End of the World

A/N. I haven't written anything that isn't a one-shot in a while. Haven't really had the time. But for the next few weeks at least, I should be a lot less busy (until Glee comes back for the second half of Season 1, in any case.)

Warnings. Cliffhangers. Femmeslash. Rated M for a reason. So pretty much the same as everything else I've ever written.

Pairings. Rachel/Quinn and... that's about it. Rachel's POV.

Timing. Post-episode thirteen, alternate universe (Quinn's not pregnant and she's still the most popular kid in school.)

Rachel has fancied Quinn since forever. One night the secret comes spilling out. Title references to the popular but ridiculous phrase 'it's not the end of the world'.

August 2008

The tall building loomed up in front of Rachel, looking bit, bleak and imposing. Her huge, superstar smile turned itself down at the corners and her head involuntarily fell down so that she was staring at the tarmac courtyard that she was currently walking across. She scolded herself inwardly. Nothing or nobody made Rachel Berry feel inferior. One day, she was going to be famous, and these people would be seeing her picture in the paper and saying to themselves, "You know, I went to high school with her. If I'd just been a bit nicer to her, I could be famous right now..."

These were the thoughts that kept Rachel going as she lost herself in the crowd of hundreds of other nameless, faceless freshmen all with scared expressions on their faces, all knowing that the place they were in now was a million miles further than they'd thought from the safe haven of middle school that they'd known for so long. But none of that was going to get to Rachel. Actresses, such as herself, had to adapt easily to new surroundings. She could be the most talented performer in the world but she'd never get anywhere if she didn't have a strong will and a stronger personality, and Rachel was a firm believer in the saying that if you weren't famous, you hadn't achieved anything. So there was no way she was going to mess this up. Yes, she had messed up the first say of kindergarten by peeing herself during circle time, and as she was in a new skirt, it had gone all over the leg of the disgusted boy next to her, but that was years ago, in another universe. And, well, there was the time on the first day of sixth grade when she'd dropped her pasta sauce all over her new shirt and didn't have a clean one to change into... but even that was forever ago. She'd matured so much since then, she hardly had to worry. All she had to do was not talk to anyone for a few days, until everything had gotten settled. Then she could start making a name for herself. Everything would be okay.

Except that.

Because everything around Rachel had suddenly gone blurry. Her locker was indistinguishable from every other locker and the people roaming the halls had melted into one big solid mass... and at the center of it, directly ahead of her, was one person who had suddenly come into sharp focus. The person had soft, blonde hair that swung around her as she walked, perfect, porcelain doll skin, and deep, melting eyes. Her tight clothes showed off every curve of her body, leaving little to the imagination but still somehow managing to look modest. But the thing Rachel noticed the most was the soft, shiny red lips, which had more natural colour in than any she'd ever seen before.

Rachel blinked, and the vision was gone.

It must have been a trick of the light.

September 19, 2008

Rachel hadn't exactly been popular in middle school, but she'd had her friends - girls who wanted to become stars just as much as she did. Of course, none of them were as talented as her or quite as driven, but they knew her pain nonetheless. Now that she'd been in high school for a few weeks, things were different.

"Hey, Rachel!" Kelsey yelled across the hall. She'd been one of Rachel's best friends up until now.

"What, Kelsey?" Rachel asked, unable to stop the slight note of misery from entering her voice.

"Just wondering if you wanted to hang out this weekend," Kelsey replied, sounding slightly offended.

Say yes, Rachel told herself, say yes.

"Um, no, I've, er, got something on."

What was happening to her? First she was using the words 'um' and 'er', words she hadn't used since she was five years old, and second, she was refusing invitations to hang out with her own friends without a good reason? She knew that it wouldn't be too long before they stopped bothering altogether, but she couldn't bring herself to make the words come out of her lips. Idle chatter, whispering during classes, that used to be a part of her life, but now it was gone. What was the point? What was the point to anything any more?

The answer to that was waiting for her the next day after school.

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