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Pairing: Paul and Ash. K

The impulses deep within himself were screaming to kiss the boy that was before him. His eyes watched as the boy's mouth opened and closed, opened and closed. The boy was obviously talking to him about something, but did he know what that was? No, he was way too occupied by those delectable lips of his.

Hmm, he wondered, how would those lips taste? What does one's lips taste like? He quickly ran his tongue across his own. His lips didn't really taste like anything, so his thoughts went inward. He wondered, how would it feel to run his lips across his?

He didn't know….

His face was masked with frustrated confusion. He wanted, no, he needed to know. He knew one thing about the boy's lips, they were definitely calling his name, "Paul…,Paul."



Paul looked up alarmed, what he found was a very crossed Ash. "Hey, have you been listening to a word I've said?"

Paul smirked and crossed his arms. He then let out a little, 'Humph'

"I find ways to just tune you out," Paul retorted.

Ash blinked cutely, until his brain caught up with him at last. The boy forced his foot to the ground and his face burned red hot. "What, WHAT WAS THAT!?"

Ash quickly rushed forward and was ready to bump heads with Paul, in an all out war. But what came next for the young pokemon trainer was something he would have never predicted.

As he had rushed forward, Paul's lips had crashed into his, on impact.

Ash's eyes went wide as saucers and he was paralyzed on the spot. This gave Paul the chance to finally taste and feel those lips he had craved for so, so long.


Ash was not at all responsive at any time, but that did not bother Paul one bit.

Paul continued to kiss Ash, until the need for air was essential. He pulled away, a loud smack sounded off, as their lips separated.

He stepped back and stared at Ash for quite sometime. Ash's face was still masked with surprise.

Finally after a few minutes Ash was finally back among the living. His cheeks had quickly turned an interesting shade of pink and his mouth was gaped open.

"Whatdya do that for!" Ash squeaked. "Hey…e…y?" Ash stuttered. He shook his head, to recollect himself. "Paul, why did you, ah…, just do that? I don't understand!"

Paul shrugged. "I felt like it, that's why," He said casually.

"You just felt like it? What kind of answer is that?" Ash protested.

"The answer I'm giving you, leave it at that."

A flushed Ash eyed him curiously. He wondered if he would ever understand what goes on inside that head of his. He knew he wasn't about to figure it out anytime soon, because Paul had turned and walked off.


Paul walked along a dirt path, thinking about what had just happen and was very pleased. He touched his lips with his finger tips. "His lips… they tasted like…" There wasn't any particular taste to them, but that was alright, "I guess I'll have to go a little deeper, next time." He finished with a suggestive smirk.


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