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Chapter 21: Interlude: Part 2: Dive Lyner Dive! 5: Misha 2

"Lyner…" Aurica's voice said, Lyner opened his eyes and got out of the capsule. "So… How do you feel?" Lyner asked. "Let me try something." Aurica began to sing Life Refresh and Life Refresh appeared. "I did it! This Song is much more powerful than Life Warmth! Lyner… I don't know what to say." Aurica blushed. "Hey, we're partners, aren't we? The more we dive, the more powerful we get." Lyner put his hand on her shoulder and smiled at her. "Oh yeah! Let me try something else." Aurica closed her eyes and shouted "Costume Change!" A rainbow colored light appeared around Aurica and she was in her Holy Maiden Costume,

Lyner then noticed someone eavesdropping and he knew who it is. "Alright, Misha, it's now time for your dive." Lyner smiled.

Misha came out and pouted. "Aww… I was hoping you come look for me and ask me to dive with you. Well, alright." Misha closed her eyes and smiled. "So, I'll see you back at the Inn?" Aurica smiled. "Yeah." Lyner smiled. Aurica waved at him before she went to the Inn.

(Let's go check on Ayatane and a select few, shall we?)

"10 FunBuns please." Ayatane ordered. He, Miharu, Kirie, Evangeline, Nodoka, Yue, Madoka, Kagura S., Cazumi and Rini were at Platina Park where he bought FunBuns, a delicious food in Platina. "Sure! That'll be 1000 leaf." The seller smiled as he gave him the FunBuns. Ayatane paid for them.

"So… How good are these FunBuns?" Yue asked curiosity. Ayatane smiled at her. "They're quite good. Trust me, you'll like them." The girls took a bite at the Funbuns and they said "They're quite good."

"I'm glad you like them." Ayatane smiled warmly. The girls stared at Ayatane. "…You're really kind, you know that?" Kirie asked. "How nice of you to say that." Ayatane smiled.

"So… Ayatane. Where are you born in Platina?" Kagura S. asked.

Ayatane looked at the sky.

"That is a secret I don't want to reveal. But you will find out eventually." He smiled at them.

"Something's been bothering me. Jack and Tastiella mentioned something called the Prophecy. What does it mean?" Nodoka asked.

Ayatane stared at the girls for 50 seconds then spoke.

"The Prophecy is a legend passed down to the city of Platina. 'A dark one with a dark heart. Wishes to reduce the worlds to ash. If he shall ever appear, heroes from this world and other worlds… Noble with light in their hearts… shall rise up to restore balance in the universe." Ayatane explained.

"Hmm… This Prophecy may have come true then. I mean, we're from other worlds and the dark one must be…" Evangeline folded her arms.

"Saizen…" Miharu shivered.

"Ah don't worry! Lyner and Negi sensei will totally pwn that guy before he causes any real harm!" Madoka boasted.

"Yeah! With all of us combined, he won't stand a chance!" Cazumi grinned.

"I hope you're right." Rini prayed. Ayatane stared at the sky. 'Mother… Do you really trust that man, Saizen?' He asked in thought.

"What's wrong, Ayatane?" Kagura S. asked. Ayatane snapped back to reality and smiled at her and replied "It's nothing."

(Back to Lyner and Misha.)

"So you two ready to dive?" Horai asked. Lyner and Misha nodded. "Alright. Be careful." Lyner paid Horai and he and Misha went into the capsules.

Lyner appeared in the entrance of the next Cosmosphere of Misha. Hama appears.

"Well well well, look who decided to show his face in here after he let Misha get captured by Bourd…" Hama fumed.

"Hey, I'm really am sorry. I won't let it happen again!" Lyner panicked.

"Hmph! I will forgive you this time… But if you let Misha get captured by Bourd again or you hurt her, I'll rub you out of existence." Hama warned.

"Okay, Okay…" Lyner sighed as a white light appeared.

Misha: Level 2 Cosmosphere: Dark World

Lyner arrived at Stonehenge, he noticed something different about the scenery.

"Huh? Is it nighttime?" Lyner blinked, then he shook his head. "No, something's wrong. I better go check outside." Lyner headed outside.

