Summary: As Matt travels down the bumpy road to rock bottom after an incident on the job, Sarah fears for the wellbeing of their twin boys. In the meantime, the rest of the Camden family has their own "issues" they're dealing with. Will Matt manage to redeem himself in the right direction to save his family? Or will old faces and his guilt get the best of the Camden family?


:: I initially started this BEFORE seeing the end of Season 11. Thus, my Crossroads is not portrayed as it was on the show. Crossroads to me was just a small town in California with a little church and a few streets. When I started this I didn't know that all of the children were foster children and church took place in a bar.

:: This begins in September 2007

Rock Bottom

Chapter 1


Sarah sat with a fellow colleague in the lounge of her office that evening sipping some coffee. The office had closed about a half hour ago, but Sarah was just dreading going home to her husband. Ever since Matt's first medical loss of his own, he just hadn't been the same.

About three weeks ago a pregnant woman, who was about seven months along, came into his office complaining of severe cramps. After examining her, Matt diagnosed that she was losing amniotic fluid rapidly. He had ordered an immediate C-section, knowing there were risks—but the risks of not doing the C-section outweighed the C-section risks.

Needless to say, the baby was born stillborn, and more morbid the mother had suffered a seizure before they could get the chance to stitch her back up. This resulted in her going into a coma. She still had not waken up. Matt took all the blame on himself despite knowing there was nothing else he could have done. The head OB-GYN in his office had ordered him to take a vacation away from work after Matt had been withdrawing on the job. His vacation was only for the best for his patients' health and his mental health.

Sarah had tried to get Matt to see a therapist to talk about his feelings, but he was stubborn. She knew that he needed help, and if he didn't talk to someone he was in grave danger. The other day she had returned from work to see him passed out on the couch with four empty whisky bottles lying on the floor. Their twin sons, Noah and Jacob, had been in their cribs crying with filled diapers and no food. Sarah couldn't believe Matt had stepped so low to drinking. After what he saw his aunt Julie go through, she couldn't imagine how he could step that low.

After that incident, the boys had started staying with a friendly elderly neighbor, Mrs. Gertie Grimm, but they just called her "Mrs. Grimm" out of respect. The boys really liked her and she was good with them. Matt and Sarah hadn't been fans of leaving their boys with non-relatives, but desperate times called for desperate measures. They were living in a small suburban town not far out of New York City in New Jersey. The closest to kin nearby was Matt's sister Mary and her husband Carlos. Mary wasn't the biggest on associating with them though. They had twin daughters, Jenna and Crista, whom were the same age as Noah and Jacob. The boys had only seen their cousins twice and they only lived within a half hour's drive from them. Jenny had been named after Matt and Mary's grandmother who passed away when Matt was sixteen, and Crissy was named after Carlos's great-grandmother whom passed shortly before Carlos's birth. Mary and Carlos were really big on naming their children after deceased relatives. Their oldest son, Charles Miguel, was named after both of their deceased grandfathers. Charlie had turned three last spring.

Mary was only good for getting them plane tickets whenever they needed them, otherwise she didn't want much to do with the family. She considered her close family to be somewhat of an inconvenience to her life. She no longer worked for the airline, but she still had some pretty close friends that did and gave her tickets whenever she asked. Mary was now working at a local high school coaching girl's basketball.

Carlos tried to stay in touch, but with his wife as difficult as she was, he wasn't very successful. Sarah and Carlos had talked about moving back to California where Matt and Mary's family resided. They were both in agreement that it would be good for their children to be near their grandparents. Reverend Camden had been having health problems, and nobody truly knew how much time he had left in him. Supposedly, last spring, his heart problem had "miraculously" disappeared, if one could really believe that. Even though Matt and Sarah both believed in miracles working in their own way, they also knew there could always be a relapse. The whole Californian family had gone on a long RV trip across the western part of the United States this past summer celebrating. They had returned a little over a month ago for two reasons. One, Matt's youngest sister Ruthie needed to get packed for college, and two, his sister Lucy was having some pregnancy complications and needed medical assistance. As of now, she was seven months pregnant and accordingly everything was going well. She was on bed rest again, and from what Sarah had heard it was going like last time.

