and kissed her forehead. "It's very usual for a mom, Bones. You're going to be a great one." The proud parents were enjoying another kiss when Hank Booth entered the room.

"Working on making the next kid already?" Pops teased as he settled himself in a chair beside the bed.

"Not yet," Brennan answered seriously. "Women are advised not to have sex for at least four to six weeks after childbirth to allow the vagina--"


Brennan laughed at the look of horror on her husband's face. "Hank, would you like to hold your great grandson?"

"Of course I would!" He rubbed the hospital's hand sanitizer on his hands and then took the infant into his arms. "Look at you. Handsome face. Great hair. You're definitely a Booth. You look just like Seeley did when he was a baby." He lifted his eyes to meet Booth and Brennan's. "Does he have a name yet?"

Husband and wife smiled at each other. "William," Booth answered. "William Hank Booth."

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