Chapter 1: Patty is born.

"Okay, Gatomon, just relax." Kari tried to calm her Digimon companion. "T.K. called Joe,and he will be here in a minute. Everything is going to be alright." "But... It hurts..." Gatomon said. She was completely exhausted. "I'm not sure if... I am ready for this. I mean, I know it... Has been nine months already, but... Giving birth to a baby is still a huge... AAH!!"
Gatomon had a contraction. "Uuh... It HURTS!! I'm not gonna be able to make this!" Patamon grabbed her arm and rubbed it gently. "Don't worry, honey. It'll be all right." "Easy for YOU to say." Gatomon said bitterly. "You're not going through all this-OUUCH!!"

Gatomon squeezed Patamon's arm. "Ow!" Patamon yelled. "So...Sorry." Gatomon said. "Oh, don't be sorry. I should be the one who's sorry..." Patamon replied "What do you mean?" she asked. "Well, after all, it is because of me that you are pregnant..."
"Oh, don't be silly Patamon!" Kari said to him. "Try to look at the light side: You're going to have a child!" "Yeah..." Gatomon said. She looked relieved, however, yet another contraction made her scream again. "God, this is painful!" Gatomon sounded desperate. Suddenly, someone knocked the door.

"That's probably Joe." T.K. said and went to open the door. "Do you want anything, honey?" Patamon asked Gatomon. "Nothing, expect for this pain to end..." she said. "Don't worry, it will soon." "Hi there." Joe said as he and T.K. stepped into the room. "Everything okay?" "Well, I'm just going through the most painful experience in my lifetime, that's all." Gatomon replied in a rather sarcastic tone. "The first child is alwayst the hardest one." Joe said. "So... You ready?" "Ready." Patamon and Gatomon said together. "Good.
Now, try to push when I say 'now', okay?" "I... I'll try." Gatomon said.

"Do you guys want to be here?" Joe asked T.K. and Kari. "Of course. Gatomon's my best friend." Kari said. "Yeah. It s her and Patamon's first child. We don't wanna miss it." T.K. said. "Besides, it gives us good practice if we ever decide to have a baby, right Kari?" Kari blushed a little. "I, I guess so..." she said and sounded a little nervous. "Fine." Joe said, and turned back to Gatomon. "Okay, Gatomon.
NOW!" Gatomon tried to push hard. "HNNNNGH!!!" she panted a lot. "Okay, push again, now." Joe told her. Gatomon tried to push as hard as she could, but the baby still stayed inside. "Try to push a little harder, okay?" "What do you think I'm trying to do?!" Gatomon yelled at him. "I'm pushing as hard as I can, and- OUCH!!" Yet another contraction. "I'm not gonna be able to do this, I'm gonna die!!" "No you're not,
Gatomon." Patamon tried to calm her down. "Just push don't give up. Look, it's nearly out. One good push will do it." Gatomon nodded, and tried to push one more time. She collapsed. "I can't do this. I just can't. It's over for me and the baby..." Patamon looked extremely worried. Then,
he got an idea.

"Listen. Close your eyes." Patamon told her. After Gatomon closed her eyes, Patamon continued. "Think about Myotismon returning. He comes here,
and tortures and kills me and Kari." Patamon tried to provoke her. Gatomon suddenly started to look extremely vigorous. "No... I'm not gonna let that happen..." "Your only chance is to digivolve into Angewomon and strike him down with Celestial Arrow. Gather all your strength." Gatomon took a deep breath. "Okay. What now?" "Now, just as you shoot him, push as hard as possible. Only when the baby comes out, Myotismon is gone for good."
Patamon kept going with his story. "Okay. One, two, three... NOW!!" "AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!" Gatomon pushed extremely hard. "Good, the baby is almost out."
Joe said. "Good job, Gatomon. Just one more Celestial Arrow, okay? NOW!" "HNGGGGH!!!" Gatomon pushed once more, and...

"Congratulations. It's a girl." Joe said with a smile. Patamon and Gatomon took a look at their baby. It looked like a Patamon, expect whereas normally a Patamon would have orange, this one had white with purple stripes. "It's... It's a girl..." Patamon said. A tear dropped from his eye. "Patamon, you were a genius!" T.K. said and patted Patamon's back. "It's all over now, Gatomon." Kari stroke Gatomon's head. Gatomon still looked painful. "Where's our girl?"
"Joe went to the bathroom to clean her." Kari told her. Patamon walked next to Gatomon. "You did great, Gatomon." "Thanks. But I couldn't have done it without you." Gatomon replied to her, as the two kissed. Joe stepped into the room. "Here's your baby." he said as he handed the baby digimon to Gatomon.
"She's... Beautiful." Patamon said. "She looks just like you." Gatomon said to Patamon. "Maybe a little. But she's got your eyes." Patamon said. "Well, looks like my job here is done." Joe said with a smile. "Thanks a lot, Joe." Kari thanked him. "No problem." Joe said as he walked into the staircase.

