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---------------------Chapter 1 Life's Little Blunders

A lone woman treks along the winding well-worn path when she senses a creature in pain. It is up the hill to her left. Moving off the path toward a cave eroded into the rocky hill, she spots limp white cloth splotched heavily in blood, in youkai blood. This was a wounded inuyoukai, and by his aura, a powerful one. Her healing instincts take over. She removes her rabbit skin medicine bag and kneels beside his crumpled form and inspects the damage. His hoari is open revealing deep gashes along his chest. Blood leaked profusely out of the demon's torn right leg, the skin of the kneecap completely gone. His left arm was gone, apparently from a previous battle. Scratches adorn his pale face and blood and dirt mar his long silvery-white hair. She senses his spine is broken.

'What foe would leave his victim to die like this? To let one linger in pain, helpless against any scavengers who might come across him?'

Laying a palm over his forehead and one over his chest, she softly chanted words of healing.

"Leave me be, Human. I need no help from you." Her eyes open to see slit golden-yellow ones glare at her.

"You are conscious. A feat for the pain you are in. And yes, you do. Your back is broken and you are losing too much blood to heal yourself effectively. You will die without aid. I can help you and there is nothing you can do to stop me." With that said, she resumed her ministrations. Chanting while she tapped into her spiritual essence and linked it with his, so she could tap into the youkai's natural healing abilities. A small piece of her soul lodged into his and vice versa so she could push her own healing powers into him. Linking the souls was only way she could heal the critically wounded. Minor wounds needed only her touch.

She mended the chest and leg wound first, followed by the broken spine, then the missing arm, and finally the facial wounds. About to disentangle her soul from his, she feels a hard whack to her right side ripping the connection too soon. She rolls to the side in searing pain in her chest, her head dizzy from it.

The pain registers in the youkai as well for he clutches his chest with both clawed hands.

"Get away, wench. No human touches Lord Sesshoumaru!"

When the dizzy spell subsides, her eyes leer over to a rather short toad-like imp holding a stick with two heads on it.

"You stupid Imp! I was helping your lord. He would have died without my touch, and you know it. And now you may have just caused another problem." The pain subsiding but feeling very weak, she merely rests her back on the cave wall. Her spiritual essence felt a foreign demonic fragment meander and mend the tear of her own missing fragment like a puzzle piece of the wrong color fitting into place.

She saw the youkai lord get up off the floor.

"I would suggest not standing up just now, Youkai. It took a lot of energy healing you." He stood up any way, but instantly braced himself against the wall with his recently reacquired arm, which he now stares at momentary before shifting his eyes to the human. She notices his legs wobble and soon he gives up, flopping back onto the ground in a, none to graceful fashion. He rests his back against the wall and hands in his lap.

"Told you." She turns to the green imp. "You imp, If this new development hinders me in anyway, I am coming back to drop kick you off a cliff;" the youkai stares at her darkly. "That is, if I have permission." She stares back. 'Hmm, he looks familiar now, but I can't place him.'

The inu merely grunts. The Imp's eyes bug out a bit in fear.

"What development, wench?" The toad demands annoyingly.

She opens her mouth to respond when the inuyoukai spoke.

"Jaken, tend to Rin."

"Oh, yes My Lord." He scuttles off out of sight.

"Explain miko. What is this that you have left inside me?" He asks emotionlessly.

"So, you can feel it too. Well, I do believe it is a piece of my soul inside you." His mouth twitches in disgust. "It is the same for me. I have a piece of you inside me. Your little servant interrupted before I could pull out."

"Fix it." He orders.

"Would love to, except I haven't the strength to move my arms let alone a little interpersonal soul searching. We both need rest, doctor's orders."

"Humph." He stares off into space, while she falls into a deep sleep, completely exhausted. While she sleeps he studies her form. Her skin is sun-kissed tan. Her hair, black as midnight, is bundled up high on her head. A few stray locks frame her face, while uneven bangs shade her closed sea-blue eyes. Her average but slim body adorned the traditional miko outfit, except it was not quite traditional. Instead of the white and red, the neckline splashed with violet over a white top, while violet dyed cotton covered her legs. Small lilac flowers dotted the pant legs making it appear she was in a field of flowers, if she were standing.