"Wha!" Lyner gasped as he looked around, everything was pitch black. "It's pitch black!" Hama appeared.

"You just saw Misha's true world, so you better take responsibility for this." Hama said sternly.

"Responsibility? What are you talking about!" Lyner demanded.

"Misha showed you all of her fears, so now you have to calm her down." Hama told him.

"Well, I always treat her well. So, where did she go?" Lyner asked.

"Why don't you look for her yourself. You may not find her." Hama shrugged if she can shrugged.

"What do you mean?" Lyner wondered.

"You'll see." Hama shrugged again as she vanished. Lyner was silent and went to the Cosmosphere map.

Lyner explored the area, he met Jack who refers himself as Harmonica and Hama too. Eventually, Lyner arrived at the Constraint House.

Lyner looked around. "Nobody's… here?" Lyner muttered. Suddenly, a 18 year old woman who has black hair similar to Misha, only she has two Ying Yang clip ones, her clothes are the same as Misha's, only different appeared. She stared at Lyner.

"Lyner…" The woman said sweetly. Lyner turned to the woman.

"Whoa, I'm sorry I didn't knock. Um, how do you know my name?" Lyner meekly smiled.

"You know, it really hurts when you forget me a second time. Once in the real world and now here…" The woman sighed sadly then she continued. "It's me, Misha. This is my true form."

"What! You can't fool me that easily." Lyner gawked.

Adult Misha stared at Lyner. "I see… you don't believe me. Well, it is understandable. It took me a lot of courage to go through the Paradigm Shift. I was expecting this from you, but it's still disappointing…" Adult Misha said sadly. Lyner gasped.

"Paradigm Shift! So it's really you, Misha?" Lyner rubbed his eyes.

"Yes! I told you so!" Adult Misha said happily as she hugged Lyner, making him blush a little. Adult Misha let go of Lyner.

"What do you think of this world after the shift? Isn't it wonderful…?" Adult Misha asked hopefully.

"Why is it so dark?" Lyner questioned.

"I don't know. All I know that I've been living in this darkness since I was born. This is my real world." Adult Misha said sadly.

"This… is your real world! It can't be." Lyner couldn't believe it.

"It's true! I was locked up in a dark room since I was born. And, I've been living in a dark room ever since… All I have been doing is singing." Adult Misha said sadly. Lyner was silent.

"It's okay. But, I guess telling you this doesn't really change anything. Say, wanna go for a walk?" Adult Misha suggested. Lyner nodded.

As the two head into the Cosmosphere map, Hama appeared.

"You sound surprised." Hama stated.

"A little." Lyner shrugged.

"So, which one do you prefer?" Hama asked.

"Wh-What are you talking about!" Lyner gawked.

"You're no fun. Don't you have a date with the glamorous Misha?" Hama teased.

"Sh-Shut up…" Lyner growled. Adult Misha glared at Hama. "What?" Hama sweat dropped.

Lyner and Adult Misha went to Eternal Street.

"This is even darker than the night… Lights don't even do much good at all…" Lyner blinked.

"…I know. I can't even enjoy shopping. It's no fun." Adult Misha sighed.

"You think so? I kinda like the atmosphere in this town. It's… nice." Lyner nervously smiled.

"Thanks. I told you that I'll give you a tour. To tell you the truth, this is the only place I can show you around." Adult Misha explained.

"I see…" Lyner nodded.

"The rest of the world is too dark to walk. If we enter the darkness, we could get easily lost. It's really an ugly world…" Adult Misha sighed sadly.

"It's not ugly. I think it looks beautiful." Lyner put his hand on Adult Misha's shoulder and smiled at her.

"You really think so…?" Adult Misha looked up.

"Yeah. Besides, if you keep complaining, it'll never get better. I think you should learn to like it. That way, you can enjoy it better." Lyner stated.

"But it's too dark to enjoy anything…" Adult Misha protested.

"We can improve it by adding more lights. I'll help you make this world more suitable." Lyner smiled.

"Thanks." Adult Misha closed her eyes and smiled.

"Hi you two." A voice called out to them. Lyner looked around.

"Who is it?" Lyner gasped.

A small chunk of ice appeared in front of the two.

"I'm right here, young man…" The ice said.

