Author's Note:: Okay, new LTP fic. It's set pre-season one. Kipp/Lyida pairing, and set in the P.O.V of Lydia. I know they are more like best buddies or brother/sister but come on...they are both alike in the sense they like dates. Enjoy it anyway, I wish more people would write more LTP stuff.

A Hard Day's Night.

Chapter One;

Looking up from the pillow, I see the evidence of last night.

It did happen. Oh my God!

The scattered clothing around the room. My push-up bra on the edge of the bedside cabinet. My contact lenses smushed somewhere on my cheek. His cologne lingering in my nostrils. Makes a change from waking up with a hotel mint stuck to my neck. Kipp actually bought me dinner, says something for him. Better than that Will Butler.

Will Butler. Urgh!

I gently sit myself up, as does Kipp at the same time. His face reading the same expression as mine. I cling the blanket around me like it's a life raft and swallow before turning my head (it feels heavy) slowly to face Kipp next to me. I see his face too. He's looking back at me.

Oh jeez, he just me the 'you look awful and hot at the same time' expression. Wow, I could get used to this.

After seeing Kipp's expression while he glances upon my face, I start to think about what the Hell he can see. Smeared make-up from the night before? Mussed hair from...we all know what? And then it hits me...what did he think of me? I get anxious and edgy, turning away from Kipp with a sheepish smile and nervous chuckle, my eyes widening when I look down at the lonely stilleto beside the bed, accompanied by my newly discovered underwear favourites; the thong.

Okay, Kipp is hot in his own little way. Did I destroy that totally awesome friendship?

I raise my brow as I listen to my own thoughts. Not really believing in what I'd just mentally asked myself.

I care about friendship now?! That's a new one.

Obviously I really must care about Kipp to be asking myself why I'd thought we'd destroyed our friendship. He's a good kid, bitchy just like me. We really get on, tormenting the people in the cafeteria who are more lowly than us, buying their convenience packets of nut mix bags or their slushies from the new vendor. I really just hoped that we wouldn't let this get in the way of how we interact with each other at work and being together. And that's where the dish starts;

Poncho Murphy's, the night before.

I sat there at the table, sipping on my last dregs of Martini, watching the buffoons from the fourth floor dancing around with the weedy supply freak, Owen. I start to wonder why I'm there, the office party for once not in the office. I look over to Will Butler, remembering the night we spent together in Texas just weeks back and gulp down the last drops of my Martini, setting down the glass on the bar with a satisfied clink before slipping gracefully to Will and the company he was keeping.

"What are we laughing at, Will?" I chuckle along with the other company he was in, softly touching his arm before seeing his arm around the brunette beside him. She had legs almost as long as mine, I noticed before giving her a glare.

"Oh, the other woman." I hear Will announce me as and turn to face him, my eyes wide with my eyebrows in my hairline.

"This has to be Lydia." one woman said, reaching for my hand and smiling brightly, but I saw the sarcasm behind that mouth.

"Yes, this is Lydia. My gazelle." Will winked to me and stood with his smug smile spread across his face. His overly bronzed face.

"Oh she's just a doll." the woman spoke up again.

"Oh she is. She sure knows how to have a good time." Will then continued, "Lydia was just -"

"Lydia was just leaving." I cut him off and walk away swiftly to get away from the humiliation caused by him. I slip back to my table to grab up my purse, shaking my head a little before I turn and come face to face with the lollipop with a perm and windowframes, "Jeez Owen! Stop that!"

"Lydia. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you, is it the glasses? Are they too much?" he asked me, his hand moving up to the atrocious frames on his face.

"No, Owen it's not the glasses -" he then cuts me off.

"It's just my mom's always said these frames were the ones to wear when displaying to the watching mates."

"Yeah, if you're part of the Discovery channel." I reply to his comment under my breath, but since I'd had a drink or several it came out louder.

"You think my modelling days were a joke?" Owen asked, clearly offended by my muttered statement.

