E/O CHALLENGE Word: Coffee

Disclaimer: Yeah yeah, I don't own them, but they own a little part of me

Word Count: 100

Spoilers: None

Set: In Season 2, somewhere between "Crossroad Blues" and "Born under a bad sign"

Thanks to my lovely Betas: BarbaraGER and Katydid43

Surprise Visit

„Took ya long enough to drop by, Little Red Riding Hood", Bobby grumbled as he slammed the pot of coffee on the table.

„Yeah well", Dean turned the mug cautiously in his hands, „it's not like we had much time to pick friggin' flowers and visit grumpy granny lately."

„Funny", Bobby slumped into a chair. „So what's up?"

„I'll tell you what's up, old man", Dean answered, taking a sip of the steaming liquid, instantly screaming in pain as his guts seemed to dissolve in a sea of acid.

„No need", Bobby sighed, starting with the exorcism. „Sam already called".