The door-bell rang,

"I'll get it!" Hikara shouted.

When Hikara opened the door she saw a tall, nerdy, teenage, boy towering above her.

"Hello, is Kyo home?"

Hikara nodded slowly, staring at his massive zits… "He's in the kitchen, I'll get him."

Hikara ran to the kitchen, "Kyo, some scary, nerdy…" She shuddered at the thought of him, " Boy here for you."

Kyo sighed, that would be Akatsu, he thought to himself.

Kyo put down the mango he was eating and walked over to the door, "Hi Akatsu, come in."

Akatsu smiled, showing his crooked braces, and then walked in.

As the boy walked past Hikara she almost puked, he smelled like a mixture of soap and charcoal!

Kyo showed Akatsu to the living room where they both sat down, "Hikara, why don't you go over to Misao's house."

"Okie dokie," she said, glad to have an excuse to get away from this Akatsu person.

Kyo turned to Akatsu.

There was a long silence before anybody spoke.

"What did you find out about the blue and black bird demons?" Kyo asked, perhaps a bit to curiously.

"Well… as you guess they are TOATALLY different species. There is absolutely no way that you to could be related… and if I were you I'd be pretty happy about that."

Kyo looked at him questioningly.

"Well she is REALLY, REALLY hot!"

Kyo had never really thought about that before… although he had to admit that he was right, her eyes were so dark they were almost black, and her hair, her gorgeous hair… wait what was he thinking!

"Yeah, I guess." Was all that he could manage to say.

"Well I gotta go, see you tomorrow at school." Akatsu said as he left.

"wow, this is awkward… how do I tell her that we aren't actually related and that I think she's…well… beautiful?" Kyo said to himself.

When Hikara got home from Misao's house it was late.

"Hey Hikara, come here I need to tell you something." Kyo called from in his room.

After a few minutes Hikara came in, "what?"

"I…uh…er… ug, nevermind… I forgot." He said.

"Hmmmmmm… ok." Hikara said, she walked into her room.

As soon as Hikara had left Kyo's room he used the dictionary he was holding to whack himself in the head, "stupid, stupid, stupid!"

How could he ever tell her how he really feels?