Chapter Six

Tosh had managed another six months at Torchwood, her heart no longer in the job. She just couldn't manage it anymore. The longer she stayed, the more she pulled away from everyone.

Paige and Leo would orb her over to San Francisco Tosh spent so much time with them. With the help from Jack and Torchwood she had managed to get a visa and designed a new computer system for P3. After the other clubs had seen it they were all trying to get Tosh to work for them.

She didn't.

Tosh had a connection to Piper and the others, something that could never be broken. She had tears of joy and sadness and Chris' christening. Glad that Ianto's sacrifice had not been in vain. The sad tears had been in memory of Ianto and adult Chris who had given up his life for.


Owen stayed; there was nothing out there for him now. Being a doctor and seeing what he had, there was no chance of going back to a hospital or practice now. Nothing had been the same at Torchwood. Tosh had now left, that was something he was sorry about but they kept in touch and she was doing very well for herself and happy.

Gwen and Jack became closer he had no idea if they had slept together or not. Owen didn't really care but nothing major came from it. You sometimes caught Gwen gazing at him but nothing else.

New staff had come to the hub in and out. Some of them had the Ianto feel about them but the paled in comparison. Some of them had even tried to get Jack's eye. Sometimes it worked and other times it didn't. No one had managed to keep Jack's eye.

Captain Jack Harkness, Owen sighed. There was something missing from him. Sometimes you saw him staring at the empty kitchen. In meeting when he heard the clinking of cups he would look up, it was the look of Jack that everyone loved. As soon as he saw it wasn't Ianto that look would vanish.


It hurt him inside so much. Jack had lost a man he had truly loved. Someone that he took for granted and lost even before he died. Jack was afraid that Ianto never knew how much the immortal had loved him.


Gwen had tried to be what she could for Jack. It had never worked; they had been through too much. They had lost too much for it to be more. She would never love Rhys like she did Jack. Rhys was the man she was with, there was always the twinge of settling but he was a good man and she did love him.


Piper held her new born son in her arms. None of them would ever forget what he did, what he lost for the future of this world.

"I love you Christopher." Kissing his forehead gently.


24 years later

Chris stared out over the water. Ever since his brother Wyatt had done the spell to find out why everyone was a little overprotective of Chris they had found out about the other life. The one where Wyatt was evil and Chris travelled back in time.

It had taken Wyatt a while to get use to the idea of what he once did, or could have done. Now he was very careful of what he did and jumped on the protectiveness that everyone else was on.

Chris knew why his relationships had never worked. It was because of a man he had never really met and never would. He was mourning a man, a love of someone he knew in a different life and only for a short amount of time.

He stopped and stared at a man and woman. He was sure that he recognised them from somewhere. For some unknown reason he was happy and angry at the man and Chris couldn't figure out why. Then it hit him.

Captain Jack Harness.

The man, who loved, lost and hurt Ianto.


Jack stopped and stared at the young man. Gwen paused and followed Jack's gaze.

"Isn't that?" She stopped.

"Yes, this is his own time. Everything that he went through has been wiped away." Jack explained.

"Jack he is staring at you and looking angry. It looks like he remembers you."

"He couldn't..."

A nineteen year old girl ran up and hugged Jack. "He's cute who is he?" She said with a laugh.

"Teresa, stop it." Gwen said shaking her head.

"Mum you are so boring, isn't she Uncle Jack."

"Yes she is sweetheart." He said hugging her as they walked away. "I'll catch up with you." Turned back he needed to talk to Chris, any memory of Ianto would help and the young man was by himself in an area that had no one around. It was the perfect opportunity.


Chris managed to pull his eyes away when he could see some orbs appearing. It was with either his brother, father or Aunt. No one else bothered him.

A figure of a man appeared.


Jack froze as he looked down and watch someone orb in.

"Ianto." He whispered.


"Ianto." Chris mumbled and was suddenly on his feet. He pulled the Welshman into his arms and kissed him.

"Chris stop, these aren't your real feelings." Ianto forced himself to stand back.

"Yes they are." He mumbled as he moved forward to kiss him again.


"Ianto how are you here?" Chris suddenly asked everyone had seen him die.

"I'm a whitelighter." Ianto said simply.

"Well let's prove if these are my feelings or not." Chris said with a grin.

"How?" Ianto said suspiciously.

"Date me. Please."

"Chris I….."

"Oh my god Ianto." Jack ran and pulled Ianto into his arms. "I can't believe this."

"No Jack." Ianto pulled back and looked at the two men. "I can't do this. I have a job to do." With that Ianto vanished into his orbs.


Gwen sat with her daughter alone. Lights lit up, ones that she had not seen in a long time.

"Hello Gwen." Ianto said softly as he watched her face pale.

"Mum do you know him?" Teresa asked.

"Teresa this is Ianto Jones." Gwen explained.

"Isn't he the one you and Uncle Jack argue about? Wait, he died." Teresa looked at him. "You died.

"Yes I did Teresa, but you are the one I am here to see." Ianto said softly.

Teresa's eyes narrowed. "Why?"

"You're a witch." Ianto explained.

"How did you? No one knows." Teresa looked nervously at her mother.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Gwen asked. She turned to Ianto. "What does this have to do with you?"

"Teresa, I'm your whitelighter." Ianto explained a smile on his face.

The End.

Yes thinking of doing another story in this universe. I do love my series of stories g