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Episode 1 – "Lose A Human, Gain A Demon"

Human Wolrd~Gaia

Night of the Kyuubi Attack-After Sealing

"Waaaaah! Waaaah!" A blond hair human infant cried in a crib alone in Konoha's hospital. However, no nurses or doctors went to the infant's aid as they were busy tending the wounded or moving the dead to the morgue. But, then again, they all knew the child was crying for attention, but only sent glares and spat out curses to the room the child was in. Some even snorted out "demon" while passing the room filled with cries.

No one noticed a group of battle worn shinobi entering the room and going to the child. The infant stopped crying and looked at the men with sapphire like eyes as the blond giggled and reached for them, unable to understand the glares of hate aimed at the child with whisker like marks on pink cheeks.

"Damn demon fox." The leader of the group of men spat at the babe, causing the child to cry again. "I have the perfect jutsu to make sure you never hurt another soul again like you killed my wife and children."

"Why not just stab it to death?" Some of the other ninja complained.

"Simple. The Fourth Hokage bound the fox into the form. Kill it now in this innocent form and it will probably become the fox demon again. But, that's what is good about this new form the fox is in. If we were to use a teleporting jutsu that would send it into nothingness, it won't be able to fight back." The leader chimed as the others nodded. The man began making the complex hand signs.

"What are you doing!?!" The ninja were shocked when they found the Third Hokage had entered the room with several of his loyal ANBU. The leader didn't pay attention to the last seals and messed up for a bright light to fill the room from the screwed up jutsu going off and they were shocked to find the baby gone. "….What have you done?" The Hokage asked, realizing that human stupidity might have just killed off an innocent life forced to be a prison for the nine tail fox. "You are all under arrest for infanticide!" The Hokage roared as the ANBU arrested the ninja. 'I just hope that kid is alright wherever he is…' The Third sighed, already stressed out about coming out of retirement thanks to the Fourth Hokage dying sealing the Kyuubi no Yoko into the now missing babe.


Around 1800 years before the Kyuubi attack

A large humanoid being with pointed ears, spiral horns on the sides of the huge male's head, and wearing robes let out a sigh while sitting at his throne in his castle. He had gold like blond hair and dark blue orbs that looked like deep, pure ocean water for his eyes. On his fact was three triangles shaped pieces of bone much like his horns.

"Overlord Nebilim, are you still depressed about your wife's death?" A masked monster in robes asked the giant demon as the large demon's fury tail wagged in annoyance.

"No. She flirted too much for her own good and that's how she died. What I am is annoyed with the fact she did not even give me an heir." Overlord Nebilim growled in annoyance as his wife had died from being poisoned by a jealous man she flirted with.

"So, you are going to remarry?" The monster, possibly a demon, asked.

"What's the point?" The demon looked at his master with shock. "Most women would probably do the same. They complain all the time and only worry about their looks… Nowadays, it's hard to find a tough woman who actually would 'love' a big guy like me enough to have a child."

"…Then how are you going to have a son or daughter?"

"Agh… I know… What I want is just a daughter to raise her right! People over spoil their girls and turn them into image worrying freaks." Nebilim growled, breaking the arm of his chair by crushing it in his fist. "That's all I ask for in this life! A loving daughter who I can love and take care and rise into the best Overload and be the first female Overload, and give woman a better image to go for!!!" Just as the large demon finished his rant and blight flash of light appeared before them.

"Mi'lord! It's-" Both demons blinked in shock as the light died away to expose a crying blond hair infant. "A baby?... You don't see this every day." The demon servant sighed before freaking out in shock as his large lord carefully picked up the infant that was very tiny compared to his huge hands. "Mi'lord! What are you doing?!!"

"Hmmm…." The demon noticed the cloth wrapped child was just a newborn, probably hours old at most. Then he found an identification bracelet on the blond's foot that was hanging out as the child had stopped crying and was rearing towards his face and wanting to play. "Uzumaki Naruto…" The demon Overload smirked as he noticed the gender of the child. "Heh! How convinent!?" The demon bit his thumb to draw blood.

"What do you mean, Mi'lord?" The demon servant asked as Nebilim fed the infant his blood.

"What else? I'm making this child my child." Nebilim chuckled while a dark glowing circle of magic glyphs appeared in his hand and the babe cried out as it was engulfed in black energy. When the black energy died down, the babe was now sleeping in an elegant black and red cloth and had darker skin then before.

