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Prologue: You're a Crossdresser?

Makai, the Netherworld,

A world of terrible horrors and taboos.

In this wasteland,

Monsters roam and demons rule the land.

Among all the demons,

the most powerful is the Overlord.

Yet, even though the Overlord is at the top,

the Overlord of Makai... has other plans.

People roamed throughout the streets, doing their everyday chores and such. The village was quite peaceful and full of vigor. Yet, none of the men were looking up at a girl who happened to be wearing a dress and sitting on the power line pole.

"Dammit! How many times have I told you not to call me in the human world!" A white hair girl with spiky short hair growled, humans underneath having a chill go up their spine and look around only to shrug it off for possibly the start of a cold or their imagination. Her dress was orange and black in appearance with a mid-knee skirt with frilly bloomers underneath, a corset around her waist and showing her lithe figure along with her top being with lacy long sleeves that matched the lacy ends of her mid-calve boots.

-"Sorry, Boss. But some important things came up!"- A happy, not too worried voice chimed on the other side. The young lady huffed, throwing over her shoulder a black scarf she was wearing with a fox shaped orange stone on it. Her whisker like marks on her cheeks bulged, looking similar to the black horns on her head which one horn had a cute mini witch hat kept on with an orange bow. A matching bow was on the other horn.

"What is so important to possibly expose my current job position to humans?" The girl snapped, not pleased.

-"Well, Demonic Media called wondering if you can do a photoshoot-"-

"Nope. Remember I gave everyone a heads up I am off the next couple of days." The girl lifted a leg up, looking at her foot out of boredom.

-"Ok. Also, the proof just came in from Seven Sin Publishing of your latest book and they are asking you-"

"I know. Tell them hold their horses. They also got a notice of my vacation days. I will get to the proof when I go back." The girl rolled her blue eyes, annoyed while poking the small cubes floating around her.

-"I see. Oh, also the scientists here have found signatures of a magic barrier in the human world."-

"Yeah... Wait..." The girl stopped. "WHY THE BLOODY HELL DIDN'T YOU SAY THAT SOONER!" All the people looked up at the transformer that had blew in shock, never noticing the witch dressed girl had leap into the air. The ends of the top and bottom back ribbons of her corset turning into wings as she flew through the air.

-"Well, it's in the human world, so not a big problem..."- The voice on the phone, which was colored and shaped like a long pumpkin cut in half, sheepishly laughed.

"Of course it is a big problem!" The girl yelled, furious, "Don't you realize how fragile the economy is after just getting out of the Grand Depression! If someone is killing off humans before their time, then the influx of souls can easily throw off the economy! We can't afford to have more or less Prinnies or lost souls now! We need a stable growth curve till the economy can handle its own!"

-"Oh... I did not think of it that way!"- The girl's eye twitched at the happy tone. -"I already gotten the location of the barrier from the scientists. It's in the human village of Konohagakure."-

"Why the hell have I not killed you yet?" The girl growled, yank up her scarf to cover her lower face.

-"Because I am good at my job?"- The voice sang happily before getting cut off by the girl hitting the "end" button on her phone.

"I need a new manager." The girl sighed before looking at the phone's screen to see a radar showing a dot where the girl thought the barrier had to be. "This is great. Just great. I going to beat those bastards till they revert back into infants. No one messes with humans on my watch, especially those in Konoha!" The girl growled, showing her voice to be a bit deep for a girl.

-Demom-Human-Mahou Oni!-

"Ku ku ku..." Several monsters that looked to be ghosts and zombies had surrounding three kids inside some kind of realm where the ground was worn and the sky was an odd sheen of green.

"S-Sasuke-kun! Are you alright?!" A pink hair girl known as Sakura gasped, noticing how much the dark hair boy Sasuke was trembling while holding a kunai.

"You're just a scaredy cat!" A boy who was no older than eight growled, though also trembling. He was the Hokage's grandson, Konohamaru.

