January 20th

Dear Brother,

Today I went to the teenage wasteland; also known as the Hetalia International Academy. I was at the table when he walked in. He was laughing sheepishly and dribbling a basketball, surrounded by his friends. They were pretending to be annoyed by his boisterous laughter, but I could see them trying to hold in their own giggles. He glanced over at me and my face instantly heated up. He quickly turned back around and I did the same. I hate Alfred F. Jones. I despise him with all of my heart. He has ruined my life. I have to look at what he did to me every day. As soon as I get the chance, I will hold a knife to his throat and make him beg for mercy…then I will slit it.

Forgive me for what I did, Brother.

I made lots of tips at the grocery store today. I will put the money in the "Free Ivan" jar next to my bed as soon as I am done writing this. Sadly, the "Free Ivan" fundraiser you suggested was not a success: for some odd reason, no one would buy the cupcakes with your face on it.

Brother, I am so honored to help raise funds for your bail. I promise to dispose of the wretched people who threw you in that terrible prison. Who ever heard of going to prison for possession of nuclear weapons at a school? This country is absurd.

You'll be glad to know that I moved like you suggested. I will put the rent money I saved in the jar. You are so smart! I now live in Roberto Garcia's maid house. He is Mexican and very hospitable. The maid house is cramped, but comfortable. The only problem is his neighbor: Alfred Jones. Why does fate keep stabbing me in the back?

I was shocked when I spotted him in his backyard playing basketball, of course. I ducked in the bushes. He doesn't know that I live here, thank God, and I don't plan on telling him. As a matter of fact, I don't plan on telling him a damn thing ever again. Especially…that thing.

Anyway, work was okay. I rang up a man who was going to pay seven dollars for a box of cereal. Can you believe that? I told him the price was wrong. I said, "Sir, this box is actually ten dollars. The sale ended yesterday." and he believed me! Three extra dollars for the "Free Ivan" jar!

Forgive me for that thing, Brother.

Forever Yours,


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