"I see… In a sense, you decided on adoption…" The demon servant sweatdropped before sighing. "Shall I quickly prepare a nursery?"

"What do you think, fool!!!" The Overload's roars filled the night air as the servants of his castle panicked to serve their lord.


Present Time

"Mua ha ha ha ha ha! My data is almost complete!" A blond hair pre-teen looking person with dark skin, though oddly enough the black whisker like marks on the blond's cheeks where as clear to see as day, sapphire blue eyes with silted pupils and behind glasses, and wearing a jack-o-lantern looking bandanna with matching elbow and knee guards, hip bags, and belt buckle laughed out loud while looking through a hand telescope. The blond was wearing a black body suit with a large belt strapped on the blond's upper chest and an orange, open trench coat with long sleeves and with a black collar that was tied around the blond's neck with a sliver chain and a Jack-o-lantern charm so that the coat was more of a cape, loose orange pants, black boots with steel toes, bottom, and heel along with black and orange striped leggings, and arm length gloves with orange wrist warmers. However, the most shocking features of the blond was the pointed ears, strange black bat wings which curled around the front as they were in relaxation mode, and the black devil looking tail with an orange ribbon tying the jack-o-lantern bell that was wagging with delight, showing the blond was clearly not human.

"Master Naruto, you shouldn't be out here. The sun ruins your skin." A ghostly looking butler with white hair, pointed ears, quite tall, with a long, curled mustache and bread, and glasses sighed while holding an umbrella over the blond's body. He was wearing an elegant suit for a butler from a high class family.

"Yo, Geoffery!" The blond chimed with a grinned. "How else am I suppose to beat my dad and become Overlord if I don't study his battles!?" Naruto went back to watching the large Overlord fighting a large amount of heroes… And the heroes were losing big time. "Plus, I don't like staying in one place for long. I like doing things! Like collecting data in which will be useful for me to become Overlord!" Naruto chimed before blinking. "Duck…" Naruto sighed as Geoffery and she went down to avoid the fallen hero that flew over their heads and landed out cold far behind them.

"I can understand your need to be doing thinks, Master Naruto, but you also have to remember you are in constant danger because you are the child of Overlord Nebilim." Geoffery reminded his charge as the blond sighed.

"I know that! Do you think I only train to become Overload?" Naruto snorted. "There is no way I am going to depend on anyone to defend me! I will defend myself and only then I will have comrades to help in my evil plans!" Naruto pumped her fist into the air.

"But, what will happen when Lord Nebilim finds out you are not at the castle and the school?" Naruto instantly froze.

"Heh heh heh. Don't worry. I always get back before he does!" Naruto chimed looking through the telescope to instantly pale as the Overlord Nebilim was done with his fight with the heroes. "…Uh-oh…" Naruto sweated in fear.

Geoffery let out a sigh. "Don't worry, young master. I already prepared a teleporting spell just in case this happened."

"Thank you, Vincent! You are a very convenient servant!" Naruto chimed happily before teleporting to the blond's room which was black and elegant looking with orange and pumpkin items decorating it… Along with all sorts of manga, videos games, and animes of superheroes shattered on the table and floor.

"Master Naruto, have you been reading this junk again?" Geoffery sighed at his charge's antics.

"Don't call my research junk!!" Naruto roared before smirking. "From what my research shows, heroes always beat Overlords!" Naruto pulled out a cube and with the snap of the blond's fingers, all the blond's "research materials" floated up with dark energy around them and disappeared into little black orbs that went into the cube. 'No way can I let Dad catch me with this… "horrid" materials as Dad calls them.' Naruto put the cube away.

"But, I believe Lord Nebilim defeats heroes all the time." Geoffery pointed out the common fact both of them had seen.

"Geoffery, those fools were hero wanna-bes who don't understand the complexity of their opponents like my father and don't have the real power of a hero!" Naruto sighed. "In order to defeat my father, I will become a true hero!!" Naruto shouted before sighing. "But… There one little problem."

"What is it, Young Master?" Geoffery asked, interested in how his charge plans to become a hero when said charge was the child of an evil Overlord.

"Love and justice…. I don't understand it, but it seems that is the true power of heroes!!" Naruto groaned in disappointment. "Plus, the other reason I am going to become a hero is because my father will never take me seriously in a fight if I don't prove myself! By becoming a powerful hero, I can take down several Overlords before I beat my dad down to the ground!"

