Our Inevitable Fate

A Higurashi/Bokura no/Haruhi crossover/fusion.

Disclaimer: Higruashi was created by Ryukishi07. The novel series begun with 'Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu'/'The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi' is the creation of Nagaru Tanigawa. The Bokuna no universe, as demonstrated here, was envisioned originally in the manga by Mohiro Kitoh, and then adapted for the anime by Morita Hiroyuki. I'm borrowing their paints (more Morita's than Mohira's)

No disrespect is intended by the posting of this fanfiction, as I do not own the characters or settings involved. For fans of Bokurano's characters specifically, I'll warn you now that not so many of them show up (apologies).

Note: I was told to keep this style on the backburner for the day I might use it again. That day has just arrived. Let's see if it still works.

I) Outlier

1.) Boredom
-a.) Hinamezawa
-b.) Nishinomiya

2.) Meeting
-a.) Chance
-b.) Fate
-c.) Challenges

3.) Invitation
-a.) A new game?
-b.) Registration
-c.) Penalties!

4.) The Path of a Hero
-a.) Training
-b.) The Chosen
-c.) Battleground

5.) Logical Progression
-a.) Closed Hearts
-b.) Fixed Minds
-c.) Speculation
-d.) Consequences

6.) I Want to go home
-a.) I can fight too!
-b.) Re-Organization
-c.) Unfamiliar ceilings

7.) The "Best of all Worlds" Club
-a.) Dress up
--i.) nakama
--ii.) strategy meeting
--iii.) a best guess
-b.) For me...
-c.) ...and for you.

8.) I came to terms...
-a.) ...long ago, but not so far away
-b.) ...a yesterday many tomorrows from now
-c.) ...with my friends

9.) Ain't Youth Great?
-a.) Spread the joy
-b.) Share the love
-c.) A borrowed smile

10.) The Masterminds
-a.) Brighter than light
-b.) Stronger than force

11.) Echoes
-a.) Let me borrow him, just a bit!
--i.) Recursion
--ii.) Gods
-b.) Deeper meaning
-c.) Inevitability

12.) I don't like this game anymore
-a.) Stay with me...
-b.) An unlucky day
-c.) The last challenger
-d.) The prize
-e.) The price
-f.) The only survivor

13.) The story's end
-a.) Boredom
-b.) Meeting
-c.) Invitation
-d.) The path...



[[[ Outlier ]]]

This is the story of a wish for a break from an endless cycle. The desire to have fun. The joy of playing games. The goal of saving the world.

The summer vacation of the second year of school -- snap the timeline off right there.

This is a story of those who wish to escape.

Matsuribayashi-hen -- add a few more weeks to the thread, then snip it.

It is not a happy story. It may not even be the story you've just read.

After the Earth that Ushiro Jun fought so hard to protect -- one more turn of the page.

There; it is the story you are reading now.

Author's note: this website doesn't let me format the list so that you can more see indentation. As you can guess, this is a highly stylistic piece. I've already finished the story (it's about 180k, all told), but I'll probably break it into chunks for ease-of-reading (and sanity purposes, since I have to hand-edit every already-crafted-line to suit this website). It's not AS stylistic as some of my other 'surrealist' pieces. But it's a somewhat odd story, and I admit that. If you want to continue reading, I warn you:

Contains badass-Kyon, Kyon-with-a-name, characters dying (you ARE familiar with bokura no, aren't you?), and, well, if you've read Forging and Temperance, you'll know the rest. Enjoy~!