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The crowds began to make its way up towards the clock tower. I kept shoving everyone out of the way, without being polite. I didn't have time to be polite. I need to get there in time before it's too late.

All my life, I never had to worry about saving someone that I truly love from killing themselves. Not that it happened to me personally but at this point, it was like I had no choice.

I could see the clock tower not far ahead. I pushed past the people, some looked confused and some looked angry. But I didn't care what they think.

I need to get to him.

I got to the clearing as there was a fountain in the middle of it all. I saw that the clock was about to hit the twelve spot and I saw the doors across from me open. There, standing there was the man that I love and that I would die for if he didn't exist.

I ran over there as the clock stroke twelve.

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