Ruthie was attending Princeton studying Psychology. She had applied for Princeton after graduating high school and been very fortunate to get in with the time being. Apparently their dad had gone to high school with the dean. Matt and Sarah liked to believe that Ruthie had decided to come out east to be closer to them and her nieces and nephews. She had broken up with her boyfriend T-Bone after realizing on the RV trip that they weren't meant to be together. Due to Ruthie's outstanding grades, she was at Princeton on a full scholarship. They still had only seen her once since moving into the Princeton dorms, though Sarah figured maybe once she settled in more they would see more of her. Sarah knew that Matt talked to her on frequent occasions. However, she didn't know exactly how much he told her. It wouldn't surprise Sarah if Matt told her everything. They did have a strong brother and sister bond.

Matt's parents, Eric and Annie, had decided to move out of the church's home that Matt and his siblings had all grown up in with their youngest boys, Sam and David. They had moved to Crossroads to be near Kevin and Lucy. Lucy was planning on taking over the position of minister at the Crossroads Christian Church as soon as she could get on her feet. In the meantime, Eric was filling in while he was stable.

Then there were her parents, who were still living in Glen Oak. Her father was still the Rabbi at the synagogue. Her parents had only seen the boys once since they were born when they had come up to New Jersey for Hanukah. The boys had only been six months old then; it was hard to believe they were fourteen months old now. So much had happened in the last eight months. They had started walking; they ran all over the house and were into everything. Getting into the pots and pans and banging them around was one of their favorite hobbies.

Sarah had discussed moving back to California with Matt prior to his loss, and then he had been all for it. It was just getting a job in the vicinity that would be the challenge. Matt had been in contact with his Uncle Hastings who had been on the lookout for them. Though, with Ruthie here now, Matt had been hesitant to move, after all she had moved all this way to be near them—or at least that was Matt's belief. Then it had to happen, and Sarah hadn't been able to talk with Matt about anything serious since. He was pretty closed minded now, and he didn't want any of his family to know about his recent fall back habit.

He had promised he would stop, but Sarah knew his promises were too good to be true. She had told him she would leave him if he didn't stop. Over the last few days she hadn't come across any bottles on the floor, but every time she came home with the boys he was sleeping. The boys missed their daddy.

Bridget, her colleague and closest friend, had been great comfort for Sarah during this time. Every night after the office closed they would sit in her office and have a cup of coffee talking about their problems. Bridget had been battling a difficult divorce, so she knew how Sarah felt. Sarah didn't want to divorce Matt, but she didn't want her sons to grow up with a drunken father. She knew Matt was a good man, and she knew that if he could only seek some help he would quit being such a bear.

Before all of this happened, Matt and her had discussed saving the money to open their own practice in California after Dr. Hastings found them temporary assignments. Sarah worried this might never happen now. If Matt couldn't get back on his feet and back to work, she didn't know how this would affect their relationship and her children's. She didn't want to raise the boys on her own, and she would never want to take them away from their Camden relatives. They needed their family. She knew these boys bonded her to the Camden family and Matt for life. Before when they were having marital problems, there was nothing gluing him to her other than their strong desire to prove their parents wrong after getting married and hardly knowing each other. For the longest time, only Ruthie knew their true anniversary—their first date. Of course there was the fact they truly did love each other deep down despite their major differences, the biggest of all of course being: Matt was raised Christian, and she Jewish. He had planned on converting, but he hadn't followed through with that promise. That itself was another problem in itself they had been facing.

She loved her sons, and she loved Matt. Truly, they were a blessing and brought hope to Sarah. The last thing Sarah wanted for her children was to be brought up in a split up dysfunctional family. She wanted her sons to have what Matt and she had had growing up, two loving parents who were always there for them. Sarah hoped that was enough for Matt to sane up. She didn't want her boys to have a drunk for a father. There were a lot of things she didn't want her boys to suffer through, some she might not be able to control based on the situations at hand like: confusion over religion.