Young and bright brown eyes greet her as she wakes up. Her back is stiff from the hard wall. It is a young girl with black hair and wearing a simple orange and white kimono.

"Hello there, and who might you be?" She asks.

"Rin. Did you heal Lord Sesshoumaru?"

"Hello Rin. Yes I did, my name is Aya." The young girl lunges on top of her wrapping her little arms around Aya's neck hugging her tight. Aya loses her breath momentarily before lightly patting Rin on the back and giving the girl a soft smile. After a moment she skips off.

'Is that girl really with the youkai lord? What is she to him?'

"Get up, Miko." The lord in question loomed above her. He stared down at her coldly, his face a mask; a face that was truly chiseled to perfection, now that it free of scratches.

She stood up, stretching as she went. He no longer bore any evidence of being wounded, she notices. She also notices that his hair falls just past his knees, and that he carries his slender, athletic form with an air of arrogance and superiority.

"I trust you have the strength now?"

She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. "Mm, yes yes. Give me a minute, okay?" 'He's impatient!' She groans.

"Okay, this is the first time this kind of thing has happened to me, so I'm not sure if I can fix this. Let me see your hand."

His eyes narrowed and he reluctantly held out his clawed magenta-striped hand. She gently clasped it in her two hands while focusing her miko powers on locating the fragment within him.

"You need to focus on calling back that piece of you in me, as well." She instructs. She senses her fragment and reaches out with mental hands but is repelled back by Lord Sesshoumaru's spiritual barrier. His essence fiercely protected all that was his including her soul fragment.

The taiyoukai encountered the same issue with her essence.

She broke the contact. "Damn! You must lower you defenses in order for me to enter!"

"As should you yours, Miko!"

"They were lowered youkai!"

"And yet the barrier still remains." The Youkai shifted in agitation.

"Hmm. That may mean it's too late." Her forehead creases in thought, 'I need to consult Nobu about this, perhaps he knows something.

"Then perhaps I shall try my way then, meddling Miko." His right hand went for one of the two swords on his belt.

"WAIT! You don't know what kind of effect that may have on you. You may be killing yourself if you kill me! A part of you is in me!" The sword's blade disappears back into the sheath.

"Then what do you propose?" His question thinly laced with anger.

"I'll have to talk to my sensei about this. He may know how to undo this. It'll take a few days to reach him, so you will just have to deal with my humble soul fragment for awhile. Kami knows I have to deal with your icy piece."

She retrieves her bag and starts off out of the cave. Halfway down the hill she notices the youkai following her. Twirling around to face him, "You are not coming with me. I have a reputation to maintain. I can't have a fearsome Youkai tag along scaring off or pissing off any people I meet, and I do travel the villages."

"And what reputation would that be?" His voice holds no interest.

"Oh, I have not introduced myself." She sweeps out her arms and bows, never leaving her gaze from the Lord. "I am Aya the Healer and traveling Matchmaker at your service, Lord Sesshoumaru. Healing mortal wounds is usually free the first time around, but if you want to find your true mate it will cost you, for I am never wrong." She smiles at the last bit and resumes down the rocky hill making sure he did not follow.

She really did not want the powerful youkai traveling with her. The reason she gave him was only part of it. She did not want to expose a secret of hers in front of someone like him. She walked toward the south-east where Nobu lived. Two human villages lay in her path before she would reach Nobu's ancestral family home. It would be dusk before she would see the first village.

Lord Sesshoumaru watched her retreating form, clearly disgruntled on the inside. He let the Miko go, glad of her lack of presence, except he could still feel her ever so slightly within him. It unnerved him to no end. He did NOT want to feel his spiritual soul tainted with a human's, even though she is a powerful and pure miko. He barely slept last night wondering if her fragment would slowly weaken and purify him from the inside out. Obviously it did not and he felt as strong as ever, however he felt incomplete, now that the miko had a piece of him, even if it was unintentional. He was going to get it back somehow. He was going to see that miko again. That was for sure.

His servant Jaken awaited behind him. Sesshoumaru turned and kicked his servant before going back into the cave to ready for the trek to find Naraku and his band of hired cat Youkai warriors.

