Couple: 2/5
Comments: Yucky!
Time Taken: Ten minutes

He stared through the window, breathing on it heavily to create mist and traced absently, his finger moving with a separate mind. Seeing what he'd drawn, Hoagie quickly swiped a hand over it, smearing it a little. He watched as the fog cleared and took the evidence with it.

It grabbed her attention as she poured herself some juice later that day. Glass in hand, she tilted her head and the smear became a picture; a half erased heart with her initials in the point, an odd symbol for 'and' resting above the letters. The juice dropped from her hand and sloshed over her bare feet. She didn't notice as she turned and scrambled out of the room, heading for the door that held answers. There was only one person she knew who drew their 'and' symbols like that. Knocking on the steel, panting in panic and shock, she tried to calm herself. He opened the door and she composed herself quickly.

"What up with the kitchen window?" she asked, a little strain in her voice from anxiety. He blanched; face losing all color, eyes going wide as he stumbled for an answer. Finally accepting his fate, Hoagie hung his head, refusing to meet her eyes. It was all the answer Abby needed.

Resting two fingers under his chin, she made him look up, gazing into his sky blue orbs. "Ya shouldn't keep things like that a secret." She whispered, pressing her lips softly against his.

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