It was ten AM on a Monday morning, another boring High School day, another boring English class I was currently stuck in.

My freaking English teacher had decided it would be a good idea to give us an assignment where we had to describe whichever classmate who name was on the slip of paper that we pulled out of a hat.

You know, it wouldn't of been so bad, having to describe someone like my best friend, Geoff. Because you could describe him in two very simple words. Party Animal.

But the name I drew out of the hat, was probably the one person on this earth, that I just couldn't describe.


Courtney and I had been dating on and off for the past two years, and even when we were dating,-Which we weren't now- I could never find the words to describe her. And now, here I was, being asked to do just that.

I cast a glance at the mocha-haired female who sat three seats back from me, and who was currently writing away on a lined sheet of paper in her binder. She had pulled her friend, Bridgette's name from the hat. Lucky bitch.

After scribbling and erasing and scribbling some more and erasing once again, I growled under my breath. What was the point of this anyways?! It's not like it counted for marks or anything.

So, feeling frustrated beyond belief, I continued to watch my ex-girlfriend out of the corner of my eye. After a minute of her doing nothing remotely interesting, I began writing once more, still feeling annoyed.

How would I describe Courtney?

Hot-headed, uptight, bossy, annoying, controlling, demanding, frustrating, bratty, spoiled, bitchy.

I paused for a moment, and read back to myself what I'd written. Of course, it was all true, but looking back at female I was currently bashing, I felt I should write a bit more.

Those are many of Courtney's... I struggled to think of the correct word. unflattering traits. But even Courtney has he good ones too. Such as;

She's beautiful, smart, determined, ambitious, sexy, witty, graceful, athletic, respectful, good, pure, innocent.

I paused once again to smile. Those last three things were exceptionally true. That was one of the reasons why I never understood why she went out with a guy like me in the first place. I wasn't good, no where near innocent or pure, hell, I was kind of a jackass. A perverted jackass.

I snapped out my thoughts when I heard her chair slide back against the linoleum floor, and her shoes click against the ground as she walked up to the Teacher, Mr. Morris, to hand him her sheet of paper.

On her way back, our eyes connected with one another, and she stared at me for a split second, before marching over to her desk.

Courtney is one of those individuals that, no matter how many different words you use, you just can't describe her. Sure, she's not perfect, even though she likes to think she is.

Smirking, I erased everything I had written, and replaced it with one simple sentence, before getting out of my chair as well, and plopping the sheet of paper down on the Teacher's desk.

How would I describe Courtney?

She's annoying as hell, but hey, you just gotta love her.