Note: This story a one shot, of one scene, after "Tick Tick Tick". Is like my own next episode. The start of it, almost for now // English is not my main language, so I do my best.


By Elishak

Castle saw Beckett´s apartment blow up from the outside. He couldn´t believe what he was seeing. Suddenly a huge fear seized him and his body becomes freeze. Kate was there and maybe she was dead. He didn´t know what to do. That wasn´t one of his books, but he had to think like one of his characters. He should be brave for her. So he ran into the smoky and burned place still dangerous, he climbed the stairs very fast until the second floor. The entire place was burning and unstable. Kate´s door was missing so he could go inside her apartment more quickly. The nice place that he was knew just yesterday didn´t exist anymore. Now the entire apartment was a chaos. He cried because what he was seeing. Why she have to lose everything important in her life? Why the life wasn´t fair for her?

He ran looking for Beckett and shouting her name. –Beckett! Kate where are you? Please answer me! Kate!-

She didn´t answer. Castle had never been so scared in his entire life. He realized how important Beckett was for him.

-Kate, please, answers me!-

Unexpectedly, he heard a noise from the bedroom and ran until there.

-Kate? Beckett!-

-Here, Castle… I am here-

She was lying behind the bed. She was wearing only a towel around her body. She was all bloody and covered in ash. She was coughing. He went next to her and hugged her. He smiled because she was alive.

-Easy, Castle. I think I have broken my entire body-

-Oh! Yes, of course. I am sorry, Kate. I am so happy to see you. I was very afraid when I saw the apartment blow up. I am sorry because if I figured out before I could have…-

-Please, Castle! Don´t do that! You save my life! I could run until here because of your call. Now we have to go out of here-

-Yes, yes. My mother already call the captain so somebody is coming to here to help you.-


-Can you stand up?-

-I think so-

He helped her to stand up. She couldn´t be on foot so he passed one arm behind her. Together they go outside the place.



-Thanks again! You are an amazing person, a nice guy!-

-No, I am not. You are an extraordinary woman and you deserve the best in your life. Is not fair this! And is my entire fault so I am going to buy you a new home.-

-No, you don´t.-

-Yes, Beckett. And is out of discussion.-



-You don´t going to buy me a new home, but in fact there is something you can do for me now-

-What you wish, Kate!-

-Can I stay in your place for a while?-

-Of course you can. My home is your home too-

-Thanks. But there is something more…-

-I listening-

-We have to run away from here now until the police and the FBI arrive-

-What? Why? You should see a doctor…-

-Not now. The killer has to think that his plan was successful. He should believe that I am dead then the team can catch him. You have to help me to be dead, Castle.-

-I am in. This so funny!-

-Your concept of funny is creepy-

-Yes, well, I am a writer so…

-Okay! Later we talk about that. Now we have to escape. Nobody can see me, okay? -

-Okay. In my place you can call the captain.-

-No! This plan is between us. For the rest of the people I am dead or missing. Only you and your family should know that I am alive.-

-Okay, I get it! I love the idea of having you only for me. There is going to be my own heaven.-

-Or my own hell-

-I could be your devil and you my angel-

-Or we can run off of here and then discuss all this things drinking a couple of margaritas in your living room-

-Or in my bed-

-Castle! Oh yes, this is going to be my own hell!-

The end! (Or not)