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Chapter 25 Ah the Sweet Life

She pulled the imp to her chest and hugged him with enough pressure to make him squeak. "Good to see you ya ugly toad!" exclaiming loudly then set the shocked being back on the ground. He toppled around in a daze and Aya giggled returning to her lord's side.

Both Aya and Sesshoumaru heard the pitter-patter of small feet. "Lord Sesshoumaru!" Rin cried then gasped "Oh, Lady Aya!" squealing happily. Aya knelt down to receive the girl's embrace. Sesshoumaru's eyes went narrow. "Um, Rin means…oops." She fumbled having realized her blunder when she saw Aya's pointed ears.

Aya smiled. "It's okay Rin, he knows already."

"The child knew before this Sesshoumaru, as well?" Annoyance laced in his features.

The neko lifted up Rin in her arms as she stood back up. "Sesshoumaru, Rin's a smart girl. She figured it out on her own," brushing a brown lock out of Rin's face. His face softened, bringing a hand to his ward's back and rubbing it slightly. The child brightened tenfold. Sesshoumaru rarely expressed such affection before.

"Lady Aya, you going to stay a while?" Rin asked.

"Rin, I'm here to stay." Rin squealed a second time making both youkai wince and glommed Aya hard around the neck.

Jaken recovered by this time and announced that everything was kept in order while his lordship was away, and that his room was prepared for him. Jaken groveled apologetically that he was not aware of the lady's arrival and did not prepare for her. He scuttled off to fix that blunder. Aya rolled her eyes.

Rin fingered Aya's pendant then squirmed excitedly.

"What is it, child?" Aya smiled.

"Rin found something and wants Lord Sesshoumaru to see it too!"

"What did you find?" He asked.

"Rin will show you!" Aya let her down. The young girl grabbed Aya's hand and dragged her into the castle.

"Come my Lord, you can't keep the girl waiting." The neko giggled as she was pulled by the energetic girl.

Sesshoumaru dismissed the two guards and reluctantly followed, suppressing a grumble. 'It is I that is kept waiting for my time with my mate.' However he couldn't help the stir of curiosity of what his ward had found. Surely whatever she "discovered" he already knew about, seeing as he owned this land.

The two youkai listened as Rin jabbered on about her find. "Rin found it in the garden near the edge of the forest. It was half buried in the dirt. Jaken told me to leave it there but Rin couldn't. It looked so pretty and it looked like someone lost it. Rin wants to return it to the right person."

"How do know someone lost this thing, Rin?" Aya asks.

Rin smiled back with a look that bordered on wickedness. "Rin now knows who lost it." Aya looked up puzzlingly at Sesshoumaru.

The girl continued. "Rin cleaned off the dirt and it's so pretty. I took good care of it. Made sure Jaken wouldn't take it away." They arrived at the girl's room and the three went in. Rin went over to her futon, lifted the pillow up, and withdrew an item wrapped in white cloth. She held up toward Lord Sesshoumaru and he took the tiny bundle. He opened up the cloth and spotted a pendant not unlike Aya's, except it bore a crescent moon with four point stars etched in the surrounding metal. The stone set in the shape of the moon emitted a soft yellowy glow. Sesshoumaru looked at Aya and noticed the pendent around her neck emitted a soft blue glow from its stone.

Aya could not yet see the pendent in his hands. "What is it Sesshoumaru?" With his free hand Sesshoumaru lifted her pendent off her chest and drew the other next to it.

Looking down she gasped. "Oh kami, it's…the other half." She traced the moon shaped sunstone with one finger. It was warm to the touch. Aya remembered what the white haired girl, Kanna had said. "'The one of the moon comes to claim his sun.' I believe this is yours Sesshoumaru. Only you can be the moon." She picked up the chain and clasped it around his neck then kissed him softly on the lips. Rin bared a triumphant grin on her face as if she planned this from the very beginning then sauntered off.

