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Seventeen years ago Chuck Bass had been in love with Blair Waldorf. Seventeen years ago he was 18 with his whole future ahead of him. Seventeen years ago Vanessa Abrams told him she was pregnant with his child.

It had happened on the day of Graduation. He had seen everyone in 1Oak and was about to leave to board a jet to europe when Vanessa arrived at his suite and broke the news. She was sure it was his, although he had a DNA test done secretly after Evelyn was born. Vanessa left after she broke the news and told him she didn't expect anything from him. Later that day Blair came by to talk and he told her the news. That was the last time he had seen her. He could see in the tears glistening in her eyes that he had broken her heart once again and he drowned himself in scotch as he tried to come to terms with his new fate. He knew that the last thing people expected was for him to stand by Vanessa but he found that he would not be able to abandon his child, which something he had never expected of himself. Slowly, while he accepted that Blair was never coming back to him, he fell for Vanessa. He still believed that Blair was his soul mate and that would be his tragedy, but he did eventually grow to love Vanessa and their daughter Evelyn, who Vanessa names after his mother. Their son Luke was born a year later and they still lived quite contently on the Upper East Side.

Blair Waldorf-Pelletier had been living in France for seventeen years. When she had fled New York at eighteen with a broken heart she went to live with her father, who when seeing her haunted eyes immediately agreed to let her stay. Harold felt for his daughter, he too knew the pain of loving someone you could never be with. After a few months in France, Blair met Mark Pelletier who swept her off her feet and married her months later in a whirlwind romance. It was just over a year before they were joined by Aubrey Victoria Pelletier and their son William was born two years later. When Blair first met Mark he seemed perfect and a great way to get over Chuck, but it didn't last. The first sign was when after Aubrey was born and Blair suffered with post-natal depression. She couldn't connect with her own daughter but Mark didn't try to help her or even suggest she get help, he simply berated her for not taking an interest in her daughter. From birth Aubrey had been a daddies girl and that didn't change after Harold finally got Blair help. Blair loved her daughter but they ended up with quite a trying relationship, particularly when she hit her teen years. Blair and Will were much closer and had a lot more in common but she loved both her children equally. After years of cheating Blair felt keeping her family together was not reason enough to stay with Mark so she filed for divorce. She had planned to move back to New York straight away but when her father was diagnosed with stomach cancer, they stayed until he recovered. Blair and her two children moved to the Upper East Side just in time for Aubrey's freshman year.

Serena Humphrey was happily married to Dan with a three year old son Alexander. She had kept in touch with Blair and their friendship had prevailed the test of distance and they were still as close as ever. Only Serena and Dan knew anything about Blair's life in France as Blair had asked them not to say anything, the same way she had asked them not to tell her anything about Chuck and Vanessa after she found out that they were a couple. Jenny and Nate Archibald are happily married and expecting their first child. Rufus and Lily never got back together and are still single, however they became friends again after Serena and Dan got married.

Blair and her children had been living on the Upper East Side for a couple of months now but they had yet to tell anyone, although Luke and Aubrey became friends and Aubrey was close to overthrowing Evelyn as queen, their families had not crossed paths. Blair and Serena had fought before Blair had told her they were moving and she had been flying to and from France trying to sort the move and arrange custody agreements.

It was a Friday night and the Humphrey, Archibald and Bass families were having their monthly dinner. They had started this after Evelyn was born to provide a real sense of family and make sure that in their busy lives they were still able to set aside time for each other. The families sat around the living room waiting for the dinner to be served.

"So hows school, Eve?" Jenny asked.

"It's horrible. I'm trying to defend my throne from a blonde demon freshman." Eve answered, her brown eyes shining with disgust that then glared at her brother when he laughed.

"You only hate Aubrey because of Gossip Girl saying that thing about her being the rightful heir to the throne." He smirked. "That and the fact that she can out bitch you" He was a complete double of his father and sometimes Serena felt like she was looking into the past.