"… I see, Young Master…" Geoffery just let out a sigh before a large blue penquin dolls with small bat wings on their backs and peg legs for legs while wearing pouches appear before Naruto and the butler to form into the large Overlord Nebilim. "Oh, good afternoon, Peons."

"Good afternoon, Geoffery, dood!" All the penguins were wearing an orange scarf with a jack-o-lantern pin on them. "So, what's up, Master?"

"Just fine my well-train troops!" Naruto chimed.

"Wait… Aren't you supposed to be at Makai Evil Academy right now, dood?" One Pinny, the penguin creatures, asked.

"No! I ain't the Number One Honor Student for nothing… Plus, I just got done graffiti all the girl's bathrooms." Naruto smirked.

"Dude, that's so wrong, dood." Another sighed at their master's antics.

"I know! I'm lovingly evil! I'm currently trying to find a nice little wind spell to cause all the girls who wear skirts and dresses to go up and cause massive chaos among the males and females alike!" Naruto snickered, loving to pull such big scale pranks. It was an art, after all. "However, I now need to become a hero and then I will become Overlord!" Naruto shouted with a grin.

"Master is thinking a bit too simple again… But, we will support you not matter what! Dood!" Naruto glared at the Pinnies just as some kind of complex magic seal appeared beneath where the blond was standing. "Master! Watch out! Dood!"

"Huh?" Naruto looked down as Vincent instantly knew what the magic seal was.

"Young Master! Get out of that circle now! It's not a magic circle!" Geoffery shouted as he and the group of personal servants of Naruto, who were all.

"Save the Master, dood!" Naruto blinked as the circle glowed brightly and covered her eyes with her arms as the bright light engulfed both her and her servants, leaving behind a shock servant who ran to Nebilim who had just got back to the castle and told him what had happened.

"……" The Overlord's face became red with fury. "WHO KIDNAPPED MY CHILD!!!?" Every demon and devil within one hundred miles shivered in pure terror from either the roar of the Overlord or the killer, filled with anger, intent that washed out farther than the roar.

Human World~Gaia

In a dark cave a mile or so out of Konoha, a group of robe figures were around a glowing seal which had been lost for a long time to humans, till now. It was a summoning to summon demons even more powerful than the Bijuu. However, just as the seal glowed brightly, it suddenly disappeared. All the figures blinked in shock and confusion.

"Er… Was that supposed to happen?" One asked as everyone just shook their heads. "Oh, boy… Our master will not be pleased." All nodded, praying that they weren't going to be killed for this mega-shrew-up.

Within Konoha, a sliver hair Chûnin by the name of Touji Mizuki was on the run, carrying an old, but valuable scroll.

"Heh! That was a lot easier than I thought it would be!" Mizuki smirked, not noticing the glowing circle of light in the night sky above his head. "Now I just have to get to Orochimaru and-"

"AAAAAH!" Mizuki looked up only to get knocked out by sucker butt hit. "Ow… " Naruto groaned, rubbing light blurred eyes. "Man…. What was that? Some kind of blinding spell?" Naruto got up and looked around. "Huh? Why the heck am I in a forest!?! Agh!!! And just when I was about to gather more data!!" Naruto growled before something caught the blond demon's eyes. "Huh? A scroll?" Naruto picked up the large scroll and then noticed the out cold ninja.

"Yesh… What a pathetic demon." Naruto snorted before opening the scroll and reading its contents. "Hmm… I see! This is a scroll of unknown skills and spells! The Kage Bushin no Jutsu?.... Sweet! Now I can pull all sorts of pranks with this spell and research without Dad and others ever noticing! Mua ha ha ha!" Naruto laughed before memorizing the hand seals in the scroll which were shown in diagram and performing it. "Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" Naruto evilly smirked as a clone of the blond appeared. "Yes! I'm a genis!" Naruto cheered, making the clone disappear. "Now, what other little skill goodies are in this scroll." Naruto grinned before seeing Mizuki get up and rubbing his head.

"What the he-" Mizuki noticed someone holding the Forbidden Scroll he had stole. He instantly just made up his mind that the clearly teenager kid was just a mania with Halloween and pumpkins from the way the blond was dressed. "Heh. Give me that scroll."