Sesshoumaru lifted her into his arms caring her all the way to his chambers. "Aya, you will explain the story behind these pendants to this Sesshoumaru later. For now… there is more urgent business… one that requires… all your attention." He said, intermittently tugging on her earlobe with his mouth.

He stopped a servant before reaching his destination to order no interruptions for the rest of the day and evening.

He stood before the massive bed still holding the neko in his arms. She breathed a sigh of contentment. "My koi, are you ready to be mine in all ways?" His sensual sounding question sent a bolt of heat through her.

"As ready as I'll ever be, but it's I that will own you." She teased trailing a finger down his nose.

He made his customary grunt and set her on the bed. He removed Tenseiga and Tokijin and placed them on a sword stand by the bed. His hands went to untie his obi when she told him to stop. For a second he thought Aya changed her mind about mating with her tonight. She stood from the bed and put a hand on one end of his yellow obi.

"Let me, my lord," cooing seductively and untying it from Sesshoumaru's armor. He relaxed and watched her undo the ties to his armor so it slid off easily. She set it on the floor behind him. She returned to his front and stared at his chest hesitant at what to do next.

Sesshoumaru's tail slipped off his shoulder, slinked across the floor, and slithered snakelike up Aya's leg, over a curvy hip, and along her spine. She gasped unused to such attention. The tail's tip met the back of her right ear tickling it gently. Aya giggled, batting at the fury appendage in vain. Sesshoumaru soon let it rest on her shoulder. He smiled down at her. He took her hand placing it where the hoari's fabric overlapped on his chest. Taking the hint Aya took both her hands and slowly pulled apart the hoari exposing more and more of the taiyoukai's bare chest. Her cheeks went red. Never before had she gazed on so much of his bare skin. Soon it slid off his shoulders and off his arms. Her eyes drank in every dip and curve with awe.

It wasn't as if she had never seen a bare chested man before. She was a healer after all and saw such on a normal occurrence. It was just Sesshoumaru was so well muscled and lean. The major fact in her awe was that this male before her was completely and shamelessly hers.

His tail nudged her forward making her plant her hands on his chest. The action told Aya it was okay to touch him or rather it demanded that she touch him, she couldn't tell which. Not that it mattered, for she really wanted to feel the raw strength under his skin. His eyes became hooded as her nimble fingers explored his shoulders, chest, and stomach area. A fierce rubble left his throat when the neko started kissing his pecks. They were innocent little kisses but kami did it make him hard for her.

With a sly smirk he could not see Aya wet her lips and brushed them over his left nipple then licked it. A deep groan escaped him. Suddenly his arms were around her lifting her up to face level where he kissed her hard on the lips thrusting his tongue in to quench his dying thirst for her. She responded in kind kneading her clawed fingers on his chest and rubbing her tail against his. She panted for air when his lips left her mouth to trail down her neck to her collarbone. When he hit fabric he lightly growled in annoyance but kept kissing the exposed skin. Aya knowing what the growl meant slid her hands down and eagerly untied her obi. It fell to the floor. Now unrestrained, Sesshoumaru pulled off the hoari off her shoulders from behind. It bundled at her elbows and lower back allowing Sesshoumaru a delicious view of her feminine attributes. His hands moved to her waist. Aya removed the upper portion of her outfit completely from her body then. Sesshoumaru gazed at her in pure adoration. "So beautiful, my koi." He whispered.

Not typically shy of being nude or partially so, she nevertheless blushed at her mate's words. No one ever proclaimed her body beautiful before. With a surge of confidence she untied her hakama and slipped out of them.

Now she wore nothing but her necklace. She looked up to him and with only her blue eyes told him this view was for him, and only for him.

Sesshoumaru groaned achingly at the sight of her well shaped thighs cradling the moist sensual triangle of her womanhood. The scent of her arousal nearly overpowered his control. He planned to pleasure his mate before satisfying his needs. "Remove the rest of it." He ordered. She started it she might as well finish it.

She untied the last tie in his hakama releasing the garment to the floor. He shucked out of the shoes then stood gloriously as naked as she. She looked down at his very erect male organ. A small "o" formed on her lips along with an intense blush on her face.