"Luke!" Vanessa reprimanded.

"You're hero worship of her is getting pathetic Luke, she's never going to date you now she's scored Baizen." Eve taunted.

"Ugh please, she's only dating him because her Mom forbid her to and she'll get tired of him anyway. Especially with the way he's treating her." Luke spat. "Someone should really talk to her about this masochistic tendency." He added as an afterthought.

"Who is this girl that has you so enamored, Luke?" Serena asked, a cheeky smile on her face.

"Aubrey Victoria Pelletier." Luke sighed as Serena nearly spat out her wine.

"Are you okay, sis?" Chuck asked, raising an eyebrow.

"F-f-fine" she coughed but Chuck caught the look she and Dan shared but before Chuck could question her further the maid announced that Aubrey had arrived and led her into the room. Luke jumped up to greet her and all the adults laughed a little. It was surprising, Luke was like Chuck in more than one way and was already a player and had slept with most girls in his sophomore class, so to see him like this was a nice change. It's a shame that Blair would probably forbid this union much more than Carter's son.

"Hey, do you want to join us for dinner?" Luke rushed out, cursing himself for sounding so pathetic, like Eve had said.

"I can't sorry, my mom's coming back from France today and insisting that we eat dinner together." Aubrey said, the disdain clear in her voice. Jenny observed the girl closely. She was beautiful there was no doubt about that. She was tall with golden blonde hair, but it was her brown eyes that caught Jenny's attention. They reminded her so much of those eyes she had stared down in many confrontations, but it couldn't be, surely not.

Aubrey spared a quick glance around the room when her eyes landed on Serena and Dan, who had been hoping that she wouldn't spot them.

"Serena?" She asked confused.

"Hey Bree" She smiled and walked over to offer a hug. Aubrey accepted and they pulled away, everyone in the room looking at them questionably. "I didn't realise you'd moved to New York?"

"Yeah, it's been a couple of months now. Mom probably would have called you but you guys are in a fight and she's putting all her energy into into divorcing my dad for no reason making sure I never see him again."

"Bree, there's so much-"

"More to it than that, yeah I know. You've said before." She sighed. "If there is, why has no one told me?"

Serena had no answer. That was what she and Blair had been fighting about. Blair didn't want her children to know the details of her divorce from their father, she didn't want them to get hurt, but Serena thought they should know, so they could make informed decisions and maybe then Aubrey would understand Blair better and they would somewhat get along.

"Anyway, I've got to go. Mother requests me at home." She sighed. "Sorry for disturbing your evening. Bye Luke, S, Cabbage Patch." She winked at Dan and walked out.

Serena watched her go and winced, only one other person had ever called Dan cabbage patch and they all knew who that person was. She could feel everyone's gaze on her back and really didn't want to turn around and explain.

"Eve, Luke, can you take Alex upstairs for a while? We'll call you down for dinner." Dan said, his voice leaving no room for argument. The adults waited until they knew the kids were safely in their bedrooms before they started their conversation.

"What the hell, Serena?" Nate exclaimed. "You kept in touch with Blair the whole time?"

"Of course I did Nate. She's my best friend!"

"You didn't think to tell any of us what was going on with her! Or at the very least that she was coming back!"

"I didn't know. I knew Blair was considering it before Harold got sick but she stayed with him so I didn't think she would move back."

"This must mean he's in remission." Dan interjected with a small smile.

"Yeah" Serena sighed.

Vanessa listened to the conversation but watched Chuck. He wasn't saying anything but she could tell by the way he was watching Serena that he wanted to know everything. She had always feared the day that Blair Waldorf would return and she had always expected to at some point. She was afraid that this would mean the end of her marriage. She knew that although Chuck loved her, Blair was his soul mate and his one true love. She didn't know what she would do now, it was easy to ignore the fact that her husband was in love with another when the woman in question was in a different country and rarely mentioned, but if she was back in New York it would only be a matter of time before Chuck would see her again and Vanessa knew she would drive herself crazy with paranoia.