"O-Of course I-I'm s-scared." Sasuke stuttered, somewhat breathing hard and trying to keep calm enough from having a panic attack due to both his own fear and trying to defect the attacks of the monsters before them. "H-Humans and d-d-demons are two different things! I-I've d-done as much as I could just to block and dodge their attacks!" Sasuke shouted, somewhat stressed. 'What do I do?! They are undead, so can I even kill them? I haven't even gotten close to scratch them! Can my kunai even scratch them? Maybe a fire-'

"SASUKE! MOVE!" Sasuke was snapped out of his thoughts... Though being gagged due to Sakura grapping him by the collar and yanking him out the way of a light attack launched by one of the ghosts. He gasped for air with now being farther back and gave a low thanks to the pink hair girl.

"If only Boss was here! He would be able to deal with these guys in a flash!" Konohamaru cried out, hitting something behind him. "Ah, crap! We're against a wall!" Konohamaru shouted, making both the girl and guy next to him panic as they had no means to go either side due to how close the monsters were.

"Yay! Fresh meat!" A green skin zombie chimed, charging towards them only for a powerful tornado to appear between the humans and monsters, sucking the zombie right up before the tornado disappeared for a pre-teen to appear. The white hair girl stood before the monsters with her hand out, pointing at them.

"Alright! You bastards get ready for a bea-" The girl, who looked like witch-themed idol, stopped when hte head of the zombie that was caught in the tornado hit her head. She caught the head in her free hand as his body landed on the other side of the barrier.

"Did you come for fresh meat, too?" The head asked, sheepishly grinning from the anger rolling off the girl.

"NO, YOU WEAK BASTARDS!" All the ghosts and zombies were horrified when the girl chucked the head back at its own body, only for both to explode on impact. They looked back at the girl and were trembling.

"N-No way! Level 400?!" One ghost hissed.

"No, worse, the Overlord!" Another zombie cried out.

"W-Wow!" Konohamaru chimed, "Are you here to save us?!"

` "No." All the monsters and the three humans looked at the white hair girl in confusion. "You are going to do it yourselves." The girl said flipping her hand for a monstrous looking tome to appear in her hands. "Temp Enslave!" All three human gasped as black chains shot out from underneath them and grabbed their wrists before turning into some kind of simplified cuff on their left wrists.

"N-Nani?!" Sakura gasped, tears in her eyes. "W-What are you going to do to us?!"

"Man, humans are so fragile." All three humans paled as the girl evilly chuckled. "I'll just rewrite your status to make it so you can fight these monsters."

"Huh?" Sasuke asked while the three looked blankly at the clearly demon with now noticing the horns on the girl.

"I'm not going to waste my freaking time on beating the crap out of these weaklings. However, they still need to be punished for doing something quite stupid." The girl shrugged while pulling a pen quill from a magic circle and began scribbling in the tome. "What perfect punishment than let the victims get their chance to beat the crap out of the would-be murderers?"

"What?!" The monsters screamed. "Objection! Aren't you the Overlord, ruler of demons?!" A zombie shouted, doing a dramatic pointing pose.

"Hai." Now the three humans were gapping like fish, wondering if now they were going to die for sure.

"Then why the hell are you defending the humans! Should you be causing destruction on the humans?!" A ghost added in objection.

"Nope." Everyone fell into an awkward silence. "You bakas don't realize Makai is still recovering from the Grand Depression!" The demon girl roared, dread and fear feeling the humans and monsters. "However, just a slight change in economics from souls being reaped too early or too many sinned brought at once can easily throw the Netherworld back into a double dip!"

"W-What?" The monsters looked confusedly at the demon who only shook her head.

"Sigh... I expected as much... That's why Ghosts and Zombies are always at the bottom of the food chain." The demonness sighed, "Alright! Stage set-up!" The girl shouted for the three humans to glow.

"Whoa!" Sakura gasped as she suddenly found herself wearing a cute black dress with lacy trim and holding onto a staff. "Where did this come from?!" Sakura shouted before seeing Sasuke and drooling. "Hot!"

"A huge sword?" Sasuke asked, not noticing he was just wearing a skin tight black sleeveless top that showed some of his stomach, loose black pants held up by a belt and tucked into brown boots, and a pair of gloves which protected his hands as he held onto a huge sword. Sakura was having a nosebleed as Sasuke lifted the sword, shocked with how light it was.