Sarah and Matt had been attending a synagogue every Saturday while they were residing in the Northeast. Ever since the boys were born it had become even more of the essence to her for them to get connected with their faith and know the Jewish customs. Back before the boys were born, Matt would always go on "walks" on Sunday mornings. Sarah let it pass, even though she had a feeling he was going to church. It didn't bother her badly, and he had the right to go to church especially since he wasn't converted. After the boys were born he would start taking them out in the stroller on Sunday mornings claiming be taking them on a stroll in the park. It probably shouldn't have bothered her, but it did. She didn't want her sons to be confused on whether they were Jewish or Christian and to savor her parents' insanity, she wanted them to be Jewish like Matt and she had initially agreed. Matt didn't take the boys out on Sundays anymore though, ever since it happened he had no communication with the boys or her.

When the clock struck seven, Sarah came to the acceptance it was best to get on her way home. Mrs. Grimm was a chronic believer in "early to bed, early to rise." She typically was in bed before eight. Once Sarah hadn't gotten there until eight-thirty and Mrs. Grimm and thrown a fit. Granted, she was a sweet lady—but like anyone, when she was tired she could be a little cranky. Mrs. Grimm had kindly asked Sarah to pick the boys up before eight.

Sarah had been so happy to move out of New York City, she really didn't enjoy using public transportation and enjoyed having a car of her own again. It was nice not to have to rely on the subway to take her everywhere. She chuckled to herself as she remembered when Matt had left his medical bag on the subway. A good thing about having your own vehicle was you didn't have to worry about leaving stuff behind or losing it.

Recently she had been enjoying the drive home more than ever. She considered driving to be her "relaxing" time. There was nothing comparable to turning on the radio, listening to some peaceful tunes, and just driving. The only dread in her life right now was parking her vehicle in their drive way.

Fifteen minutes later she parked the car in the straight driveway that lead up to the garage that was separated from their one story story home equipped with two bedrooms. It wasn't large, and it wasn't the typical home one would consider "doctors" to live in, but it was home. Matt had insisted they live small for their first few years of having the "doctor" title. He promised they would be grateful they did in the end. It wasn't like Sarah didn't have money to declare them "financially stable." Sarah had had trust funds and could afford pretty much anything to indulge themselves in that they wanted. Matt insisted frugal was the best way to go especially with the current upcoming economy. It was driving her nuts, but she coped.

Mrs. Grimm lived in a slightly smaller house. From what Sarah had seen from the inside, the rooms were about three quarters of what their home was. Then again, her house wasn't cluttered with toys and other items that had been given as gifts from their many family members. Instead, her house had antiques everywhere. She was really careful of ensuring that nobody touched those antiques either. Sarah had only seen the boys in a playpen that she laid out in her kitchen. It was a good sized playpen too. Mrs. Grimm would lay out blankets, pillows, and a few toys that Sarah brought over for the boys to play with. In the meantime, the elderly lady would sit at the kitchen table reading the newspaper.

Sarah really didn't know what she did when she wasn't there, but she wasn't too concerned. The boys seemed happy to go see Mrs. Grimm each day. They never cried when she left them there. Still, Sarah couldn't wait until they could talk back and tell her about their days. That was one day she really looked forward too, even though they say, "You can't wait for them to talk, then you can't wait for them to shut-up." She believed that statement.

When she began to walk down the sidewalk to Mrs. Grimm's, her cell phone began to vibrate. Mrs. Grimm had an issue with people walking through her grass, so Sarah was always careful to use the sidewalk and then walk up the driveway. Sarah stopped on the sidewalk to answer her phone. She had only turned it on right after leaving the office and it was already ringing.

The cell phone read "New Call From: Ruthie." What could Ruthie possibly want? Sarah wondered. She loved Ruthie dearly, almost like she was her own sister. None of the Camden family called her unless something was wrong or they wanted information about someone else in the family. Immediately Sarah was suspicious.