Looking back up she commented. "I see why you needed a dozen women to please you, my lord. One wouldn't be enough."

"Hn, Those women were nothing. You are all I need and want." She trembled at his sultry words. He closed the gap and pushed her onto the bed. She scooted toward the center never breaking eye contact as he followed after her on hands and knees. Soon his body towered over her. His silvery white hair blanketed his back onto the silky sheets. It draped over his shoulders framing his handsome pale face. Aya caressed a twin striped cheek. They barely started anything and Aya was already panting with want.

He started with her neck sucking and licking the supple flesh in his mouth then her collarbone drawing a moist line with a tongue toward the hollow of her throat. While his mouth worked, the pads of his fingers roved down and over her perky mounds. For a second he gripped them in his hands feeling the size and weight of them before squeezing them gently and rubbing thumbs across the well placed nipples. Letting out a mew she trembled at the unfamiliar sensation. The nubs hardened under his touch. He continued to torture the sensitive area while his mouth got ever closer to one breast. Without warning a wet mouth latched onto a pert nipple sucking it and lavishing it with that increasingly devious tongue of his. Aya bucked pushing the creamy breast further into his face. Her fingers clawed into the sheets. Sesshoumaru took the hardening nipple between his teeth with just enough pressure to make her gasp. He smirked against her skin pleased to have her so receptive to him. He switched sides paying the same attention to the neglected nub. She let out a long groan this time her legs squirming between his knees. The overwhelming scent of her vaginal juices pulled at his resolve. His youki told him she was beyond ready to be mated but he wanted to draw out her pleasure, and his, for as long as possible, and to make her as ready as possible for she was indeed still a virgin.

Her beautiful blue eyes were glazed over in lust as she watched him torment her body to new heights. He adjusted his position upward a bit. One hand coasted the opposite direction finding purchase on her left thigh. Four fingers rubbed the outside while a thumb caressed the inner flesh brushing faintly over black silky hairs. It stayed there teasing the boundary of her womanhood. Her left hand glided over his arm urging him to proceed.

"Getting impatient, my mate?" Sesshoumaru rasped.

A low rumble vibrated in her chest. "It's not good to tease a neko, Sesshoumaru."

"We'll see." He said and nuzzled into the crook of her neck. His fingers glided into the wet fleshy folds near where her ache resided. She parted her legs as best she could with his sinewy legs holding her captive. His fingers first plunged down then up her slit collecting her liquid on his digits. In a low gravely voice that didn't seem to belong to him, "Koi so wet…" He groaned into her neck. He ground little circles around the engorged nub. She mewed with every breath arching her hips to the rhythm of his fingers. Her left hand clawed into his shoulder as the pressure mounted. Her mews turned into little pleading yeses and then into louder Sess's and yeses. Sesshoumaru felt her muscles tightened with every stroke of his fingers.

At the peak she screamed "Sessh!" her body convulsing with waves of pleasure. Hot pants breathed on his neck as she came down from her orgasmic high. Liquid dripped from his fingers as he brought them to his lips. He licked at them greedily, enjoying the taste of his perfect mate.

Feminine hands began wandering over and around his chest. His mouth went back toward her neck area. He nipped and sucked on her ear lobe while he again adjusted his position over her. This time Sesshoumaru nudged her legs apart with his knees. One hand tangled into her black tresses while the other lifted her knee to a bent position. Her other leg followed suit. He kissed and nibbled all along her neck to build up her desire again and to lessen the brief pain when he thrusts through her maidenhead. Leaning forward he closed the space between their bodies, the head of his shaft poked at her slit. She let out a trembling breath, half apprehensive about the coming act and half aching to feel the most male part of him inside her. Aya responded quickly to the gentle attack of his mouth at her neck. Her arms slipped around his waist pulling him flush with her chest. She shifted her hips forward to tell Sesshoumaru she wasn't afraid to proceed. He let out a deep rumble by her action. His mouth glommed onto a supple part of her shoulder sucking a large bit and nipping at it. His arms curled behind her back to rest powerful hands on top of her shoulders. Her fingers kneaded into his muscular back in rhythm with her neko like mews.

