My name is Claire Danvers I live in Miami with my Mum, Laura, my Dad, Darren, and my little brother, Jake; well I use to until last year, we were all in a horrible car accident, I was the only one who survived, they managed get me out the car first and rush me to hospital, by the time they got my mum, dad and brother out, they were already dead. The car was in flames, people say I'm lucky to still be alive, but it was my fault in the first place and I should be the one dead, not them. We were on our way to the air port because we were going on holiday to Paris, we listening to country music and I wanted listen to Hollywood undead, my favourite band, my mum wouldn't put the CD in so I took of my seatbelt and leaned in the front trying change the music myself, my dad kept turning around shouting at me to get back in the back, so I did, we still had my music on, but my dad still kept turning around shouting at me, he didn't see the red light, we went straight through the lights and a massive lorry came speeding through and crashed into us, the car flipped over and I remember a lot of pain, my mum and little brother screaming, and my dad had just gone silent, I remember my door being pulled of and I was the first one out, they out me in the ambulance and drove me straight to the hospital. When I woke up they told me that the car was on fire and my mum and little brother died and my dad died straight away. That is all I can remember and I'm glad, but I'm not glad that there dead and I'm not.

Now I live with my aunty Jenny and my uncle Earl, I'm17 and about go off to university, I'm going Texas, a town called Morganville.

I woke up crying, another bad dream, they keep getting worse. I sat up and checked my mobile, 23rd June 7:30 'oh shit' I said to myself, I was suppose to be up an hour ago, I have 2 hours pack eat breakfast and get on the plane, just great. I got up, stuck my dressing gown on and walked downstairs, 'morning' jenny said to me half laughing, 'yeah morning, why didn't u wake me up an hour ago, I'm going be late' she should of woke me up, I did tell her. 'Well I'm sorry for forgetting to be your alarm clock, but look I made you breakfast' I liked aunt Jenny she was nice, she is more like an older sister to me 'thanks Jen, your awesome, but I'm not all that hungry, I will have something on the plane I promise' I got up and grabbed a piece of bacon, I ran up stairs waving to Jenny