Author's Note:: New, probably second to last chapter, and written in Kipp's POV, it's only short, apols. Hope you enjoy it. (:

A Hard Day's Night.

Chapter Five;

Lydia smirked as she saw Kipp rush off. He was going to get the coffees for both of them. The blonde sighed softly as she played with the ends of her hair, pouting softly. While Kipp was away, (even if it was just for coffee from the snack area) Lydia was going to play. She made eyes at everything with trousers and a pulse, she watched as the copy boys and interns passed by her desk on the floor. Lydia always made a point of keeping up morale with the males of GNB, something she should probably stop doing since she was going to be with Kipp.

"Coffee...!" Kipp's voice chirped behind her as an arm came over her shoulder and placed the coffee cup on the desk in front of her.

"Oh, Kipp thank you." Lydia turned around and smiled a little to Kipp. The blonde blinked gently and gave a soft sigh.

"So, I got your coffee..." Kipp tried to get Lydia onto the subject he wanted to talk about; them.

"I see that." Lydia nodded and smiled a little to him before she reached for the polystyrene cup, "Anyway, I should get on with this...proofing. Thanks again for the coffee Kipp."

"Uhh...yeah, sure." Kipp gave a weak and defeated smile as he moved away from Lydia's desk to go back to his own.

Lydia softly reached for her coffee and smiled over to Kipp before she saw the new guy entering the floor. He was certainly suave. Jeb Denton his name was. Looking over, Kipp saw that she was eyeing up the new competition, before he got to his desk, the secretary turned on his heel, ditching his coffee cup on the side and he headed back over to Lydia's desk

"Lydia..." he began.

"Kipp, shh! Can't you see I'm working?!" Lydia hissed as she kept her eyes trained on Jeb as he weaved his way across the floor, nearing the two.

"Working on finding a new man to foot your bills?" Kipp asked her, leaning close to her ear.

Lydia finally managed to draw her eyes from Jeb, and she looked up at Kipp, "I find that..." she frowned to think up a word to describe how she felt what Kipp had said to her made her feel, "That hurt. I'm talking more than a broken nail!" she glared up at Kipp.

"He looks like he could afford your shopping addiction, shopaholic."

"Kipp..." Lydia frowned and frowned before she looked up to see Jeb in front of her desk. That smile...

"I'll be at my desk." Kipp announced, already having begun to walk away.

Lydia had smiled up at Jeb before she heard Kipp's words. It was then she turned to face Kipp, watching him go before she then looked up at Jeb, "Excuse me, I'll be right back." she stood and took off after Kipp, dragging him along and into Will Butler's office, past Claude.

"Lydia, what the hell?!"

Before Lydia or Kipp spoke, the blonde had pressed her lips against Kipp's reviving the passion that had been aglow the night before. What they didn't realise was Will was actually in his office, it was one of those rare occasions.

"I was just about to say the same thing." Will said softly, sitting nonchalantly behind his desk, his hands clasped and with a soft smile on his face.

The blonde looked over Kipp's shoulder and saw Will sitting there. She blinked with her mouth open a little, "Will..."

"Mr Butler..." Kipp chuckled nervously and blushed a little.

"Steadman..." Will smirked a bit.