"Hi Ruthie," Sarah answered the phone.

"Hey Sarah—how'd you know it was me?" Ruthie asked in an inquisitive tone being reluctant to remember all cell phones had call identification.

"Caller I.D., anyway what's up?" Sarah rushed to get to the point. She really hoped this didn't have anything to do with Matt.

"Um, well I've been trying to call Matt, and…" Sarah closed her eyes, crap, "And your home phone is busy, and I was really worried."

"How much does she actually know," was all that was going through Sarah's mind. "Ruthie, I'm picking up the boys from the neighbor's right now, I'll be home in a moment and will see what's up with Matt. I don't know how much he has told you about what is going on, but I'll call you back, okay?" Sarah spoke quickly. She was worried, really worried. She doubted that the phone at home was really busy, odds are it was off the hook. When she had come home to Matt passed out and the bottles of alcohol strung all over the floor he had purposely taken the phone off the hook so he wouldn't have to pick it up if it rang. It was his way of "avoiding" talking. He knew if he picked up the phone from one of his family members they would "know."

"Okay… what do you mean you don't know how much he's told me?" Ruthie was concerned. "He's not … doing drugs or anything, is he?"

"Ruthie, I'll call you back later, I promise," Sarah promised.

"Okay then, I'll be waiting, I've finally caught up with all my homework and my sort of boyfriend and I had a fight, so I wanted to get in contact with Matt and you to see if it was okay if I came over there, so can I just come over?" Ruthie continued. That explained why they hadn't been seeing a lot of her, she had a new boyfriend. Boys were enough to distract her from the rest of the family.

"Ruthie, I'll call you back," she pressed the "End" button and put her cell phone back in her purse. That was the last thing she needed, Ruthie coming over and finding Matt passed out and drunk. Then again, that could be a good for Matt. If anyone could talk sense into Matt it was Ruthie.

Rapidly, she ran up and knocked on Mrs. Grimm's door. Mrs. Grimm, short and plump, opened the door standing in front of her with the two small blond curly haired boys in her arms. Somehow the twins had managed to inherit their adorable blond hair from their father's side of the family. No relative on Sarah's side of the family had ever been blond, she came from a very distinctive prominent Jewish family. She had met so few blond people of her faith. According to genetics, in order for a child to inherit a recessive trait they must have two recessive homogeneous traits. That would mean that Sarah herself had inherited a recessive gene for blond hair. Maybe somewhere down the line she had a blond relative that neither her parents or her were aware of. Her parents often suspected that the hospital had mixed up the twins at birth with another set of twins. Sarah happened to know that she was the only one to give birth to twin boys the week her sons were born in the entire hospital. Plus, the boys looked too much like Matt for them not to be theirs. It seemed the only trait they had inherited from her was the curly hair that was growing rapidly. They definitely weren't your typical bald baby boys, their hair had started to show signs of curls as early as four months. Often people told them how cute their little girls were, that irritated Matt a lot.

Sarah put on her happy face for the twins, she couldn't let them feel something was wrong. She knew that often babies could feel when their parents were stressed and that could impact them a great ordeal. It was important for her to stay positive for the boys. "Mommy's here!" Sarah cooed as she took her sons out of Mrs. Grimm's arms. Both boys were cooing, "Momma!" as they reached for her. Staring into Mrs. Grimm's pale eyes she asked, "Were they good boys today?"

"Oh, Sarah, you know they're always good, you on the other hand—are you okay? I saw you out there on your phone and you looked worried?" Mrs. Grimm asked. That statement made Sarah wonder if Mrs. Grimm would look out her window each evening waiting for her to arrive then she'd place the boys in their playpens and sit at the kitchen table and read. She had bigger things on her mind though than to worry about that.

"Oh, I'm fine, it was just my sister-in-law. She was having a problem reaching Matt, I'm sure everything is fine… well I promised I'd call her back," then she turned to her sons, "Let's go check and see what Daddy's up to."

"I see," Mrs. Grimm seemed to show sympathy, "I miss seeing your husband around, and I think it's terrible what he must be going through. Hopefully you are right and everything is okay."

