Hello, everyone!

I, Anna, along with Clara Fonteyn, am announcing a "Crusade Against Crap"!

As we're sure many of you have noticed, there has been an epidemic of horrible fan fictions, with infinite problems including:

1. OOC-ness

2. Spelling and grammar 'issues'. (A.K.A. Complete rape of the English language)

3. Plot holes that you could drop a cow through, or no plot at all.

Yes, things in this fandom are as bad as you think, and yes, all those bad writers are out to get us.

Therefore, we have decided that any story that follows these requirements:

1. Decent spelling
2. Decent grammar
3. Original plot
4. In character (If set in mythological world)
5. Strong plot*(AU and mythological world)
6. Realistic (Thalia wouldn't date a guy; Annabeth wouldn't flirt with other guys in order to entice Percy…)
7. Interesting
8. Original characters are not Mary-Sues!
9. Creative title
10. Decent summary
11. Phrasing
12. LOGICAL ROMANCE (realistic)
13. Thought out
14. We accept 'M' rated fanfiction as long as it does not have explicit content, hardcore lemon, or the like.

may be entered. Send either me or Clara Fonteyna PM letting us know about your fanfic, and the link to it. One of us will look over the story, and see if it is eligible to be entered. If it is, we will allow it access into a special community, and send you a PM saying it is. If it isn't, we'll send you a PM saying that it isn't, and the CC it needs for it to enter.

Please note that we are note creating some community to leave other writers out! If you are interested enough in your writing, you'll listen to anything that will make it better, right? Right?!

Also, it is possible to nominate another's story! Just PM us with the name, link and author, and if we find it acceptable, then we will put it in the community, and send both the nominator and the nominee a PM saying that it is in the community. If it is not acceptable, then we will send only the nominator a PM saying that the story was not entered into the community.

So, write, write, write, because a good author knows that there is always room for improvement.

And to all others who really just want to keep polluting this fanfic, get a life! Crusading against Crap, people!!

If you have any questions, leave them in a review or PM either me, Anna145, or Clara Fonteyn.

Thanks for reading; we hope that we get hundreds of eligible stories!


Clara and Anna.