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Chapter 6: The Promise with Itachi [Part 2]

That night Itachi came to visit me, he had assured that nothing would happen between me and Sasuke but there was also another motive that he came by to see me so late at night.


"Hinata, I didn't come here to tell you about how my little brother will do to you in the future or tell you that your going to be strong one day…." the Uchiha started saying which led the Hyuuga heiress slightly confused,

"T-then what b-brings you h-here, Itachi?" she stuttered. There was a moment of silence between the two and all you could here was the wind blowing against the trees. Hinata was starting to get worried if her sensei was feeling alright. "Um…Itachi? Are you okay?"

"Yeah, its just…I have a lot in my mind right now Hinata." he simply replied, he stood up from his spot and started to pace a little forward toward the pitch darkness of the forest.

""Um…Itachi?" asked Hinata once again getting a little frightened that the young man was going to leave her all alone. She started to stand in order to follow him but before she took her first step, Itachi asked her a question, stopping her tracks.

"Hinata, how far will you go to protect the people you hold dear to you?" To be honest the Hyuuga heiress was a little perturbed at the question her sensei had asked but she gave him an answer nonetheless,

"I would try to give it my all to protect and save t-those that m-mean s-so much to m-me. I d-don't k-know what I do I-if I lost my m-mom and my d-dad."

"Hn….I suppose that makes sense." Itachi said, Hinata was standing next to him and held his hand gave him a small smile but with worried eyes,

'Seems the Byakugan can see through all even emotions, huh.' thought Itachi as he gave a small smirk,

"You know, Hinata you are a sweet girl and I'm sure you are going to take care of my little brother even when he acts a little mean." he stated as he kneeled down to her level and patted her head.

"Itachi, it sounds like your going to be gone for a long time, what's wrong?" asked a worried Hyuuga.

"Nothing it's just I have a lot in my mind and I'm about to be ANBU pretty soon so I guess is that I'm feeling a little nervous…"

"Nervous? You? Itachi-sensei, you are very strong and intimidating, I have it hard to believe that you are nervous." Hinata said. Itachi gave a small laugh and patted his students head,

"You give me to much credit, Hinata, I know I'm a good ninja but I'm not perfect," he started to explain, "besides I'm not nervous at the fact that how I'll do in ANBU but on how will it effect my brother now. Since I won't be home as much to train him and you." Hinata was taken back, she felt bad not only for her 'master' but herself,

'What will happen to me now that Itachi-sensei won't be training me as much?' she thought, Itachi then stood up and looked up in the moon.

"Don't worry, Hinata, I will make sure that nothing happens to you when your father hears that I won't be available to train you as much, this I promise you." Hinata looked surprised,

'How did he know what I was thinking?'

"I may not be a Hyuuga, but I can see your emotions and it gives me a clue as to what were your thoughts. Since I made a promise to you, Hinata, do you think you'll be able to keep a promise for me?" The shy heiress eyes opened up and she gulped,

"Itachi-sensei I don't know if I—"

"Hinata, you do not have to call me sensei all the time, do not be afraid of what my younger brother says or thinks. Remember that despite having the seal in your writs, you have to stand your ground." he looked serious when he said and the Hyuuga girl nodded in agreement, then he continued," Anyways this isn't a major or complicated promise I'm asking for Hinata, I just want to know if you'll agree to it once I tell you. So will you?"

"Y-yes, I'll do my best Itachi-se—um Itachi. What is the promise?"

Itachi was silent, making Hinata worried and scared, she didn't know at the time what was going on the Uchiha prodigy's mind although—

"Hinata I want you to promise that no matter what goes on, be nice to my brother. Be supportive and be there for him, no matter how mean and bad he gets, please promise me that you'll be his friend till the end not because of the seal but because you're a good person. Help him get stronger and wise and be the reason for him to be stronger for you and protect you at the end, promise me that you'll be like family to him, Hinata-chan. Will you be able to keep this promise for me?" —yet she would know later on what was going on in Itachi's mind.

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