"I didn't say that." I take defence already.

"No, that's right. You didn't, Lady." he replied, puffing his chest out, bearing in mind he's like an ironing board, his hands in his pockets as he stood there looking shifty and sheepish.

I look to Owen, my brow furrowed a bit as I give him a confused and questioning expression, my hand out like I'd just asked him a question, "Are you done? I've got places to be, people to be done." I tell him and make to walk away.

"You know." Owen grabs my hand gently to turn me back to look at him and he lets his tone turn soft, "I heard the comments made by Will and his Flying Monkeys, and I just want to tell you, I think you're really beautiful, Lydia. You can do a lot better than Will." he said to me.

"Owen." I smile to him softly, my heart feeling a sense of consciousness finally as I looked into his eyes.

"Yeah, I mean, there's me..." he shrugged a little.

"Urgh!" I pull my hand away from Owen's and stalk away from him, to go outside.

"What do you think of my body?" came his voice from across the room as I stood on the step near the door before pushing it open forcefully and going outside, frowning to myself.

"So what do you think of his body?" I heard a voice from behind me. I looked up, knowing the voice before turning to see him.

"Kipp." I smile, glad to see a friendly face as I sit down on the steps at the side of building, looking up at my best friend, scratch that, only friend of the minute.

"How come you're not in there enjoying the office party?" he asked smiling softly.

"Oh, Will just made a fool out of me in front of the most prized people of GNB." I replied with some difficulty even if it was Kipp I was talking to. Usually I could tell him anything without having to worry about him judging or making fun of me.

"About your time together in Texas?" Kipp asked me.

I looked to him and nodded a little, "Yeah. And why aren't you in there? Owen didn't come onto you too, did he?"

"No, I just broke up with Lucy." he told me, I was not expecting that.

"Kipp..." I sit there, looking to him sympathetically for a few moments, "I'm sorry." I say quietly to him.

Kipp looked to me and then down to his lap as he took the space on the step next to me, "I am too."

"Wanna talk about it?" I offer him.

I saw him blush for a second, getting a little cagey before he turned to me and chuckled nervously, "I'd rather not." he replied with that fake smile.

"Ah come on." I give him a nudge and smile, "I shared my humiliation, it's what friends do Kipp. It's only fair."

"Lydia..." he whined a little.

"Alright, don't tell me then." I made to stand up and he grabbed my hand pulling me back down, and before I knew anything else, Kipp's lips were on mine. My eyes were open as I felt his hands either side of my face and my brows even more into my hairline than before. When I didn't respond to his kiss out of sheer shock, I felt Kipp's lips leave mine.

"Now do I really have to say?" he asked me.

I had sat there with my mouth open a little as he spoke, kind of in a daze before I broke out of it and closed my mouth, "No, that explains a lot." I nodded back to him, still shocked at what he had done, "But...Lucy?"

"...found out you." Kipp replied, sighing a bit as he looked me over.

"Who doesn't?" I chuckled and flipped my hair a little before looking back to Kipp and focusing, "I think you need to make it up to Lucy. I know how close you two were and how you felt about her. It looked too good to throw away from where I was which I will add, get some damn curtains!"

"Lucy's not taking this Steadman back." he told me sternly.

I took Kipp's hand and gave a little squeeze, "Kipp, it's called dinner and flowers. And I'm pretty sure jewellery could walk its way into the equation too." I told him.

"Dinner?" he smiled and nodded, "Lets go." he said, standing up and pulling me up.

"Kipp wait. I meant you and Lucy."

"I know. But lets us go get dinner. To-gether..." he smirked and nodded once as if to make me get the hint he was dropping.

"O...kay." I replied uncertain for once in my life, and I let him pull me along, carrying my purse to the nearest classy restaurant we stumbled into. I made sure he heard the word 'classy', we couldn't be seen in one of those all-you-can-eat buffet places. It was not our thing.