"And now a chunk of ice is talking to me…" Lyner sweat dropped.

"Who are you?" Adult Misha asked.

"I'm an Ice Fairy. I want to get back up the mountain, but it's too dark for me to get back up there. If I don't get back soon, I'll melt away. Will you take me back up?" The Ice Fairy asked.

"An Ice Fairy? You mean the one who was creating all the snow!" Adult Misha gasped.

"Yes! I know I don't look like it, but I used to make it snow all the time." The Ice Fairy explained.

"Snow…?" Lyner wondered.

"Don't you know what snow is? It's the breath of an Ice Fairy who lives up in the mountains. It's beautiful, and the snow helps to brighten up the world. It used to snow on a icy mountain. But, it stopped snowing and I'm not sure when or why." Adult Misha explained.

"It's because I got lost. But if I get back up the mountain, I can make it snow again." The Ice Fairy suggested.

"It brings back some wonderful memories. I want to see the snow fall again." Adult Misha said with sparkles in her eyes.

"I'm glad to hear that, and I want to make snow, too! It's been so long…" The Ice Fairy agreed.

"That's it! We need snow in this world." Lyner snapped his finger.

"Let's take the Ice Fairy to the mountain." Lyner smiled.

"Yeah… but it's really dark. We'll get lost." Adult Misha stated.

"Don't worry, it's your world. We can find our way, even in this darkness." Lyner reassured.

"I guess…" Adult Misha said as she looked down.

"What happened to the confidence you had in level 1? You said your dreams come true in this world." Lyner encouraged.

"You're right. It doesn't do us any good to cry about it. Besides, this is my world." Adult Misha said with confidence.

"So, I can really go back up the mountain! You saved my life!" The Ice Fairy said gratefully.

"I'll try… I need to concentrate on my crafting." Adult Misha closed her eyes and concentrated. A few seconds later, a path to the mountain appeared.

"I can see it. I found the route to the mountain!" Adult Misha gasped.

"Really!" Lyner gasped.

"You did it!" The Ice Fairy cheered.

"Yes! I'm certain. I just spoke with this world and crafted the way to the mountain!" Adult Misha smiled.

"Does that mean you crafted magic?" Lyner asked.

"I think so. It's not tangible, but I think I can craft Song Magic. I crafted the magic that lets me talk to the world and figure out the answer." Adult Misha explained.

"I see…well, we can climb the mountain now, right?" Lyner asked.

"Yes, I'm sure of it." Adult Misha said with confidence.

"Then let's start climbing!" Lyner grinned.

On the Cosmosphere map, Hama appeared.

"Things are going too well." Hama smiled.

"Looks like it." Lyner nodded.

"As long as I'm still here, it doesn't matter to me." Hama sighed.

The three arrived at Frost Mountain.

Lyner looked around, it was really dark.

"This is… really dark. Misha, is everything alright?" He asked Adult Misha. Adult Misha was silent.

"Misha? Where are you?" Lyner asked.

"Over here Lyner!" He heard her called out to her.

"…I can't see." Lyner sweat dropped.

"Oh right. Here, I'll hold your hand…" Adult Misha offered, Lyner sweated nervously as she holds his hand.

Soon, they arrived at the top of the mountain.

"Here we are! On top of the mountain." Adult Misha proclaimed.

"Yay! I'm back! Thank you! I'm so happy!" The Ice Fairy smiled.

"What a view…" Lyner commented as he looked around.

"Yeah, I know. This is the highest point in my Cosmosphere." Adult Misha nodded in agreement.

"Thank you, guys! I'm finally back to where I belong!" The Ice Fairy said happily.

"So, will you let it snow again?" Adult Misha asked.

"You bet! Here goes!" The Ice Fairy concentrated, but nothing happened.

"…Huh?" The Ice Fairy gasped.

"What's wrong?" Lyner asked worriedly.

"My body melted and shrank. I'm not strong enough to make it now…" The Ice Fairy explained sadly.

"Are you serious?" Lyner gawked.

"I'm useless…I can't make snow with my body like this…" The Ice Fairy weeped.

"So…we brought you here, but you still can't make snow…" Adult Misha stated.