"Why?" Naruto glared at the sliver hair demon. 'Does that idiot not know who I am?' Naruto pondered as the sliver hair man took off a star looking weapon the blond knew was a ninja weapon.

"Because it is mine. I have to deliver it to my client and I rather not kill a little kid for it." Mizuki smirked before seeing a vein pop up on the blond's forehead.

"'Little kid!?!'" Naruto growled. "I'm 1840 years old!! Sure, I'm on the bit of the short side, but…How dare you call me a child!!?"

"…Brat… You hit your head when you landed on me?" Mizuki snorted at the blond. "What are you doing anyways dressed like that? Doing some early trick-or-treating?"

"Why… Wait, what is this 'trick-or-treating?' The fact it has 'trick' in it must mean pranks!" Naruto evilly chuckled.

"…You are definitely a weirdo…" Mizuki sighed as the blond glared at him. "Just give me the scroll."

"What if I don't?" Naruto hummed, getting on the man's last nerves.

"You are really annoying…" Mizuki began to spin his shuriken, ready to kill this brat. He had enough of kids from being one of Konoha's ninja teachers, so killing a kid would probably relieve his stress.

"Mizuki!!" The blond hair demon and sliver hair human looked at the tanned Chûnin with a scar on his nose ran up. "Give back the scroll you stolen!!"

"Hmph. Great. Now I got two people to kill." Mizuki growled.

"If you are talking about me, then you might need to get your eyes checked." Naruto snorted while getting both shinobi's attention. "Even an orc is more dangerous than you, a pathetic demon who got knocked out by someone falling on you!"

"….Demon?" Both looked at the blond with a raised eyebrow.

"Ain't I still in the Netherworld? Speaking of which, have you possibly seen who caused the damn teleporting spell that brought me here!?!" Naruto roared in fury. "They are going to wish they were Peons when I get done with them for cutting my daily researching time!!!"

"Netherworld?... Kid, I think you hit your head a little too hard…" Mizuku sweated, wondering if he should kill the kid or get the kid some mental treatment at a psycho ward.

"What are you talking about? Aren't you two demons…. Wait a second… You don't have pointed ears…." Naruto then suddenly paled. "You're humans! Then-"

"Will you shut up with this stupid nonsense!!?" Mizuki threw his shuriken at the blond.

"Move-" Umino Iruka, the tanned Chûnin, gapped when the blond punched the large shuriken and the shuriken turned into small shattered fragments on the ground.

"Hmph. Pathetic. I thought humans were a bit stronger than that!" The blond chuckled. "Heh heh heh! You'll be a perfect guinea pig for the new spell I learnt from the scroll!"

"Spell… Wait!? You learned a jutsu off the Fobridden Scroll!?!" Iruka shouted in shock and was about to warn the blond of the problems with those jutsu when the blond did the cross hand sign needed.

"Kage Bushin no Jutsu!!" Naruto shouted for Mizuki to fall on his rear end and Iruka to gap when the blond unleashed over one thousand clones. "Just as I predicted with my 1.8 million evil quotient! Time to experiment!!" Naruto evilly laugh before the clones and the blond jumped Mizuki and creams of pure pain and terror filled the air for at least fifteen minutes when Mizuki was a bloody mess of his former self, though still breathing.

'Who the heck is this person?!' Iruka thought as Naruto let out a sigh.

"What a shame... He didn't last long… At least now I feel somewhat better." Naruto then noticed the gapping human nearby. "What are you looking at?"

"… Who are you?" Iruka asked, prepared in case the blond was an enemy ninja as he got up and was ready to defend.

"Hmph… Well, you probably would not know since you are a human." The blond sighed. "I am Uzumaki Naruto! Number One-"

"Freeze!!" Naruto and Iruka blinked as several masked ANBU surrounded the blond. "You are under arrest for stealing the Forbidden Scroll!"

"….Wha?" The blond blinked in confusion as Iruka smacked his forehead at how these clearly somewhat stupid guys became ANBU.


"…" Naruto sat quietly while studying the surroundings that was the "Hokage's Office" as all the human "ninja" called it. The blond was pretty unimpressed by the room as well as the very old man in formal sort of robes sitting behind the desk in front of the demon. Next to the old man who was the Hokage was Umino Iruka, the ninja that helped kept the blond out of prison by clearing up the "misunderstanding" about the stolen Forbidden Scroll and had the right person be sent to the prison hospital.