"Cool!" Konohamaru chimed, only wearing a pair of loose pants with clothe shoes. However, he was more focused on the claw weapons now on his arm and fists. "Wait, how the heck do I know how to use them?!" Konohamaru thought aloud, realizing the knowledge to use the claws in his head. He knew he never studied them before or used them either.

"It's an ability of mine. I can basically rewrite reality for a short period of time." The Overlord chimed, making the ghosts and zombies trembled. "Though it's effects are limited to the vassal I use it on. Since I just enslave for a short time, I am limited of what I can do. However, it's more than enough for you to take on these beasts." The girl snapped her hand up before a jack-o-lantern themed tea chair and tea table with tea and snacks to appear before flopping herself down. "Now, enjoy this rare taste of power. You are a mage, girl. Older boy and little one are both fighting classes which is not too hard-"

"Hah!" The girl watched as the two boys charged forward, causing ghosts and zombies to fly about while the human girl cast spells, adding explosions to said silly scene.

"Guess I made that script a bit too straight forward." The girl sighed while sipping tea, allowing the humans to enjoy their taste of power.

"Amazing!" Sasuke chimed, cleaving a zombie in two. 'This is the power I need to kill off that man!' Sasuke was about to go in for the kill, all the zombies and ghosts now in a pile and near death's door when suddenly, his body stopped him. "Huh?!" Sasuke gasped, his body moving on its own and retreating.

"What's going on?!" Sasuke noticed Sakura and Konohamaru doing the same, ending up behind the female Overlord.

"Hold on tight to my chair." The girl chuckled evilly, making the three grab the chair in fear. "Now, I will make you feel pain all the way to your next reincarnation!" The girl manically laughed while raising a finger up for a orange magic circle to appear over the pile of monsters, all panicking. "Tyrant's Meteor!" The girl roared for the circle in the middle of the pattern open for a large meteor to come out of it and slam right into the monsters, causing a huge explosion.

"Whoa!" Konohamaru gasped, losing his grip only for Sasuke to save him and make grab onto the chair with one hand and the Overlord's scarf so he could get back his own grip.

"Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!" The girl laughed evilly, "Burn, baby, burn! Feel the flames of my fury!" The girl let out a sigh as the flames died down, showing ashes left behind and allowing the three humans to hit the ground, never noticing the scarf also following Konohamaru. "Marvelous! I needed that!" The girl chimed, catching a small sphere that fell out of the sky. "Oh, yeah, before I forget! Stage Cut!"

"Waaah!" Konohamaru comically cried as his new outfit and weapons disappeared along with the same for Sasuke and Sakura.

"Emancipation!" The three humans were shocked when the handcuffs on them broke apart. "There ya go. Now, I hope you three don't end up in this kind of issue again." The Overlord chimed, somewhat happy now.

"W-Wait? A-Aren't you going to kill us?... Or enslave us?" Sasuke asked though gagged a little late by Sakura when she realized what he said.

"Nah. Not at all." All three humans gapped as the Overlord looked at them in the face. "Why would an Overlord have human slaves? You guys are way too fragile unless you have support evilities like mine. Plus, I just let you guys get back at those idiots for doing something stupid. I just took the final blow to make sure they feel that one whenever their souls are reincarnated to whatever they become next." The Overlord proudly laughed, fists to her hips. "Well, allow me to free you from this barrier and you all hope you never see me again and if you do, only after your death!"

"B-Boss?" The girl blinked, now noticing the shocked faces on the humans.

"Huh? What?" The Overlord asked, confused.

"N-Naruto?" The girl then realized why they were shock and reached up to her face. She quickly found her scarf no longer covering her face and in the hands of Konohamaru.

Terror filled the girl's face, "Ah... I..."

"You're a crossdresser?" Sasuke asked blankly, making the other three people there fall over from the straight out question. "What? I never thought he would be a crossdresser..." Sasuke said, wondering why everyone reacted the way they did. Wouldn't they too like to take such a situation from the smaller details before going after the mind numbing big like the fact the deadlast was a demon lord?