This is a very short little fic that came to me while watching the episode 'Jack-Knifed' it's short and sweet, well at least I hope its sweet.

It's a sort of extened conversation between FORNELL and GIBBS while they are in Gibbs house.

You hire a cleaning lady or something?
Who is she?

Gibbs looks at his questionably

You're not telling me you got this place that tidy for no reason?
So, who is she?
Not telling
Please tell me you haven't got number 5 lined up?
Thought you never wanted to get married again?
Never say never
So that's why you're so happy. Do I at least get a name?
That good is she?
You never answered my last question?
What question
Who is she?
Not telling
I got rule 12 to think about.
You never really been much of a one for rules Jethro
smirking True
So you broke rule 12 yet?
Well there are a lot of good looking woman at the Navy yard of yours. I'm going to have fun narrowing her down.
No your not
And why not

But before Gibbs could answer him the phone rang, and before he could get to the phone the answering machine clicked in "Hey honey just me, of course you know it's me, who else it would be? Don't answer that. Just wanted to leave you a message to say I love you and…"
"Abby you there?"
"Crap, got to go DiNozzos here, see you soon" and with that Abby hung up.

Gibbs turned to face a very smiley Fornell
Well well Jethro I guess it's save to say rule 12 is well and truly busted, about time if you ask me
Don't smile like that Tobias it doesn't suit you