A few miles from the first village, Aya detects a faint dark aura from behind. She casually walks off the beaten path into a grass field near a lone tree and digs out her whip from her bag. Her bag drops near the tree.

"Show yourself now. Don't be shy."

"Ha ha, very good. You detected me early" A being in a baboon cloak materialized in the air twenty feet away. Four large wasps buzzed around him.

"And you would be….?"

"Your demise."

"And, why do you think it's your duty to kill me, hmm?" The whip is ready to defend in her right hand.

"Because you have interfered in the demise of one of my enemies. So you die now." The four large insects came at her.

Her miko empowered whip slices the first two with ease. The third however buzzes right through her attack and stings her in the neck; its poison quickly travels into her veins. Her left hand clutches the offending pest, pulling it out and squeezes it until it falls into three gooey pieces. The last wasp stays just out of reach as it tries to sting her face. She can feel the poison spread into her muscles. The pain was getting harder to ignore. With a battle cry the last insect is sliced in two.

"You…have to… do… better than… that, demon scum!" Her breathing became rapid and strained.

"I don't have to. The poison will leave you dead in an hour, weak human fool! Ku, ku, ku." He disappeared into the fading daylight sky, before she could whip him to pieces. Sweat pours out of her agony stricken body.

She scrambles to her medicine bag, pulling out the last of a poison thwarting herb she acquired months ago and stuffs it in her mouth.

'I hope this is enough.' She meditates as she sits under the lone tree to try to manage the pain.

The trail of the cat youkai clan runs cold at a fork in the road.

"Which way, My Lord?" Jaken squeaks.

'Where could they have gone? Why does the trail end here?' Sesshoumaru wonders himself.

Jaken gazes obediently at his Lord for an answer when his lord's face cringes in pain, his mouth drops open baring his sharp canines.

"My Lord! What is it?" Jaken screeches.

Sesshoumaru felt his body tremble in pain as if he had been poisoned, but it couldn't be. He was immune to most poisons and no one attacked him now.

'What is this?' clinching his teeth together. Snippets of conversation floated into his mind.

"You imp, if this new development hinders me in anyway, I am coming back to drop kick you off a cliff,"

"WAIT! You don't know what kind of effect that may have on you. You may be killing yourself if you kill me! A part of you is in me!"

His eyes widen at the realization. "No." 'It is she who is the source of this pain! Damn her interference!' Ignoring his servants questions, he sprung off the road toward the east. He somehow knew which direction to go. Her pain was like a beacon. His youkai speed will get him there in a quarter hour.


She leaned against a tree drenched in sweat. Her head is down with her hands folded together in prayer.

"Youkai, I told you not to follow me." He grabs a fist full of her kimono and pulls her up to face to face level.

"Have you been poisoned?" Her mouth drops open.

"How would you know that? Have you been watching me-- Oh, crap. I hope it's not what I think it is." She twists her mouth in annoyance. Her eyes move to his outreached arm. He drops her on her feet.

"Well, you can stop worrying. I took the antidote and I am feeling much better now." She is feeling better; the pain is all but dissipated. Her recovery did seem to occur faster in his presence.

"I take it we can feel each others pain now or at least you can feel mine. How touching." Frowning, Aya picks up her bag and moves toward the road. A strong clawed hand grips her shoulder.

"You are not leaving my sight, wretched Miko!" He barks.

"I'm wretched now am I? Maybe you should put the blame on the one who attacked you in the first place. I only tried to help, self-centered youkai!" She shakes off his hand and continues forward.

He quickly pounces in front of her. "You are going to take me to this teacher of yours and you are going to undo this 'mess' and quickly!"

"Such Arrogance!" The youkai would not let her be. Her face flushes with the blood. She could barely control herself. "I don't take orders from you!" She reaches into a secret pouch on her bag and flings red fire powder into his face.

Sesshoumaru's eyes, nose and mouth burn instantly and tries wipe it off to no avail.

Aya bolts into the forest past the grass field and allows her body to transform when she is deep in the forest. A long haired black tail sprouts from the base of her spine; claws replace the fingernails, and round ears morph into pointed ones. Feline fangs adorn her mouth, round pupils become oval ones, and a single youkai streak tattoos her cheeks. Her human smell is obliterated by her youkai aura and scent.