Chuck was frozen listening to Serena as she explained to Nate about what happened when Blair left New York seventeen years ago. He couldn't believe that she was back, they were in the same country, the same state. He found himself itching to go and see her. See what age had done to her, if she was still as beautiful as he remembered, if she still held that look in her eye. The one that told him that he had snatched her whole world away and left her with nothing. He hoped not, he hoped she was happy.

"She doesn't get along with her daughter?" He finally spoke.

"It's complicated." Serena sighed. Chuck looked at her pressing her for an explanation.

"Aubrey worships her father, but Mark is a bastard. He was romantic and charming when Blair first met him but once they were married and she had Aubrey things changed. He ignored the fact that she didn't connect with Aubrey when she was born, even exploited it. It wasn't until me and Harold realised that Blair eventually got help."

"What do you mean?" Nate asked.

"Blair suffered with quite severe post natal depression after Aubrey was born. Mark didn't help when she was trying to get help. He didn't support her but Blair just insisted that he didn't know how to handle it and he was right to keep Aubrey away from her. After Will was born Mark's business trips became longer. A few years ago Blair found out he cheated but she said if they put it behind them they could give their marriage another try. She didn't want her family broken up. Two years ago she found out he was still cheating and filed for divorce."

"Why did Aubrey think that she divorced him from no reason then?" Jenny asked.

"You remember what Blair was like. She wanted her life to be perfect and wouldn't let anyone else think otherwise. Least of all her children, but mostly it was because she didn't want them to know that about their father, she thinks it's unfair. It's why me and Blair were fighting actually. She's sacrificing her relationship with her daughter because she knows how much Aubrey's relationship with her dad means to her."

"But when Serena said Mark was a bastard she meant it. Blair isn't fighting to keep custody of the kids, she's trying to convince Mark to take them for a few months of the summer but she's saying she's the one who doesn't want to let them go. How's she supposed to tell her daughter who worships her father that he doesn't care if he sees them again?" Dan finished.

"What a dick." Nate responded.

"Yeah." Serena nodded.

Chuck just listened. He wanted to find this guy and kill him. He didn't have the right to treat Blair like that, but he pushed it to the side. He couldn't let his family be torn apart just because Blair had come home.

"She can't know I told you this." Serena told them seriously.

"Of course" they answered.

"I need some air." Vanessa said as she stood up and left the room.

"Vanessa" Chuck called after her but she just shook her head and told them she was fine.

Vanessa stood on the balcony and looked out across the city. There had been plenty of times that Vanessa had felt out of place in this life, in this house, in this world but never before had she felt like she had stolen someone elses life. Like she had stolen Blair's life. She had never let herself think about it before but when she was faced with what Blair's life had become, the man she had married, the problems she had faced she realised that the husband Chuck was, the way he treated her was all because of Blair. He would have never been this man if he hadn't fallen in love with her and it should have been her who got to experience it. She felt unworthy. She felt guilty.

She stayed outside for a few minutes before she headed back inside. When she got there everyone was already sat at the table. She sat next to Chuck and smiled as she looked around at her family but she still couldn't shake the feeling that something had gone wrong in the world, that destiny had been altered when she had gotten pregnant by Chuck Bass. Maybe there was no destiny, maybe people just blundered through life, accidently screwing over people. She had never liked Blair, true, but what her life became is not what the life of Blair Waldorf should have been. She should have been Blair Bass.

It had a much better ring to it than Vanessa Bass. Vanessa didn't know what she was going to do about these feelings. The only solution she could think of ended up with her breaking her family apart and that was something she didn't want to do. She decided she would go and see Blair. She knew it wouldn't be pretty, she had never actually spoken to Blair after she told Chuck she was pregnant, Blair had left as soon as she found out but selfishly Vanessa felt that maybe it would ease her guilt if Blair got angry at her, and maybe there was a chance that Serena and Dan were being melodramatic. That she had decided. She would visit Blair after their guests had gone home.


