Title: When Powers Are Unbound

Author: Wereleopard58

Rating: FRAO

Pairing: Ianto/Chris Halliwell

Spoilers: All of Torchwood and Charmed

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Torchwood or Charmed.

Summary : Ianto meets and unusual family and find out information about his. He also becomes attracted to a mysterious man from the future

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N/B I know I shouldn't have started another one but my bday has been sucky so it is too cheer me up

Chapter One

Chris Halliwell suddenly orbed to his mum and aunts a piece of paper clutched tightly in his hand.

"They're right behind me." He said breathlessly and dived out of the way as demons appeared.

Piper, Phoebe and Paige throw small red coloured vials as the creatures and watched them as they blew up in flames.

"Well that was a bit of a let down." Paige said.

Chris glared at her. "This is only the first step and I managed to only get half the map the demons still have the other part."

He walked over to Phoebe and handed the paper over to her. As soon as she touched it she jerked back as an image appeared in her mind. It was like watching TV.

There was a large kind of statue or feature, writing on a building behind it in a language that she didn't understand and walking was a young man dressed smartly in a suit who is suddenly attacked by demons and killed. His body on the ground with blood pouring from it. One of the demons bends down and takes some of the blood and then disappears.

"What do you see?" Piper asked rubbing a hand across her protruding stomach.

Phoebe rushed across to the table and picked up and pen and paper drawing an image with strange writing across it. "We have to hurry and innocent's life is at stake."

Piper, Paige and Chris all stared at it confusion clearly written across there faces.

"We're going to need help," Piper looked across at her son, her future son and watched his face go angry. "Leo!" She called out.

Suddenly standing there was Leo Wyatt, an elder. Chris's father.

"Piper you need me?" He asked, Leo glanced across at his son and smiled.

Chris shook his head and looked at his mum ignoring the older man.

Leo's eyes lost their sparkle once again, not knowing how he could get past this wall that Chris had put up. Blaming him for things that he hadn't done yet. Leo was terrified that he was going to make the same mistakes all over again.

Chris had come back to change the future to stop his big brother from coming evil. He had nearly not existed because of it.

"Do you know what this is?" Phoebe asked.

Leo took hold of the piece of paper looking at it. "It's Welsh, that is Cardiff."

Chris took hold of Phoebe's hand and they both disappeared in a white light. She was the only one who knew what the man looked like.


Ianto shook his head as he watched Gwen smiling and following Jack around. He had heard what Jack had said to her he knew then that whatever had happened between him and Jack was over.

Deep down Ianto knew that he had only been a part-time shag as Owen called it. Ianto had always wanted more, wanted a relationship with the immortal but that obviously was not going to happen. Then of course there was John Hart watching them all with interest.

"Ianto?" Jack said smiling trying to get Ianto alone which had been impossible with Gwen being attached to his hip and John being here did not help.

"Yes sir?" Ianto asked politely. "Is there anything you require?"

"Ianto." Jack sighed he could feel the young man pulling away from him. Jack reached out to take hold of Ianto's hand but the Welshman had pulled away and was walking towards the circular door.

"Hey eye-candy do you want some company?" John leered.

Ianto shook his head and walked out. "We've run out of coffee."


Ianto was walking back to the hub coffee in the bag, he had taken as long as he could. The last place he wanted to be was there.

"There he is." A man called out.

Ianto turned and started to run a bright light suddenly appeared in front of him and he was knocked to the ground.

Ignoring who was laying on top of him he saw a woman through something and the men that were after him vanish.

"Chris how is he?" The attractive woman with an American accent said.

Ianto turned and was suddenly staring into a pair of gorgeous green eyes. The young man got to his feet and helped Ianto to his feet. The two men still holding hands.

Phoebe stared at them and fanned her face, being an empath had some disadvantages especially feeling that kind of emotion from her nephew and someone having those feelings for him as well.

"Are you hurt?" Chris asked.

Ianto shook his head. Phoebe came across and took hold of Chris's hand. The world around Ianto suddenly exploded in a bright light.


Jack looked at the time, he was now getting really worried Ianto should have been back by now.

He made his way to the plaza and there was nothing except a bag on the ground. Jack walked over and picked it up looking inside it was the coffee that Ianto always brought.

"IANTO!!!!" Jack shouted his heart pounding. He pulled out his mobile and dialled.

No answer.

Ianto Jones was missing and Captain Jack Harkness was going to find him no matter how long it took and what the cost was.