Believing she has given herself enough distance from the arrogant youkai, she stops and listens to the forest. Crickets chirp all around her, water bubbles from a spring nearby, and an owl hoots in a tree. The youkai lord will not find her. His sense of smell will be screwed up for at least a day. It is what the hot tasting powder did, and is quite useful in warding off attackers.

Deciding on a bath, Aya heads toward the spring.

Aya strips and sinks into the hot welcoming water. Her thoughts meander into the past.

"Nobu! What are you doing with my half sister's Body?" Toshiko inquires at Arisu's betrothed's erratic behavior.

He carried Arisu up the steps of his healing hut. "I am going to resurrect her!"

"But your powers aren't that strong, Nobu!" she pulled at his orange-tan tail.

"I am going to try. I can't live without her. She chose me to be hers and I am not going to let her down."

Toshiko backed down. There was no changing his mind. 'I hope he succeeds.' she prayed. Arisu was/is the last pure blood of their father's line. 'I don't want to be alone.'

Nobu laid Arisu's limp body upon a raised alter. He placed her ancestral necklace on her and lit the ceremonial candles. 'Please, do not let it be too late.' He prayed. He knelt before her and began the chant of resurrection.

Arisu's body glowed and floated above the alter halfway through the incantation. Excited, Nobu unintentionally slurred a few of the words, forever altering his future with his beloved. A blue mist obscured and swirled around her body.


The first thing Aya felt was weightlessness, then sharp pain everywhere. She felt as if her bones were being pulled and twisted into a new shape. A dizzying force and energy pulled at her and into her. She couldn't breathe, couldn't move, and couldn't scream. Her mind was a fragmented collage of mush.

The strange affliction to her body subsided as she trembled in sweat on a cold surface. Eyes opened to a thatched ceiling and the strangest humanoid creature she'd ever seen. Cat like ears protruded from his head, and sharp fangs glistened in the candle lit room. The poor light made the creature look menacing and she screamed lung fully. She scampered off the alter into a corner as another creature, a female, peered into the room.

"Beloved, please calm down. I brought you back." The male smiled, showing more of his teeth.

"B-b-beloved? W-who are you?" she asked in a tiny voice and hugged her chest. There was a necklace around her neck but she was too terrified to look at it.

"She looks a little different Nobu. Why is that?" The female asks.

"It doesn't matter, she's alive. I have her back. Arisu, please… you do know me; I am your future mate, Nobu, and a healer of the panthers." His clawed hands reached out for her.

"No! I am not your mate! My name is Aya, not this, this Arisu!" Her mind was mush but the one thing she did know was her name. She stood up, clinging to the walls, and inched toward the exit.

"Nobu, You Baka! You screwed it up. I knew you would." Aya scampered out the door while the two creatures dropped their focus on her.

It was dark and pouring rain while she ran recklessly across the foreign landscape. She was surprised she could see where she was going. She stopped only when her body was about to give out.

She sat, soaked to the bone, against a rotted out tree. She hugged herself for warmth. Aya felt completely out of place. Her whole body felt different, and her senses were going haywire. Sounds she couldn't fathom ringed in her ears, and scents she never knew, assaulted her nose. What was weirder was a sixth sense telling her of others around her. 'This does not feel normal.' Her hands covered her ears. However, she pulled them away a moment later when she felt pointed elf like ears, rather than rounded human ones.

'Oh my god! I'm not human! Am I supposed to be?' She assessed the rest of her. She also had claws, fangs, and a black furry tail like those creatures. How could she miss noticing the tail? She was freaked out for sure. She hugged herself, willing her situation to be a dream.

The rain lightened and a full moon broke through the clouds. In a nearby puddle, she tentatively shifted her image into it. Yes, she was decidedly not human. A dark purple mark cut into either side her cheeks.

"What am I?"

"You are in the way." A cold male voice told her. She stood up and just stared at the being before her. He looked similar to her new appearance, except he had two streaks on his cheeks, and his hair shone bluish-white in the moon light. And, he was breathtakingly beautiful in battle armor and white flowing clothing.

