Chapter 1 "Memories Disappear!"

Forte and San had Nina cornered. Forte began playing his flute spell until Zeros fire blast attack! They ran closer to them.

"Stop right there or else we'll blow the crystal pearl!" Yelled Forte.

"Don't touch Nina!" Zero growled stopping.

Forte began playing his flute again as Nina fell for the spell. San's stomach growled.

"Hey Fo—bake me a cake I'm hungry!"

He stopped and turned around to San.

"Oh! Just wait a sec- can't you see we're busy?" Forte fussed.

"Let's go later! I'm hungry fo-"She smiled.

"Uh-oh! I just played that last note wrong! Umm…San, how about getting some food now before we get in trouble!" Forte gasped.

They jumped onto a giant owl helicopter thing and flew away. Zero and Ichi ran to Nina.

"Nina! Nina!" Zero shouted.

"Nina are you alright?" Ichi said calmly.

Nina gasped and shook her head.

"Who's Nina?" She asked." And who are you?"

Zero gasped," You don't know us? Stop, playing around Nina!"

Ichi replied," Zero calm down. Perhaps, she's serious?"

"What? Are you saying I lost my memory?" Nina gasped.

"Hey, when Forte said 'Umm…San, how about getting some food now before we get in trouble!' Do you think it had something to do with that?" Zero asked.

"Maybe…but…to be sure we have to look it up. We'll have to go home." Ichi suggested.

Nina said," Hello! Can anyone help me!"

Zero continued," But we should know the name of the spell right?"

Ichi answered," I have some in mind."

Nina shouted," I don't know what's going on and I need help, please?"

"Umm…yeah, okay." Zero and Ichi said together.

Zero led Nina to the magical car. They all went home and relaxed. Until Nina began asking to many questions.

"Hey, where are we? What's this? You guys haven't told me your names yet! Why am I here? What's my name? How old are we? Where are my parents most of the time in this story?" She asked.

Zero yelled," Shut up!"

"Rude much…" Nina growled.

"Oh, would you two stop fighting for one minute?" Ichi asked.

Zero shouted," Why is everyone asking so many freaking questions!"


Gal: Hi I'd like to thank my audience for reading!

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Zero: No me!

Ichi: Ohh…

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