Italics-Song lyrics

Bold Italics-Flashback


Anko opened her eyes, she had had that night mare again, the one where Orochimaru was dying and she had no choice but to watch.

She turned over on her side. Itachi was sleeping with his back to her. He never would look at her when she wanted him to, but that was okay with her. If he slept facing her, she would have to look in his eyes and remember the occurrences of three years ago.

They, she and Orochimaru, had joined the Akatsuki together. She was an espionage for Konoha while he was a full-time member. Even though he had been partnered with a puppeteer name Sasori, they still managed to see a lot of each other…that was until Itachi joined. After that, Orochimaru-Sensei had become distant to the point were she rarely saw him and for some reason she had been getting unexpected visits from Itachi himself. She felt sorry for him because he seemed lonely and that she had to look into those grief stricken eyes. As his visits progressed, she and Orochimaru started fighting more often. He had forbidden her to have anything to do with Itachi.


"You don't know anything about him. Stay away from him or I'll make you-"

"You can't just walk in and out of my life and expect me to obey you. Itachi's a good man and honestly,more applicative than you."

Orochimaru's eyes widened and he slapped her across the face. Anko fell to the ground form the powerful blow. She was couldn't believe he did that. They had been together for so long and yet he had never laid a hand on her…and dammit he wasn't going to start now!

He tried to help her up but she pushed him away. "Get the fuck out of here! Leave! If I ever see you again I'm turning you in even if I go to prison with you…" she was getting sick of him staring a t her "LEAVE!"

With one last look, he turned to the door. He paused momentarily to say "I'm sorry Anko…This is it."


That was the last time she saw him alive.