"Move." He ordered. She scampered back to her tree, never taking her eyes off him. Her heart pounded in her chest. He glanced at her as he walked past.

"I'm like him." She muttered. The strange being stopped a moment and glared harshly at her.

"Do not compare me to your inferior blood. Be thankful I do not kill you now as I have decimated many of your brethren." Aya goes white before fainting.

Aya jolted out of the spring at the memory. 'I have met the youkai before. I knew it! Well, he's just as cold now as he was then, and probably still hates the neko clans.' She dries and clothes herself. Aya picks out a nice tree branch to rest on and perches herself twenty feet off the ground. Sleep eludes her when restlessness pits her stomach.

'Perhaps The Lord Sesshoumaru has irked me more than I thought.' doing her best to ignore the feeling. Sleep comes hours later.

Low whispering woke her up the next morning. Cracking one eye open, she spots an old monk and his protégée several yards from her tree.

"Are you sure sensei? It's just sleeping there, causing no harm."

"Hoshi, you have no backbone. Or foresight. Just because its benign now doesn't mean it won't rip out the throats of women and children in the next village. (Aya rolls her eyes) Besides, it'll be good practice for you. Cat demons aren't very smart, so you can take it easily-"

"Excuse me," clearly insulted. "You two aren't very smart either, coming into the vicinity of a Youkai, who has the upper ground. Your student is right, though, monk. I am benign; at least I want to be. I'd rather curl up on a lap than play mouse with you. So, go practice on a demon that is wreaking havoc and leave me be.

"Demons cannot be trusted." The monk stated, holding out paper charms.

*sigh* "So I've heard" Aya hops down from the tree ten feet away from the pair, with whip in hand and shreds the charms with the tip of her weapon.

"Why you-"

Aya curls her whip around the monk's legs and pulls them right from under him. She grabs one of his legs, holds him upside down while wedging said leg between a fork in a branch and a rock. The monk now dangles helplessly four feet above the ground. His student does nothing but stare in shock.

Aya addresses the student. "I suggest finding a new teacher, young man; this one's not very good." She picks up a stray paper charm. "His sutras don't even work." She places the charm on her forehead to demonstrate. "See?" She drops it and saunters off.

After an hour of running she slows down when she hears footsteps on a converging path. She smells a human and a small kitsune. She transforms into her human form before their paths cross. She didn't want to scare them away or be pursued if one of them was a monk or a miko. She comes into view of them and low and behold the human was indeed a monk. Her sensitive ears picked up their conversation.

"Miroku, do you think we should get some medicine for Sango's wound from the village? Kagome said she was low on her supplies." The kit asked the monk.

"Yes, Shippo, if we have something worth to barter." The Monk answered the fox demon.

How strange. A monk is conversing casually with a youkai. They seem to be friends. Aya's heart warmed at that.

"Young lady!" The monk spotted her. He practically trotted up to her and grasped her hand.

"Will you bear my children?" He smiled hopefully. An 'oh, Miroku.' could be heard from the kit.

She laughed softly. "That's the best compliment I've heard all day, but I do not think you are the one for me, sir."

"Call me Miroku, and how do you know that we are not fated to be together." Her hand still grasped, she probes into the man's heart for a second.

"I know because I can see into your heart and know that I do not stand there. I am Aya the healer and matchmaker." She removes her hand from the Monk.

"A healer and matchmaker you say," ponders Miroku. The kit hops over to him.

"Miroku, maybe she can help Sango!"

"Is your friend ill, young one?" Aya asks.

"Her arm is wounded. It's not serious, but she can't use it either. I'm Shippo by the way."

"Greetings Shippo, I will gladly help your friend. Where does she reside?"

"In temporary lodgings back this way." She followed them back to a small hut. Inside, she spotted a young woman with dark brown hair and brown eyes sitting on a mat, her upper right arm in bandages. A yellow two tailed cat sat in her lap looking on guard for intruders.

"Sango, we've brought someone who may be able to help with the arm." The yellow cat jumped off her lap to investigate the stranger. It jumped right into Aya's arms.

"Well, hello there. You're a friendly one." Aya patted its head.


"That's Kilala, Sango's companion. She doesn't often do that with strangers." Shippo said. "Sango, this is Aya, a healer." Aya rubbed her ears before setting Kilala down. Aya knelt before Sango.