"You say your name is Uzumaki Naruto, right?" The Hokage sighed with hope in his eyes, which made the young demon raised an eyebrow.

"Yes! So you know who I am?" Naruto smirked, wondering if the old human knew demons.

"… Twelve years ago, there was an infant with the name Uzumaki Naruto." The Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, sighed.

"… Sorry, I can't be-"

"The fact you have the same hair, eyes, and birth mark on your cheeks prove it appearance wise. I would like to get a blood test to prove it." The Hokage smiled softly at the blond. Since twelve years ago, he blamed himself for the lost of Uzumaki Naruto. However, now that this blond who looks and has the same name of Uzumaki Naruto and was well, Sarutobi was wondering if what had happened was a good thing. From what Iruka said, the blond was pretty strong.

"Agh… Sorry, but I am way older than thirteen years of age. Sure, Dad said he adopted me and transferred his blood into me so that I at least had a small blood connection to him, but there's no way I could be that Naruto." Naruto sighed.

"Uzumaki Naruto disappeared after a shinobi went crazy the day Naruto was born as the Kyuubi no Yoko attacked the same day and right when he was about to kill the infant, we intervened, but the man miscast his jutsu and Naruto disappeared."

"Wait… What is this Kyuubi no Yoko?" Naruto asked as both men blinked at the blond.

"Well, it was a powerful fox demon with nine tails… And was sealed inside Uzumaki Naruto." The Hokage sighed, not wanting to keep back the truth.

"…O-kay… Maybe you are telling the truth and I am the Naruto you are talking about." Naruto sighed, remembering the first time using the Heart Bank and meeting Mr. Grumpy Energy Demon inside said seal inside the blond demon's heart. Luckily, the Kyuubi as it is called liked Naruto just a little bit and they live in an okay peace with each other leaving the other be unless Naruto needed some quick energy and the Kyuubi gives it with some negative effects that isn't worth saying anything about. "I believe I know this Kyuubi inside me. But, I don't care. I'm going home… Once I figure out how…" Naruto sighed. 'I'm going to kill the demon or human how did this to me!!' Naruto thought before noticing the Hokage sighing again. 'Yesh… Do humans sigh all the time?'

"I'm sorry… But you can't…" The Hokage said in a sad tone. He wanted Naruto to be happy, which was clear the blond was happy at home, but the council-

Both humans flinched when Naruto's large pointed ears twitched and the blond looked at the doors that leads into the office for three other old humans came into the room. Naruto frowned as the demon did not like the smirk on the old man with bandages over his right eye and appeared to be missing an arm, clear signs he was a warrior.

"Mitokado Homura, Utatane Koharu, and Shimura Danzou… How may I help you?" The Hokage asked, but knew this was bad news with Danzou being in the room with the village advisors.

"Hiruzen-sama, the council has heard Uzumaki Naruto has been found." Utatane Koharu sighed, showing she was-just like the Hokage-not happy with what was going on, but mainly not for Naruto but the work she has to do because of the blond's appearance.

"…Yes…" The Hokage noticed the smirk on Danzou's face.

"The council has also learned Naruto is pretty strong for missing twelve years and fear he is a threat to Konoha. So-"

"Hmph. Why would I bother with a bunch of weaklings if the humans in this village are much like that pathetic excuse for a ninja I defeated earlier?" Naruto snorted, getting everyone's attention. "All I want is to go home as it is clear I am no longer even in Makai."

"…You are referring us as humans?" Mitokado Homura asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah. I'm a demon. I am-"

"See, the Jinchuriki sees himself as a demon. It is possibly the demon Kyuubi has somewhat merged with the Jinchuriki." Danzou chimed. He so badly wanted to make the Kyuubi container his weapon.

"As if I would use another demon's power for my own." Naruto growled as everyone looked at the blond. "I only use Kyuubi's power for emergencies as there is always… Uncomfortable side effects when I do use that stupid fuzzballs evil powers." Naruto groaned remembering what happened earlier in life with that. "Plus, I'm way more powerful than that demon! I'm not the Number One Honor Student at-"

"… Wait… You're an Honor Student at a school?" The Hokage asked.

"Yes! The top one in fact since my Dad is the dean of the school and my 'excellent' record." Naruto smirked, but quickly frowned at the smirk from the Hokage and Iruka. Iruka took off his headband and put it on Naruto's forehead.

