Title: This Is Justice
Author: Me of course!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): United Kingdom x America...Kinda-sorta if you squint.
Rating: PG (Might increase as chapters continue)
Warnings: General angst, nothing explicit, but implicit in what's implied. (Violence. D:)
Summary: The Revolution has not gone according to plan.
Author's Note: Okay this might not make a whole lot of sense at first. It's inspired by my lovely friend who role plays UK and a bit she wrote. It is an AU, meaning a different take on how history happened. Unsure if this is a one-shot, or will be continued. (Never written a fic before like this.)

The battlefield was quiet, the hush of a Revolution coming to a close. Nature decided to commemorate the moment as rain began to fall and wash away the blood. Amidst the muddy field were two figures, one standing while the other knelt before them.

"I...I just wanted to prove..." The one kneeling spoke quietly, almost to himself. In his right hand a stuffed rabbit was held, the bottom half sinking closer and closer to the mud. His fingers curled tighter into the plush animal, knuckles whitening. "That I could be strong." The head of blond hair remained tilted forward, face obscured.

Silence returned. It was deafening. Again, he spoke, "Please, please don't." His left hand reached out, fingers slipping on the smooth leather of the others boots. There was still no response. Finally, desperate he looked up, blue eyes wide as they connected with green.

"Please don't. You don't have to." The words brimmed with emotion, tears leaving tracks in the dirt and gunpowder on his face. His other hand brought the rabbit closer, holding it up for both to see. There were sloppy stitches around the neck, some were coming loose. "You've won. It's..." He couldn't bring himself to say 'over'.

His heart began to beat erratically, hand shaking as the rabbit fell back to his side, sinking into the mud this time. "Arthu-"

"They have committed acts of treason, and as such will be convicted as the traitors they are." The words were harsh, a cold undercurrent cutting through them.

'We must hang together, gentlemen...else, we shall most assuredly hang separately.' [1]

A dry sob escaped, shoulders hunching over further as he began to cry unabashedly. He risked one more glance up to the figure that loomed over him. Lips parted but no sound escaped. For a brief moment a flash of what might have been sympathy passed over the red-coated man's features. "You brought this on yourself Alfred." And with that said he turned and began to walk away, leaving footprints in the mud.

His fingers grasped at empty air, where a boot once was. Panic filled every crevice of his mind, head snapping to the side as he watched the retreating figure.

"Arthur! Please! I'll be good! Please!" He choked on the words, voice cracking on the last plea for understanding, for empathy. There was no reply. He clasped the stuffed rabbit to his chest, holding it tightly as he began to rock back and forth in the mud. His mind drifted, recalling the catastrophic moment that set this off.


"Do you like this, Alfred?" Arthur raised the stuffed rabbit, "Flopsy" up to give Alfred a good look. The small plush was grasped firmly in his hand, in all of its glory, very much like he had made it all of those years ago.

"This is what's going to happen to all of those Yankees once the king takes back this colony for his own." And without further adieu, Arthur curled one hand around the bunny's head, and the other his body. With all of the might that he had left, he began to rip the two apart.

The seams slowly came undone, having not been sewn together too tightly in the first place. Stuffing leaked out from the head of the doll and onto the ground. He held both parts of the toy out for Alfred to see again, "Their head's are going to be mine Alfred...I won't lose to you." Arthur couldn't help but smirk as he very roughly threw the pieces of the rabbit to the ground.

The threat left Alfred shaking, able to envision his 56 delegates, those who had signed the Deceleration, hanging from the gallows. His beloved founders, Washington, Adams, and so many others. It was then that he vowed to defeat Arthur, because the consequences of failure were too great.


Arthur didn't stop, didn't even look over his shoulder when the hoarse cries reached his ears. This was justice, this was vengeance. The moment he had received that accursed piece of paper[2] it felt as though a part of his heart had been ripped out. It was only fair that Alfred endure the same pain, lose something so dear to him. Only then could they pick up the pieces, rebuild one another.

The expression on his colonies face as he walked away said otherwise.

1 - A famous quote by Benjamin Franklin that he spoke at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. He said it to remind the other delegates that unless they stood together, they would surely hang separately. The date was August 2nd, 1776.
2 - The 'accursed piece of paper' is a reference to the Declaration of Independence and when it was received by the British.