Aubrey arrived home and the smell of Dorota's lasagne floated through the air. She didn't like her new home, she didn't particularly like America. She was hoping that once this custody hearing was over her father would demand that she stay with him in France. She had left him a message asking him to, so she was sure that it would happen. Her father always gave her what she wants, at least when he was home.

She looked into the dining room and saw her Mom and brother sitting together eating.

"Hey sweetie, yours is in the oven." Her mom told her.

"I'm not hungry."

"It's your favourite Bree. Dorota made it especially." Her mother said in a tone that left no room for argument.

Aubrey nodded and went to get her dinner. She had been lying anyway but she didn't want to do what her mother wanted her to. When Aubrey sat down she sat at the end of the table furthest away from Blair and William.

"Now you're both here I want to tell you what happened with the custody hearing." Blair spoke cautiously and Aubrey looked at her hopefully. Blair's heart broke because she knew that Aubrey would be disappointed. She knew Aubrey wanted to live with her father and would be devastated that she wouldn't be seeing him at all.

"Your father's job is too unstable for you to spend any length of time with him. I was granted sole custody but I'm sure your father will visit when you ask." Blair didn't want to give them false hope, but she didn't want them to know that Mark didn't care if he saw them, she didn't want them to know that he already had another daughter with his mistress.

"Oh my god! I can't believe this! Do you not want me to be happy or something? I can't believe you did this. I hate you." Aubrey screamed as she stormed out.

"I'm sorry, Bree."

"You don't get to call me Bree and I don't want your apologies!"

"Aubrey, where are you going?" Blair cried desperately as her daughter headed to the elevator.

"Away from you!"

The elevator doors closed and Blair tried to get it to come back up.

"I still love you Mom" Will said as he hugged his mother.

"I know baby, I know. I love you too."


Aubrey stormed out of her apartment building and started walking to Luke's which was just two blocks over. She made her way up to his penthouse apartment, trying to keep the rage and tears in. She apologised to the maid but asked if she could see Luke. The minute she saw him the tears started rolling down her face.

He pulled her past his family and into the living room where he sat her on the sofa and pulled her into his side. Unbeknownst to them, everyone in the other room was listening.

"I hate her. I hate her. I hate her!" Aubrey sobbed.

"What happened?"

"She got sole custody of us. I told her and my Dad that I wanted to live with him in France but she just had to win. This is such bullshit! Don't I get a say in any of this?"

"Why don't you call your Dad and see if he could do something?" Luke suggested.

"I left him a message on my way over."

"Maybe there's still a chance then."


Blair sat in her newly furnished living room watching the clock. It was only 9 o' clock and Aubrey had another hour of curfew left yet but she was worried. She decided to call Serena, they were in a fight but she needed help to find Aubrey and chances were that she would talk to Serena even if she wouldn't talk to her.

Blair dialed Serena's number and waited as the phone rang.

Serena's phone started buzzing from her purse. She pulled it out with the intention of putting it on silent but when she saw it was Blair calling she answered, regardless of present company.

"Hey" she said softly.

"Everything's a disaster, S. Bree hates me and she stormed out and I don't know where she is." Blair cried into the phone.

"It's alright B, she's here." Serena soothed.

"Where's here? She doesn't know where you live." Blair spoke sharply.

"Um, no. I'm at Chuck's, she's friends with his son."

"And I thought this day couldn't get any worse." Blair sighed. "Can you bring her home?"

"Of course, where do you live?"

Blair told her the address and they said their goodbyes and hung up the phone. Serena looked up and saw everyone staring at her.

"She stormed out and didn't tell Blair where she was going, I have to take her home." Serena and Dan stood up.

"Sorry." Serena muttered to the room and they all knew she was talking about more than just leaving early.

They walked out of the Bass penthouse with Aubrey, practically dragging her, knowing that this was just the start. The situation was about to get a hell of a lot worse.


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