"Oh I'm sure everything is," Sarah gave a fake smile trying to seem sure of herself. She wasn't sure of how convincing she was, Mrs. Grimm still seemed to be concerned. Sarah carried the boys out of the house realizing how heavy they were becoming. They were too much for her to carry on her own now. Both had started walking when they were around ten months old, so it wasn't like they couldn't walk on their own. It was hard letting go to them. They were her little babies and she didn't know if she would have anymore especially with all that was going on now. It wasn't like she wouldn't want another child, she just hated to see her boys go through what was going on now with their father. She couldn't dare ask another to go through the same. Maybe everything would be alright, maybe Matt and she would reconcile and he would turn around to be the same old Matt she fell in love. She still had this gut feeling that everything wasn't going to be alright.

She set the twins down on the sidewalk and let them hold onto her fingers as they made the journey to their cozy home. "Let's see what Daddy's up to," she cooed to them. The boys were giggling with adorable smiles on their faces. They had no fear in the world, and she wanted the world to remain a friendly place for them.

The door skulked open and a strong odor that Sarah dreaded to smell lingered to their noses. "Ewwwwwww!" the boys cried. Their giggling had vanished and they were covering their noses. Jacob and Noah knew something was wrong, they clung to their mother's legs and started crying.

Sarah took a look to the sight before her. Broken bottles of liquor were scattered across the brown carpet in the living room. Today's newspaper was scattered along with it. The beeping sound from the phone being off the hook vibrated inside her ears. Slowly she glanced over at the couch to see her worst fear: Matt passed out covered in his own vomit. She would have questioned if he were still alive, but with every breath he took a loud snore filled the house. "Dada!" the boys cried. She couldn't let them see this, and she had to get them out of here. Quickly, picking up the boys and covering their eyes, she ran into her bedroom and grabbed a suitcase. She started packing random bits of clothing, not even paying attention to what she was packing. There was enough for several days for her and the boys. Where they were going was still a mystery. The boys and she were definitely getting far away from here.

Leaving Matt alone was a bad idea, she knew he couldn't be here alone. It occurred to her that there was Ruthie. Ruthie wanted to come over after all. After she fastened the boys in their car seats she stepped out of the vehicle and called Ruthie back.

"Sarah?" Ruthie answered.

"Yeah, it's me, well there's been a sudden change of plans. The boys and I are going on a little vacation, I don't know where, but we're going. If you could come over and be with Matt that would be great," Sarah informed.

"Wait? What? What's going on? Is Matt okay?" Ruthie interrogated. She had to be confused.

"Let's just say he's very ill and I don't want the boys exposed, can you take care of him for me, please?" she begged Ruthie.

"Um, okay, since I have nothing better to do… he isn't contagious?"

"I think you know the answer to that question, just come over, thanks," she ended the call before Ruthie could argue. Just as she had ended the call her phone started to vibrate again. "Shit." It was Simon. Simon had married his ex-girlfriend Cecilia last year. Everyone had been delighted and shocked, especially after the scare the Camden family had been through with Rose. Simon had been engaged to Rose for a lengthy time, and while she "seemed" to turn around for the better there, she just wasn't right for him. Everyone was happy to have Cecilia in the family. Just recently Simon and Cecilia had announced they were expecting their first child. Simon had wanted to get away from his chaotic family and was the life as a striving film director in Hollywood.

Based on past events Sarah had come to learn Simon only called her or Matt when there was trouble or he needed advice. Simon had not been in the "action" of things lately, and had absolutely no idea—as far as she knew—of what was going on. She hadn't heard from or of Simon since he and Cecilia announced they were expecting.

"Hello?" she trailed nervously.

"Sarah? Hey it's Simon!" Simon's voice echoed through her ear.