The heat from her core onto his shaft broke the last of his resolve and Sesshoumaru plunged swiftly and deeply into his mate.

She cried digging her claws deep into his back. He welcomed the small pain knowing she felt hers acutely. He kissed up and down her chin, licked her stripe, tugged on her ear lobe, and massaged her shoulders to help distract her mind. His long tail coasted up and down her left leg to distract her further. He didn't want to move until her pain passed but kami her heat and tightness strained the last of his control. Aya felt so good wrapped around his aching erection.

Aya looked into his eyes as part of the piercing pain dissipated. The irises seemed glazed in golden honey and rimmed in fiery red where white once was. Slowly claws retracted out of his back as Sesshoumaru's ministrations rekindled the pleasurable kind of ache and the pain of her broken maidenhead faded out of her mind and body. Once it passed she nuzzled into his neck planting small kisses.

As a queue he began moving, slowly outward then a swift thrust into her. A pleasant whimper greeted his ears urging Sesshoumaru to repeat the action again and again. Becoming quite animated Aya's arms trailed upward attaining handfuls of silky white hair, her hands latching onto shoulder blades kneading the firm muscles as he worked his way in and out of her womanhood in slowly increasing fashion. Her lips found purchase at the juncture of her mate's shoulder and neck. She lapped up the glistening sweat forming on his skin and teased the flesh with the tips of her feline fangs. Her legs anxiously rubbed up and down his thighs not entirely sure what to do with the two limbs. She whimpered and groaned as she discovered a rhythm with her hips that worked the best for the both of them. Sesshoumaru growled gutturally when she figured out the right moment to squeeze her vaginal muscles around his engorged length as he pulled nearly out of her then back in a little harder. She moaned deeply in return. The pressure built inside her. Kami, she loved the feeling of Sesshoumaru inside of her. He was driving her wild with the want of him.

He continued his attentions on her neck and throat getting fiercer and more urgent all the time. He tore away from her neck for a moment to devour her lips in hunger drawing blood as he nipped her supple lower lip. He couldn't seem to get enough of the taste of her. Aya bit him in return feeling some instinctive need to draw blood. He didn't linger long on her mouth for her shoulder proved more enticing at the moment. It was where he was going to mark her as his forever.

"Sessh, Sessh, Sesshou!…" cooing loudly with every thrust as her climax neared. His name on his mates lips so empowering he plunged faster and harder into her core.

She cried out her orgasm into the air. She felt profoundly one with her beloved Sesshoumaru.

Her muscles clenched so tight around him that with one more thrust he roared deeply voicing his own pleasurable climax as his seed spilled deeply into her. Then he bit down on her right shoulder forever binding her to him and him to her. His soul felt so full at that moment like her soul had melded with his and encompassed him so completely. Her youki surely did for it covered him in tingly warmth while his blanketed her body protectively.

Both panted heavily. Sesshoumaru lapped up rivulets of blood that leaked where his fangs pierced her. Aya was blissfully unaware of the bite as she came down from cloud nine. She lazily drew circles with her nose on his love lavished skin. He gently pulled out then rolled onto his side taking her with him. A slight clink pulled Aya's head back to stare down at her pendant. It was interlocked perfectly with the one around Sesshoumaru's neck like the two pieces were magnetized. Her fingers touched the bright glow of both stones.

Aya spoke so softly he nearly missed it. "She waits no more. Her prince is found." then curled up in the crook of her mate and fell asleep.

She'll definitely need to explain about the pendants after she rested. Sesshoumaru curled his tail around her and set his chin above her head falling into the most contented sleep he experienced in a very long time.


