Heneroshi's Island book 1 of 8

Chapter 1

March 15, 1971, Planet Earth time, at around 7 AM, Cynthia Anne Radiance aka Cindy was rushed to Southtown University Hospital via express rails as a result of going into labor. Jeff Bogard had gotten a phone call one hour previous to this from Cindy saying that she was in a lot of pain and there was a watery mess all over her kitchen floor. Jeff, being the educational genius that he was, knew that could only mean one thing.

Jon too had heard of the news and was trying so very hard to escape prison. It turns out, that since being off of the drugs, Jon's age had begun to show, and he had explained to the guard at Bey City Correctional, that the child being born at Southtown University hospital was his kid. Well, as it turned out, the guard spoke with the captain, and the Captain allowed a one-day pass, but with supervision.

This worked all too well for Jon because he knew that the moment he had the chance to, he would knock the guard out, be back on the drugs, having missed their effects on his age, and get to see his kid at the same time. He'd be sure to take the drugs after seeing his kid because the guard would be there and he didn't want his newborn getting the wrong first impression.

When the child was born, it was confirmed that the kid was a boy, and Cindy chose the name Terrance Nicolas Bogard or Terry for short. Jon had stayed in the background so to speak, not being visible to anyone really, but watching the scene. He could have sworn that his son named Terry looked directly at him. Those stunning blue eyes of Terry's nearly froze Jon in his tracks, making the criminal forget momentarily of his plan.

A couple of weeks later, Jon had gotten out of prison for good behavior. Thanks to Terry's staring, Jon did not knock the guard out and thus got off on probation. This meant that Jon could be more trusting. In celebration of this, Cindy invited Jon over to her place in Hamster City to properly congratulate him for this victory.

That night, after Terry was supposed to be asleep, Jon had suggested to make love to Cindy once more. No drugs, no rape, just honest to goodness conception sex. The fact that Jon had become a father to one son had inspired him that maybe Jon was okay off of the drugs. This was a good feeling for Jon, subsiding the fear that he had over aging, but there was yet one side effect the drugs had taken a hold of. Without the medicinal side of the drugs that Jon took in 1970, the positive side for real that the drugs had, Jon had a more perverted way of thinking.

Basically, in 1970, Jon was overdosing on what he actually needed in the drugs that he took, unaware that he actually needed some of it in order to cause a stable state of mind. Yes, the drugs did have an aging affect, which was a bonus for Jon, but that side effect overtook Jon's thinking in the 1970's and caused Jon to rape Cindy back then.

This time around, the full effects of the drugs have worn off, and Jonathan had a misjudgment when it came to sexual intercourse. True, Jon did sincerely fall for Cindy, which wasn't really a super big deal. But what was a super big deal was that now off of the drugs, Jon thought it was okay to play with Terry in a perverse sort of way.

To bring this reader up to speed on what the probation terms were was this: Jon was allowed to see Cindy again and have relations, but if he did anything that was outside of his love for Cindy meaning either forced sex or what he did to Terry, which was really bad, then he would be back into prison and get a longer sentence and Jon would be allowed only one phone call to phone only one person one time, that's it until his sentence is finished.

Well, when Jon tried to touch Terry that way, Terry closed his eyes tightly and howled like a wild wolf! It was so loud, and so animal like that Jeff Bogard, who was closest besides Cindy, had heard it and came running.

Therefore, Jon went back to prison as was agreed. Cindy was pregnant with Andy Bogard this time. And it was discovered that Terry had an inner wolf spirit.

Thus this ends Chapter 1 of this story. Stay Tuned for Chapter 2 for the result of Andy's birth and a sinister plan.

*Please note that the Plan in Chapter 2 is what later comes into play from Fatal Fury 1 the movie when Jeff Bogard is murdered.*