"Hi Simon, how's it going?" Sarah asked looking in the car to check on the boys. They had both shut their eyes and started to fall asleep. It was getting dark out and just after eight. She couldn't believe she was just taking off like this. What if Mary couldn't get her a plane ticket to California at this time? It was obvious she would have to go to California, she couldn't stay out here. It would be good for the boys to see the rest of their family. Oh crap Mary. She still hadn't called Mary and asked if her friend could get them a ticket. It was of the essence she got Simon off the phone, and fast.

"Oh it's going—married life and expecting a baby and all, say, I've been trying to reach Matt for several hours and the phone line is busy, I was wondering if you knew what was up?" Simon had to ask, "I kind of needed his advice on something." Of course he did. Sarah had forgotten to hang up the phone; at least she would know when Matt was sober enough to hang up the phone when she called in the upcoming days, which she would have to do.

"Look, Matt's not feeling so well right now, and I don't know when he'll be better, this really isn't a good time…what do you need Matt's help with?" It had to be something big and important if he was going to Matt for help. She just hoped that Simon wasn't in any trouble. This would not be a good time for more Camden drama.

"Oh, it's just kind of a brother thing, if he's sick I'll call back tomorrow…okay?" Of course it was a brother thing. That meant he was in trouble.

"I'm not sure if Matt will be available to talk tomorrow, the boys and I are going out to California, so I guess you'll have to try." Shit she shouldn't have told him they were going off to California. Now that would give him reason to keep her on the phone. Why couldn't she just hang up and let it be that?

"Why are you going to California?" was what had to pop out of Simon's mouth. "You sound kind of tense, is everything okay? If Matt's sick shouldn't someone be there to take care of him?" Of course someone should.

"Yeah, Ruthie's going to be here, everything is fine, I just don't want to boys to be exposed, bye." She hung up and let out a deep sigh. Now she had to call Mary. Hopefully she could get them a nine or ten o'clock flight out of New York.

She called Mary's cell phone to avoid reaching to Carlos because he would ask questions. By now, he knew anytime that she called for Mary and not he she wanted plane tickets, and it wasn't like Matt or her to spring such a last minute trip. Mary never asked questions, she just called her friend and they had the tickets. Sarah still hadn't decided if she was going to stay with her parents or Matt's family. She really wanted to talk to Kevin about all this. He was the easiest out of all the Camden family to talk to. She didn't want to add any stress on Eric's heart that would force him to relapse, and she knew Annie and Lucy would become flighty and worry. Lucy, being in the condition she was in now, didn't need this added stress either. She had been devastated when she had a miscarriage with her twin sons two summers ago, the last thing anyone in the family wanted was Lucy to have a reiterate considering how close she was to delivery. Kevin and Ruthie were the only ones Sarah trusted to even talk about this with. She hated to put any of this on Ruthie, but she had always been there when they needed her and she was good at what she did. Ruthie would make a good psychologist or therapist.

The easy route would be to stay with her parents in Glen Oak, still that wasn't solving anything. Plus they would ask questions. They would want to know why she would take off work so suddenly and bring the boys out the California without Matt. Everyone in Matt and her family knew about Matt's problem and how culpable he felt. They all knew he was on leave. None of them had any idea how appalling he truly was headed.

Just as she expected, Mary asked no questions other than where she would like to land. Sarah finalized her decision to go to Crossroads and meet with the Camdens. Mary informed her since Crossroads was such a small town that there was no air port, but there was one about thirty minutes away. After talking to her friend at the airline she would call Sarah back to let her know if she could get a flight tonight.

Even if Mary could get her and the boys a nine o'clock flight it was still late. One benefactor of going to California was they gained three hours. It was only six o'clock there. Still, it would take them about five and a half hours to get there which meant it would be eleven thirty when they landed. Was she high? What was she thinking leaving so late? She couldn't face Matt in the morning, she couldn't face him now. She would just have to find a late night hotel room for the boys and her. Surely that couldn't be hard. She could call Kevin in the morning to come pick them up. Most airports had hotels nearby so she wouldn't have to buy a rental car.

Just assuming Mary could get tickets, Sarah drive to the airport. If she couldn't get the tickets, Sarah didn't know what she would do: camp outside in their car? There was no way she was going back to the house after witnessing Matt in the condition he was. Ruthie would be there, and she could take care of him—hopefully.