"There's got to be another way to do this. You can't give up yet." Lyner encouraged. Adult Misha then got an idea.

"I know… What about this?" Adult Misha sang ice magic and flung it at the Ice Fairy. It grew in size.

"Wh-what are you doing!" The Ice Fairy gasped.

"Hold on! I think you're getting bigger!" Lyner figured it out.

"H-Hey! You're right!" The Ice Fairy gasped.

"It's working! Let me try it again." Adult Misha used the same ice magic on the Ice Fairy again, making it bigger.

"Agh! I'm getting bigger, but it hurts…" The Ice Fairy panted.

"Don't you want to make it snow again? I know I wanna see the snow. So, let's work together!" Adult Misha said with confidence.

"…You're right!" The Ice Fairy nodded in agreement.

"Okay! Hold on a little longer!" Adult Misha used the Ice magic again one more time and the Ice Fairy got huge.

"I can feel the power!" The Ice Fairy shouted, it's voice has changed.

"Great! Ready?" Adult Misha winked.

"You got it!" The Ice Fairy nodded and made it snow.

"This is…" Lyner gasped as his hand caught one of the snowflakes.

"Snow! It's snowing!" Adult Misha giggled as she caught one of the snowflakes.

"Misha you did it!" Lyner smiled at her.

"Yes I did. But only because you told me not to give up. But I did the work." Adult Misha smiled warmly at him.

"The snow is coming down pretty hard now. It shouldn't take too long for it to stick." The Ice Fairy stated.

"You're right! I can't wait to see it! Let's go back to the inn to see it, Lyner." Adult Misha suggested. Lyner nodded and the two of them head back to the inn.

Lyner and Misha sat on a bed watching the snow fall.

"…Do you think it'll keep snowing?" Adult Misha asked Lyner.

"I'm sure it'll snow for as long as you want it to." Lyner stated.

"It's going to be beautiful…the roofs, the streets…the whole world will be blanketed in white." Adult Misha smiled.

"Wow. You sure know a lot about snow." Lyner said amazed.

"Actually… I don't know anything about it. That's why I wanted to see it so badly." Adult Misha stated.

"What do you mean?" Lyner wondered.

"Until just recently, I didn't even know what the real world was like. I just kept singing in a dark room… Because of that, this world isn't like the real world. It's based on a book I read. It's all fake… I was too embarrassed to show you my world of lies and fakeness. Especially because you're important to me…" Adult Misha looked at the ground in sadness.

"…You really think so? I like this world…" Lyner told her.

"…You're just saying that…" Lyner interrupted her.

"No, I'm serious. This town is so beautiful. In fact, it's so beautiful, there's no way that it could've been based on a real village. Just walking around town makes me want to see everything. There's a lot of wonderful things that I've never seen before." Lyner smiled at her.

"Lyner…thank you. I hope you get to see all the different wonders of my world…I'm still a little nervous. But thanks to your compliments, I'm starting to like this place…" Adult Misha smiled.

On the Cosmosphere map, light came out of Stonehenge.

"A Paradigm Shift!" Lyner gasped, Hama appeared.

"Alright! You better hurry to Stonehenge!" Hama issued. Lyner nodded as he and Adult Misha head back to Stonehenge.

Lyner and Adult Misha stared at the light.

"It's finally time to move on to the next world." Lyner pointed out.

"I didn't get to see everything covered in snow. That's kinda sad. I used to think I had no control over my own world. But, I was wrong. I have always wanted to see the snow, and now I finally got the chance… I'm starting to like this place." Adult Misha smiled.

"I'm happy to hear that." Lyner closed his eyes and smiled then he continued. "There's many wonderful things to find here. I'm surprised to see you grow so quickly." Adult Misha cocked her head inquistyly.

"I don't know how to say it, but… I'm not used to seeing you like this. I was a little nervous, but this is how you're supposed to look, right?" Lyner asked. Adult Misha nodded silently.

"Well, I guess it doesn't really matter…" Lyner said.

Adult Misha stared at Lyner for 50 seconds and smiled warmly at him. "See you in the next level…" Adult Misha stepped into the light and well… you know the rest.

Misha Level 2 Cosmosphere: Completed.


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