Okay, I had this in my head, and it was screaming "PUT ME ON FANFICTION YOU DUMBASS!!!!" I obviously had no choice in the matter because that voice had a chainsaw in it's clutches. So here you go, a suicide poem for Harry Potter!


I took a wand in to my hand

And took a shallow breath

It recently occurred to me

To escape depression is death

I put a lot of thought in to this

I wouldn't back away

This was it, the last chapter

And the final day

I could see the newspaper now

The headline printed bold

Harry Potter kills himself

Eventually it will get old

And everything will continue on

Not one thing will even change

But the sadness that I feel right now

It seems a little strange

It's like I saw a death eater

And he sucked out my soul

But the bright happiness I had

Is now as black as coal

I took another shallow breath

And put the wand to my wrist

I shouted out the deadly spell

I really wanted this

Avada Kedavra!

Well, that's it! REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!! Please? Good bye, and hope you enjoyed reading what comes out of my gothic mind!!!!!! L8r all!