"Looks like a happy ending to me." T.K. said to Kari. "Yeah. Gatomon was brave." Kari replied. "So... Do you think you want to ever have a baby?" T.K. asked her. "Hmm... Perhaps." Kari replied to him with a mischievous tone, as the two kissed. "Do you want to hold the baby, Patamon?" Gatomon asked Patamon. "Sure.
Hand her over." Gatomon gave the baby to Patamon. "Here's our little princess of both Hope and Light..." he said, but suddenly stopped. "Are you okay, Gatomon?"
"I... Dunno. I still have a lot of pain..." Gatomon said. Suddenly, she nearly passed out. "GATOMON!!" Patamon and Kari yelled. "Uh... I feel... Cold..." Gatomon said in an extremely weak tone. "Joe! Come back here!!" T.K. yelled as he rushed into the staircase. "Gatomon, please, open your eyes..." Patamon said to her, while still holding their baby.

"I feel kinda dizzy..." Gatomon said quietly. Kari grabbed her arm all of a sudden. She gasped. "What's wrong?" Patamon asked worriedly. "Her... heart..." Kari said.
"What?" Patamon asked, grabbed Gatomon's other arm, and put his thumb on her wrist. "Oh no, it's not, it's not beating!!" Patomon sobbed. "Patamon..." Gatomon whispered.
"What's going on around here?" Joe asked as he came back from the staircase. "Gatomon collapsed suddenly, and-" T.K. tried to explain, but was cut by Patamon. "Her heart is not beating." Patamon sobbed. "What?!" Joe looked shocked. "Pata...mon... Please..." Gatomon said in a quiet tone. "What is it, honey?" Patamon asked her. "Please... Take care of... Our... Daughter... While I'm gone..." she whispered. She felt cold. "Joe, please do something, she is going to die!!" Kari begged Joe. "I'm afraid there's nothing I can do. I'm... Sorry." Joe said, and looked kinda upset.

"Gatomon, please don't die..." Patamon begged her. "You can't leave me, I love you!" "I... I love you too, Patamon..." Gatomon whispered. She gave Patamon one last small kiss. "Take care of... yourself." Gatomon said. She closed her eyes, and faded into digital bits. "Gatomon, no... NOO!!!" Kari screamed, and started to cry. T.K. rushed to her. "Don't worry, Kari, it'll be alright..." He tried to comfort her has she cried to his shoulder. T.K. gently patted her back, however he did not know which was worse:
Kari s crying or Patamon's complete devastation. "Gatomon..." Patamon said in a quiet tone, and started to cry himself. The baby was still sleeping in his arms. "She is... gone..."
"Don't worry, guys." T.K. said, while also looking sad. "Remember, she'll be back. After all, she's a digimon. She'll be reborn back at File Island. We'll just have to wait a while."

"You're right..." Kari said, while she wiped her tears. "Don't worry, Patamon. You'll have to raise the baby on your own just for a while, and aftet Gatomon comes back, you three can be together for the rest of your life." "I... Think so..." Patamon said quietly, however, she was still heartbroken. His sweet Angel of Light... Gone. "So, uh.
I guess I'll get going." Joe said. "Thanks for your help, Joe." T.K. said to him, as he left. "So, um... Have you decided a name for your baby yet?" T.K. asked Patamon. "We never got to talk about that..." Patamon looked at the little baby digimon sleeping in his arms. "She's basically a female Patamon, so... I'll call her Patty." Patamon said. "Patty... It suits her just fine." Kari said. Patamon smiled, as he craddled his daughter in his arms. The baby opened her eyes a little. "She's got Gatomon's eyes..."
Patamon siad, and a tear formed to his eye. "Will you be alright?" T.K. asked him. "Yeah. I... I'll get back at our house." Patamon replied. "Are you sure you don't want to stay at my house tonight?" T.K. asked Patamon. "No thanks, I want to be alone right now. Just me and, and Patty..." Patamon said. "Okay. I'll open you a portal to Digiworld.
T.K. pointed his Digivice at Kari's computer's monitor. "Well... Bye guys!" Patamon said as he stepped through the portal with Patty in his arms.

"Poor Patamon." Kari said in a sympathetic voice. "Yeah. I hope he'll be okay." T.K. replied. "So... I guess I'll just get going then." "Oh, right..." Kari said. "What s wrong?"
T.K. said to her. "Could... Could you stay here tonight?" Kari asked. T.K. smiled at her. "Okay, why not." he said. "I guess it'll be better for you to have someone right now." "Thanks, T.K." Kari replied to him, and looked at his eyes. "No problem, honey." T.K. said to her, as the two kissed.

Patamon reached his and Gatomon's house. He carefully opened the door so he wouldn't wake up Patty. He sneaked into the bedroom, and placed Patty into a craddle. "My sweet Patty..."
He said to her. "I want you to be strong, both physically and mentally." Patamon placed Patty into a bed, and went to living room. He looked at a picture of him and Gatomon, and collapsed. "Oh, Gatomon..." He began to cry. Why to bother to stop crying: His loved one was dead. "Honey, why did you have to go?" he kept crying, until he heard a faint baby cry from the bedroom. "Darnit! I woke her up!" Patamon cursed as he went to the bedroom. Patty was in her craddle, crying loudly. "It's okay, Patty..." Patamon said as he grabbed Patty,
and patted her back. "It's alright- Yuck!" Patty burped on him, and started crying again. "Oh no, what am I going to do?" Patamon said in a worried tone.

This was going to be a challenge for him. A challenge... Of Fatherhood.