Two months later the Western Lady read over a parchment originating from her old teacher. Nobu spoke of happy tidings and congratulations finally finding a mate for herself. He also wrote of Toshiko who returned to the temple a month prior. She divulged all the acts she committed when in league with Naraku to Nobu. Her teacher told Aya of her half-sister's change in demeanor. She acted subdued and appeared melancholy for days after her return and often knelt before the alter in silent penance. She did however resumed her patrol around the village and temple. She rarely said much these days but at least she did not sit around wasting away as Nobu had feared. Aya was glad Toshiko had spared Nobu and the temple inhabitants from her manipulations.

Nobu wrote about the trivial happenings in his area and chided her briefly about choosing the stoic inu lord over someone more approachable like him. 'Even in writing you don't give up Nobu.' Aya mused. She felt a tug on her kimono and looked to see Rin stare up at her happily with the doll she had given her two months ago. "Yes, sweetheart what is it?"

"Have you seen Jaken today?" She asked.

"No, why?"

"Rin hasn't, er I haven't given his daily pestering yet."

Aya chuckled softly. Apparently the girl has taken to heart to irritate the poor toad at least once a day since Aya had told her to that one day when she left the castle with Sesshoumaru. The neko knelt beside her and brushed her fingers though Rin's hair. "I think Jaken deserves a little break on occasion. He is just a little guy with an energetic girl tiring him out all the time."

"Okay Aya! I will be good today." smiling her bright smile at her.

Aya chuckled again when a small flush accompanied by slight dizziness washed over her. "Oh." She leaned mildly into Rin until the strange spell dissipated.

"Is Aya alright?" Rin was instantly worried.

Her head cleared and the feeling went away but something new sparked into her senses. It felt so small and yet so close. "Um, I think so Rin." She said to ease the girl, though she still was not sure herself. She focused her senses intently on the small thing when a tiny burst of energy fluttered in her stomach.

She still gripped Rin on the shoulder when understanding hit her brain. She took in a long breath unsure at the moment what to feel.


Her smile grew as exhilaration and delight filled her aura. At that she hugged Rin tightly and in a cheerful tone told her "I'm perfectly fine! Rin. Right as rain!" Her glee was infectious and the child giggled in her arms and when Aya released her she skipped off toward the kitchens.

Aya went off to find her mate to tell him the good news. He was training a few new soldiers in the dojo. He insisted on more men to defend and protect his lands and his new mate. She shook her head. 'He's so over protective of me and now there will be a new reason to be so. He'll be insufferable. Oh well.' She spotted him pointing out the finer points of sword wielding to three young male inu's and one bear. The new cadets appeared weary in the presence of the great inuyoukai. The youngest looked downright ready to wet himself. 'Must be their first day poor guys.'

"Sesshoumaru!" She called out. "Are you being too hard on those boys? I don't think they can take any more of your hard gaze." She said playfully.

He turned to his mate with an exasperated look. "This Sesshoumaru is not being too hard. I am instructing them on how to defend all that is mine. Is there something you need?"

Smiling demurely she answered "Yes."

Sesshoumaru felt something was up with the way she was looking at him and the way her aura oozed in excitement. It was way too alluring to ignore. He dismissed the cadets. As they left the dojo she strolled up to him, snaked arms around his neck, and yanked him into a passionate kiss. It through him slightly off guard even though he reciprocated eagerly. Sesshoumaru could not get enough of Aya since mating her and believed he never will.

"I love you Sessh." She said after pulling away.

He grunted contentedly. "What is on your mind my Koi?"

She returned a content smile. "I wouldn't say mind, but a bit lower on my person." She watched his eyes narrow in puzzlement.

"I don't understand."

"I shall clarify." She shifted to the side in his arms and grabbed his right arm, kissed the palm of his hand and repositioned it over her belly and held it there.

He still looked puzzled. "Are you hungry?"

She rolled her eyes. "Not at the moment but I'm sure my appetite will increase over the coming months."

It hit him then. Golden eyes widened. His youki flowed into her abdomen from his hand. It told him one supremely satisfying thing and he wrapped her tightly in his two arms simultaneously burying his face in her neck and grunting his pleasure. It poorly expressed how happy he felt inside.

"Mate… pupped…"


For now, happily ever after…..


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