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I lay there in silence, staring up at the plain, smooth white of my ceiling. There was nothing going through my head except FangFangFang.

I heard my door creak open almost silently, and feet gently pad across the carpet towards me.

'Max?' It was Iggy.

'Max, why won't you come out of your room? We're all majorly worried, you haven't eaten since he left, and that's been 3 weeks. Nudge is all over the place, she won't stop crying, worried that you're going to die. Angel can't pick anything up from you except 'Fang', and Dylan, well; Dylan seems to be a bit smug . . . But we're scared Max. Scared. We're scared because you're not Max the Invincible, Max the Leader anymore. You're broken. Please. Try to, uh, I don't know, forget? I just don't know what to do Max. I'm not made to be leader, you are.'

I felt a light touch on my shoulder, heard breathing near my ear. I did nothing. I just lay there and thought about the one secret that meant the world to me. The one thing I know held close. I took hold of it and closed my eyes, playing it out in my mind.

This was all I had done for the past three weeks. Lied here and recalled that one secret. I hadn't moved except to go to the bathroom. I hadn't left this room, I hadn't eaten. I could feel myself growing weaker by the day, but I didn't care, just so long as I had my secret.

Everyday someone came into my room to try and speak with me. Jeb, Dylan, Nudge, it changed each day. Nothing changed. I just lie on top of my covers and thought about Fang.

I knew the Flock were worried. I knew that Nudge cried every day, both for Fang and for me. I knew that Angel tried to read my thoughts, to see why I was still lying here, silent. I knew that Iggy was trying to be the leader. I knew he couldn't cope. I knew everything. I just didn't care.

Because this memory, this secret, was the only thing I had of Fang now. And because Fang wasn't going to be appearing in my life again for 19 years, 11 months, 7 days, 4 hours and 39 minutes, the only way I could keep him here with me was to keep replaying my golden memory. Over and over. Again and again.

It was all I could think of doing. 3 weeks, 20 hours and 21 minutes of this memory, and I was nowhere near done. I wouldn't be done until I could feel him in my arms, have his silky black hair weaved though my fingers, his obsidian eyes looking directly into mine. Only then would I be done.

Wait. 3 weeks, 20 hours and 21 minutes? I counted in my head. And again. And again. Oh no.

Oh no oh no oh no. This was bad.

I stood up, threw of my blankets, and yanked my window open.

And I launched myself out of it, before flying at the speed of light toward the nearest town. The only thought in my head oh no oh god oh no.