Right after she parked the car at the airport her cell phone vibrated. Looking at the I.D. she was hoping it was Mary, but it was Ruthie. Great Sarah thought. She figured Ruthie had arrived at their house and was calling to yell at her for leaving Matt alone in that condition. What did it matter? He had been home alone all day passed out, and it wasn't like she hadn't called someone—Ruthie—to take care of him.

Sarah's cell phone battery was getting low, and she really and honestly didn't want to waste it while waiting for confirmation from Mary so she ended the call without answering. Seconds later the phone started vibrating again. Without looking at the caller I.D. she fumed, "Ruthie can't you call back later I'm waiting for a call otherwise I wouldn't have hung up on you!"

"Whoa. Sarah, are you alright? It's Mary," Mary's calm voice trailed, "Anyway, today must be your lucky day, there happens to be a flight that goes out at nine to that town nearby Crossroads I was telling you, I got you and the boys tickets." Sarah wouldn't call it her lucky day.

"Um, yeah, I'm fine, thanks so much! You have no idea how grateful I am for you," Sarah thanked with gratitude. She was embarrassed for snapping on Mary. It wasn't like her not to check who was calling before answering, Matt was driving her crazy. It was almost like she was turning into his sister Lucy. She had never personally seen Lucy "crazy", but Matt had told her plenty of stories. Apparently all the Camden women were a bit loony, it had to be rubbing off on her. She had to be crazy to be flying to California at nine o'clock at night in the middle of the work week. The fact that she had work tomorrow hadn't even crossed her mind. She would have to come up with some lame "family emergency" excuse. Well, it wasn't totally lame because it was true.

Carrying the twins into the airport wasn't an easy task. She hated to wake them, usually she put them down right at eight and they would sleep pretty soundly now until five. The night they both started sleeping through the night was the best night of her life. When they were little both twins were very colic. Now they were little angels. She had a feeling they wouldn't be little angels tomorrow and would be very cranky for their California relatives.

Just as she sat down on the plane with the twins her phone vibrated again. Ruthie. Her phone couldn't handle much more before it died. At least she would have an excuse to end this conversation if it really did die. She had a feeling that this could get dirty.

"Hell—," she was cut off before she could finish greeting her worst nightmare.

"SARAH! WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING TRAVELING TO GOD KNOWS WHERE WHILE MY BROTHER IS PASSED OUT DRUNK AND COLD TURKEY? HE COULD HAVE DIED! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!" Ruthie's voice fumed in her ear in a way it never had before. She had never heard Ruthie yell before or be so upset. She had heard Ruthie had somewhat a temper, but she never imagined this. "AND HANGING UP ON ME BEFORE? HOW MATURE! GROW UP! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE THE MOTHER TO MY NEPHEWS AND MATT'S WIFE, YOU KNEW HOW I WOULD FEEL ABOUT THIS, THAT'S WHY—." Beep. Her phone went dead. Sarah rested her face in her hands and couldn't believe this. Ruthie had a point, but all that was going through her mind was: Noah and Jacob. She had to do what was best for them, and getting away from their father seemed like the best thing to do at that moment and time. Hopefully the rest of the Camden family didn't think like she did. Then she thought, "Shit, what if Ruthie calls them?" She wouldn't do that, would she? Surely she would be too preoccupied with Matt to bother calling her parents. Ruthie would think of Matt's wishes, and what Matt wanted, right?

She didn't know. She didn't know anything. All she knew that was in about five hours she would be arriving with her twin sons in California with no definite place to stay for the night other than hopefully a hotel. She gazed at her twin sons who were back in dreamland. They were so peaceful looking and innocent and deserved nothing less than the best.

:: End Notes ::

I know it's long, and I hope someone who's reading this managed to read it from start to finish. Each chapter probably won't be this long, but that's really up in the air right now. Thank you for your time if you managed to read from start to finish. I hope my writing has changed since I last uploaded here in 2006.

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