Weariness hung over him. It was all he could do not to throw up. He groaned and rolled over to his side. A sharp pain ran up his leg and he silently cursed. He looked around and yawned.

"Raph! Get off the floor!" a voice said. Raph looked up, his cold amber eyes meeting the flaming silver eyes of his younger sister's. "Come on! We got school ya lazy bum!"

"Get out of my room pipsqueak." He growled lifting himself off of the floor. She sneered down at him and marched out.

Raph uncurled himself from the blanket and stood up. He quickly threw on a plain black t-shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans. He ran a hand threw his messy dark brown hair and flexed his muscles a couple of times. When he was satisfied with his look he threw on a black leather jacket and walked out of his room.

He looked down the stairs, and placed a hand on the railway. He lifted himself off of the floor and jumped down to the first floor. He landed with a muffled thud.

He walked into the kitchen and looked around. The kitchen was a neat tidy one. It had and isle in it, and at one of the stools surrounding the isle was his younger sister, eating a bowl full of cheerios.

He walked over to the sleek black fridge and opened it, pulling out an apple and biting into it. He then pulled out the container of orange juice, and got a tall glass from the cupboard and poured the juice into it. He quickly downed it and placed the empty glass in the sink and the juice back into the fridge.

"You kids excited for your first day off school?" a cheerful voice asked. Raph turned towards the entrance of the kitchen and saw a tall lean man standing there. The man had neatly cut black hair and amber eyes. His eyes crinkled at the corners, showing many years of laughter on his face.

"No." said Raph coldly. His sister shrugged and continued eating her bowl of cheerios.

"Well, when I went to that school, I had a blast. I'm sure you two will too."

The girl rolled her eyes. "I'm in middle school. Not high school, Dad."

"Well, Rachel I'm sure you'll have a great time too." Dad said. Rachel rolled her eyes and continued eating her cheerios. "Now, how about we hurry up and get on our way to school!" Raph and Rachel looked at each other eyes widened in horror. They both knew where this was going. "Onto the party mobile!" their dad exclaimed happily.

"No!" Raph and Rachel shouted. They both made a wild dash for the door but were stopped by their dad.

"Then how about the limo?"


Raph looked down at the little piece of paper he was currently holding. He then looked at the door. "Room 201…." He murmured. He reached out to open the door, when a blonde teenager opened it. The teen looked up at him with baby blue eyes that sparkled with laughter and life.

"Hola dude!" the teen exclaimed. "Right this way now! No need to be shy! We've been waitin' for ya!" the teen dragged Raph into the classroom and smiled and placed him in front of the teacher's desk.

"Welcome our new class mate, dudes!" the teen shouted pumping his fist in the air. Silence followed. The teacher sighed and stood up.

"Mr. Truscott, please take your seat." The teacher said to the bouncing teen that immediately obeyed. "Well class. Today we have a new student. This is Raphael Wilneff. Now Mr. Wilneff if you don't mind taking a seat next to Mr. Hamato."

The teacher gestured to a lone teen sitting in the back. He had light brown hair with blonde streaks running through it. If the boy hadn't opened his eyes when his name was called, Raph might have thought he was dead. The boy looked up at Raph with emotionless brown eyes. He seemed to study Raph before closing his eyes again.

Mr. Truscott raised his hand. "Can the new dude sit by me?" he asked bouncing in his seat. Half the class looked at the teacher, who nodded his head.

"Just leave his ears on, Mr. Truscott." The blonde teen nodded. Raph carefully took a seat beside him.

"Name's Michelangelo, but you can call me Mikey, Mike, or Mikester. What do you go by?"


"Can I call you Raphie?"


"Can I call you Ralph?"

"No." It was going to be a long day Raph thought.


"Ok dude. Our school has a very pacific seating plan for the cafeteria. There is the Jocks, Cheerleaders, Loners, Goths, Emos, Geeks, Nerds, Wiz kids, Cool kids, and then the new kids." Explained Mikey pointing to each table in time. "You dude, would normally sit with the new kid crowd but not today. You can hang with me at the cool kids table."

Raph blinked and allowed Mikey to drag him over to the "cool" table. The kid from earlier was sitting there talking with a pretty girl with brown eyes. The guy, Hamato, looked up at Raph then at Mikey.

"Bringing the new kid over here?" he asked.

"Be nice Leo," said the girl with brown eyes. "He seems nice enough." The girl seemed to be scanning him with her brown eyes, her eyes running over his well developed muscles, with a hungry look. She tossed her brown hair behind her shoulder. "I'm Nellie. This is Leonardo," she poked him playfully, "That's Donatello," she pointed to a shy looking teen with black hair and soft brown eyes, "And that over there is Jenny." She finished pointing to a small girl with honey colored eyes and bright green hair hiding behind Donatello.

"Ahem. Are you not forgetting someone? Or someone's?" a deep, luxurious, voice said from behind Nellie. Nellie turned and smiled.

"Oh! I did not notice you two there," said Nellie. She turned back to Raph. "AND these two are Marie," a pretty blonde girl with aqua blue eyes waved at Raph, which he awkwardly returned, "And her older brother, D.J…." Nellie trailed off, her eyes filling with lust as she gazed at D.J. D.J was tall, muscular, and handsome. He had shaggy dirty blonde hair with blazing orange eyes. He glared at Raph with a disapproving look.

Nellie scooted away from Leo. Marie sat down, where Nellie had been and wrapped her arms around Leo. As if instinctively Leo wrapped one arm around Marie's shoulders, almost possessively. D.J. sat down beside Donatello and Jenny. Mikey pulled Raph and forced him to sit between Marie, and Mikey himself.

Mikey joked all lunchtime long, and everyone excluding Leo and D.J. tried to make Raph feel welcomed. Other kids at the other tables glanced over at Raph, as if judging him silently. A couple times, a cheerleader or two would walk past Raph, giggling, and winking at him.

By the end of the day, Raph was fitting in more. And Leo and D.J. had started to warm up to him. A tiny bit.


A commotion in the front schoolyard drew Raph's attention away from the book he was looking at. He got up and walked to the front of the school and his mouth dropped open. There, in the parking lot, was a beautiful, red Ferrari convertible. And sitting in the drivers seat was Raph's dad.

He looked over at Raph and waved. "Hey. Like your new car?" he asked. Raph could only stare in shock. He gently placed a hand on the car then blinked himself back into the present.

"My car…" he said, the words coming from his mouth didn't seem to fit. He looked back up at his dad then back at the car. "My car." The words seemed to fit now that the shock had settled. His dad held up the keys and threw them towards Raph, who caught them with ease.

"Wanna take her home?"

Raph smirked and nodded. His dad got out of the driver's seat and allowed Raph to sit in it. Raph waited for his dad to get into the passenger seat, before he started the engine. It let out a low rumble and Raph heard a few "oohs" from the crowd. He looked around and caught Leo and Marie looking at him.

Leo looked indifferent, while Marie was smiling over at him. They were sitting on top on a blue camero. Marie waved over at him, and this time he returned the wave naturally. Leo glared at Raph, before he looked away and began moving Marie's hair around.

Raph shrugged and backed up. Things were looking up.


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