I feel the urge to write a depressing poem again, so here you go.

I Couldn't Save The Hero

No one can save a hero

Who's soul has no more spark

Who's heart has lost it's love

And bright eyes turned to dark

No one could save the hero

Who couldn't hold the pain

Who didn't care for his own life

Who cut into his own vain

The worst part was finding him

Eyes dull and clouded with death

He was no longer breathing

Not one single breath

I couldn't save the hero

Who I had come to love

I can only pray and hope

He's happier above

I greatly miss my hero

Who saved me from the pain

Who got his powers because of me

But all he got was in vain

Not matter how many lives he saved

He couldn't stop the hate

He thought he was a freak

Who was stuck between death's gate.

I wish I told my hero

That he was loved by me

But if this was what he wanted

I'm happy that he's free.

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