"You have been kissed, right?"

What happened after that, well I think you can imagine.

"What do you think, smart one?"

"Yes, but I just thought I should ask"

"Whatever Sokka"

The gang was sitting around the campfire after dinner, just enjoying the momentary peace.

"Who was he?"

Aang and Zuko both started coughing violently at this point.

"Why do I have to tell?"

"Just tell me, Aang and Zuko are going to end up hacking a lung out"

"They would deserve it"

Now Toph was snickering.

"Alright, i'll tell mine if you tell me yours"

"WTF?!?!?! Some girl kissed you?"

Now Toph started coughing too.

"Come on Katara, it'll be a kiss-n-tell"

Katara spit out the water she had been drinking.

"And how old are you?"

"Come on Katara, otherwise we might not have any teammates"

"Whatever, I guess i'm game"

"ALRIGHT!" Aang yelled, miraculously done coughing.

Everyone gave him weird looks, but they continued.


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