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* * *

There was something dark inside of me, sleeping just undeneath the surface of my skin. Something very powerful, bringing forth a warm, tingling sensation. It made me feel immortal.

I was always a hero to the wizarding world. After a while, no one remembered that my childhood alone was a very good reason for me to switch sides. They all took me for granted. Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived, a bloody saviour.

Well, not anymore. Let's see how well will you take the Boy-Who-Doesn't-Care-Anymore. Will you smile at him?

Oh, Merlin, I would love to see the smile frozen on your faces, drops of blood falling from your chins, nails dug into your hands in a silent scream. I can imagine your flesh, ripped apart in the midst of a battle, the fresh scent of earth and wind, and coppery taste of blood on my tongue.

I can almost hear the victorious shouts behind me, prisoners bound and kneeling in front of me wearing shock on their faces like little idiotic do-gooders they are. Their eyes full of tears, flashing with betrayal and anger.

So beautiful.

Then, his hand would clasp on my shoulder and he would stand behind me. His eyes staring into the future before us, his mouth whispering promises into my ear. Wind tangling our hair and carrying his words for the world to hear and cry in despair. For we would rule together, unstoppable, indestructible.

And the wind would carry the tales of our fate. Of earth soaked with blood, ground burned to the crisp with fire and water, cleansing the world of your presence for all there is to come.