"May I see your arm?" Sango gingerly stretches it out. At the slightest touch, Aya can see the wound in her mind. "Hmm, the bone is split inside." Sango shows mild surprise at her knowledge. Aya slowly peels off the bandages to see a large diagonal gash starting from the armpit to near the elbow.

"It looks worse than it feels." Sango joked half heartedly.

"I can fix this good as new, but it is going to hurt like a banshee. Maybe you want something to bite on?" She shook her head.

"No, go ahead." Sango closed her eyes ready for pain.

Aya straightened out the arm, took her thumb and two fingers and pinched the splintered bone together.


Aya's healing aura flowed from her fingers into Sango's wound. It stitched the ripped muscle and sinew together flawlessly. The skin healed without even a scar and all three of the companions were awed and baffled.

Aya exhaled a deep breath. "There you go, good as new, just as I promised." Sango moved the arm with ease now.

"How can we repay you?" Miroku asks.

She ponders for a second. "Your company. I am most curious about the little group you have. I have never seen a monk, a fox youkai, and a slayer as companions before." Aya smiles warmly and Kilala mews. "Ah, yes and you too, sweet Kilala." She pets the cat between the ears, before standing up.

"Of course, whatever you wish kind maiden." Miroku's hand twitches towards Aya's firm buttocks.

"Miroku!" Sango warns sending his hand back into his sleeves.

Ignoring the outburst Aya asks, "Is your journey taking you towards the south-east? It is where I am headed."

Sango responds. "Yes, we are tracking a hanyou by the name of Naraku. He seems to be heading south."

"Perhaps I can assist you in finding this Naraku. I've had my share of dealing with youkai and such."

"It would be much appreciated" said Miroku. Aya jerks her head suddenly at a fast encroaching aura of a youkai. She bolts just outside the hut and assumes a battle ready stance.

"I sense a youkai closing fast," she said when Miroku and Sango followed her out.

"Relax Aya. It is just our friend, Inuyasha coming to meet us." Sango laid a hand on Aya's stiffened shoulder. She relaxed a little. Soon she felt another aura, one quite contradictory to a youkai; a miko. Within moments Aya could see this Inuyasha in the distance and on his back was a young girl.

Inuyasha and the girl skid to a halt just yards away from the hut. The girl hops off his back and dusts off her unusual clothing. To Aya her outfit is strange and familiar at the same time and she can't fathom why. The top is green and white with slender long sleeves while her bottom half sports a way to short green skirt, long white socks, and well tailored shoes.

The youkai in question or rather hanyou judging from his ears and close aura was cloaked in a bright red kimono with an old sword tucked into his obi. She suspected the sword was more than just a keepsake though. He also had a beaded necklace on. 'Those look like subjugation beads, hmm.'

"Sango! You're all better! How?" The girl asked.

"You mean we didn't have to go back to the well for supplies?" Inuyasha whined and spied the newcomer in his midst. "Who is this?" his arms were crossed and he jutted a thumb at Aya.

Miroku spoke first. "Inuyasha, Kagome, this is Lady Aya the healer and matchmaker. She tended to Sango's arms and a fine job she did," placing his hands on her shoulders. "And she would like to travel with us to the south." Aya gently motioned forward loosing the monk's hands on her shoulders.

"Greetings Inuyasha," She said inclining her head. "And this must be Kagome, happy to make your acquaintance," putting on her friendliest smile.

"Oh great, another mouth to feed." Inuyasha said. Kagome moved a foot forward, crossed her arms and said two words.

"Sit Boy!" Inuyasha went down like a ton of bricks. 'So those are subjugation beads.' thought Aya. "Nice to meet you Aya." holding out a hand, Aya shook it and felt the miko's powers coalesce with her own.

Aya watched as the miko Kagome mingled with the odd troop of friends. Inuyasha was still lingering on the ground while the charm wore off.

"Inuyasha, I'll have you know I can hunt and cook for myself so you needn't worry about another mouth to feed. And if worse comes to worse I'll gladly share what food I have with you, okay?"

"Feh, whatever." He muttered into the dirt. Aya shrugs and moves off with the others.


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