Author's Notes: This fic is for tromana who won my help_chile offer at LiveJournal. The offer consisted of a 2,000+ word fic. This is going to be a 2,000++++ fic ;) -- I've already written 2,500 words and I've only just started it. This is just the prologue. I hope to update this weekly.




It all started with a bucket of water. Or rather, where it landed, which was, in this case, on Senior Agent Lisbon. Needless to say, Jane was acutely aware that the event had angered Lisbon, and this anger prevailed for many days. Thus, he tried to make amends by any means he could, and he had an inkling that Lisbon was milking it.

That Thursday afternoon, Jane had gone down to the basement to get the Griffith file. He hadn't been happy with the task, but he had still felt guilty about the whole 'bucket of water' incident. So he had agreed to go. Unfortunately for him, the file was in a box on one of the higher shelves. He wasn't big on heights, but that hadn't made Lisbon change her mind. She was determined to get the Griffith file and she wanted Jane to go get it.

So, at 3:14pm, Patrick Jane could be found in the archives room in the basement, rummaging through old files, standing on a not-so-stable ladder.

At 3:19pm, Patrick Jane could be found lying on the concrete floor, skull cracked, blood slowly pouring out of it.

At 3:23pm, Senior Agent Sam Bosco went to the basement to get a case file that might be related to the case he was working on. He never got the file. At 3:24pm, Agent Bosco called 911, desperate to have paramedics arrive on time.

At 3:31pm, Cho barged into Agent Lisbon's office, distress obvious on his face.

At 3:32pm, Agent Lisbon was sitting in an ambulance, holding Patrick Jane's hand.