"Since I am also the Genin Examiner at Konoha's Ninja Academy, I believe you pass for a Genin here in Konoha." Iruka chimed.

"What the-"

"What is the meaning for this!?" Danzou shouted as Naruto recoiled, confused. "How can the Jinchuriki be a ninja when he has never passed the Genin Test!"

"Technically, Naruto did when he used the Kage Bushin no Jutsu and produced over several hundred clones. Sure, technically, it is overkill, but if you use that overkill as a grade, it gives Naruto enough of a grade to past as a Genin as the deadlast since he never went to the academy classes."

"Wait! I can't be a ninja! I have to get back home!" Naruto roared in anger.

"Yes, so until you find a way back home, you will be a shinobi of Konoha as you will need a place to stay and employment for money. So, see it like this, you're just showing you are no threat and in exchange you will get a temporary place to stay and money to live on till you find your home and go back. With this deal, Konoha will leave you alone once you go home… Is that fine with you?" The Hokage sighed. 'It's better than being made into a weapon.' The old man mentally added.

"…Fine, fine… I'll become a ninja… But, I also want my pay to be half money and half videos games, manga, and anime!" Naruto smirked as everyone sweated.

'Wait a second…' All the humans then realized something.

'This kid is a geek to a supreme!!' Danzou thought, realizing why the blond was wearing such… a costume. The kid was stuck in his own little world of games and stories.

'Poor kid…' Both village advisors let out sighs.

"… Okay…" The Hokage pinched the bridge of his nose as Iruka just shook his head.

"But… One question… What's a 'Hokage?'" Naruto asked as all the humans in the room fell over. "I guess it's some kind of leader, right?"

"Yes… I am the leader of this village as Hokage." The Hokage sighed.

"Also, the Hokage is often seen as a hero to the village, especially the Fourth Hokage who died to seal the Kyuubi inside you." Iruka added before everyone saw Naruto's excited face.

"Did you just say hero?" Naruto chimed, a bit of drool come out the side of his mouth.

"Yes. All the Kages in ninja villages are the strongest ninja, so they are often also seen as heroes in their villages." Iruka raised an eyebrow at Naruto's reaction.

'How positively convenient!!' Naruto thought as Danzou and the Hokage were glaring at each other. 'If I learn about how these humans see heros like the Hokage, then I can become one myself!' Naruto turned to the Hokage. "So when do I start!?" Naruto chimed.

"Come by tomorrow so we can get your paperwork done and a couple days after that you will go to the academy to be given more information." The Hokage sighed, somewhat glad that Naruto was back. 'Now, I just have to keep the council from doing anything stupid and Naruto might stay here for good.' The Hokage thought as Danzou left in fury and Komaru and Homura smirked as they now didn't have to find another Genin as there was an uneven amount in the graduating class.

Meanwhile, far away from Konoha, Naruto's butler Geoffery and the blond's servants looked around the forest they were in completely lost.

"I hope the Young Master is alright." Geoffery sighed as all the penguin creatures nodded. Naruto was well known to always get in trouble when left alone.

Episode Preveiw!

"I, Lord Uzumaki Naruto, had been kidnapped from my world of Makai!" Naruto shouted while posing. "However, my kidnapper's summoning botched and I ended up in the place I originally came from known as Konoha and I have become a ninja! That way I can become a heeeeeroooo!!!"

"Yesh… You're loud…" A raven hair twelve year old human boy wearing a dark shirt with a red and white fan on the back and white shorts sighed.

"Yeah, what are you doing?" A pink hair twelve year old female human asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Eh!?! Where the heck you two come from!?! Get out of my preview segment!" Naruto shouted at the two humans who sweated. "Next time on Disgaea: Ninja Hero! 'The Path To Being An Evil Hero Begins!!'"

"… Can a hero be evil?" The dark hair human sighed as Naruto laughed evilly.

"I believe the weirdo meant anti-hero." The pink hair girl sighed.

"I ain't a weirdo!!!" Naruto roared. "Get out of here!!!"

"Get out of my preview, dammit!!!" Naruto cried out.

"Huh? What's going on here?" A sliver hair-which somehow was defying gravity with its long spikes going up-ninja with just his left eyes expose on his face and reading a little orange book asked as he appeared out of nowhere.

End of Episode One