Author's note,

Wow... It's been quite a while... hasn't it? Well, I've finally gotten off my lazy arse and did everything I could to get some writing done... Just remember, it's been a while and I'm a little rusty. (plus I'm at school right now and may have kinda sped through this :s) but here's a new story, I got the idea after I drew a random pic of Flaky and Petunia and posted it on deviantART. Oh, by the way, if anyone's ever wondering what's taking me so long to update... check my dA journal! well, here it is!

"There she is..." Flaky the red porcupine thought to herself as a dark blue skunk walked past her, happily humming to herself as she gave a friendly wave to the timid porcupine. Flaky blushed deeply, hoping greatly that her red fur would conceil the blush. She gave a quick wave back before walking speedily behind a nearby building , away from the skunk's view. She let out a long sigh of relief before taking a quick peek back in the direction of the skunk. She was now happily chatting with a yellow rabbit, a pink chipmunk, and a purple beaver. 'Oh Petunia...' the porcupine whispered silently to herself as she watched the skunk longingly, 'If you I could tell you...' she continued, sitting down and leaning against the wall of the buliding. She gave a long, tired sigh and began to poke her fingers in a small patch of dry sand. She dragged her fingers through the cold sand and spelt out the letter 'F+P' in the sand, smiling warmly to herself as she did.

"If only..." she whispered aloud.

"If only what, Flakes?" a voice from beside her asked, surprising her as she let out a loud gasp and turned to a giggling yellow rabbit. "Sorry Flaky, didn't mean to scare ya... so whatcha writin'?" he asked as he tried to read the message written in the sand. Flaky quickly brushed away the message and began to blush once more as the rabbit tried in vain to piece together the letters.

"I-it's nothing..." she stuttered, turning away as she began to feel her cheeks burn with another blush. The rabbit looked at his bashful friend worriedly, fearing she was hiding something from him.

"Are you okay?" he asked her, she could hear hint of worry in his voice and looked up at the yellow rabbit.

'Should I tell him?' she thought to herself, looking at her close friend, "He's always been trustworthy to me... more or less, and he seems like he's worried...' she let out a long sigh before beginning to tell him her predicament.

"I... I really like someone..." she told him in an almost inaudiable tone, "But I just don't know how to tell her- him!" she quickly changed her mind at the last second and kept the last bit of information from him. She looked up at him closely to see if he had noticed her slip up, luckily for her, he hadn't. A large smile appeared on the rabbit's face, and he was about to flood her with questions, when the calling of his name caught their attention, and three Tree Friends found them behind the building.

"Hey dude!" a purple beaver with a large gap between his teeth cheerfully greeted him, "Where'd you go? We were just about to leave." he then noticed the porcupine attempting to slip away from the group quietly, "Heya Flaky!" he exclaimed, causing the porcupine to nearly jump out of her skin in surprise. Cuddles walked over to his fearful friend and calmed her down from her scare.

"Come on Toothy, that was just mean!" he said, glaring at the beaver.

"Sorry... I didn't mean to scare her..." the beaver replied back, looking genuinely sorry, "But, um... We should probably get going if we're gonna make to the theatre in time..."

"Oh come on Toothy," Cuddles said looking down at his watch, "We've still got... Damn it! We gotta get going!" he exclaimed as he grabbed Giggles, the pink chipmunk, and his girlfriend, by the hand and ran to the nearby movie theatre, Toothy following closely behind. Flaky was now, once again, alone... Or so she thought.

"Flaky?" a sweet voice from behind her said trying to get her attention. The timid porcupine slowly turned, hoping it wasn't who she thought it was. But to her misfortune, standing in front of her, smiling cheerfully, was the blue skunk. "Hey Flaky, we've got an extra ticket, you wanna come with us?" Flaky's heart skipped a beat as her eyes widened on the blue skunk. This was what she was hoping for, wasn't it? She struggled to keep her legs from shaking as she slowly replied.

"S-sh-sh... Okay." she stuttered, hoping dearly the skunk wouldn't laugh or make fun of her. The skunk smiled happily as she handed the ticket to the embarrassed porcupine and the two left to catch the movie

well, there it is... And no, it's not the end of the story... but it may take me a while to update (again...) so, read, review, and Enjoy!! Oh, and please don't flame!