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Chapter 1 – New Beginnings

Danny was your average fifteen year old living in the Northern Water Tribe, except he was a Halfa. You see, his heritage isn't the best, being the son of a Ghost Demon, who had wreaked havoc on the tribe many years ago, and though he had done nothing wrong, they simply did not trust him.

He even held the appearance of the Ghost Demon. His hair was snow white, his skin tan, and his eyes glowed green. He wore a white fur coat, black top, and white pants. He also wore black gloves and boots.

And his powers were even more strange than his appearance.

He could shoot green energy blast from his palms, fly, go intangible, invisible, and he could produce ultra sonic waves from his mouth.

He was dangerous.

But today, he had heard that the Avatar and his friends had come to the tribe in search for a water bending teacher, and he was planning to see if he could join them, and have a better life.

He smiled at that thought.Then he leapt up, flying into the air in search of the trio he had heard about.

His search was cut off when he saw his friend, Sam, waving him down. She wore an all black fur dress with a black fur coat. He smiled and flew in front of her.

"Hey Sam." He said happily. She was the only person in the entire tribe who accepted him as he was. He secretly had feelings for her, not that he would ever admit it.

"Hey Danny, what are you going to do today?" she asked. He grinned. 'maybe Sam would like to come with me." He thought happily.

"Would you like to join me on my quest to join up with the Avatar?" he asked. Sam smiled brightly, making him blush.

"Of coarse Danny!" she exclaimed, pulling hi into a hug, smiling onto his white hair. He pulled her into a hug and lifted into the air yet again, holding her close to his chest. Not that he could see it, but Sam was blushing brightly.

Soon they spotted the trio that was the reason for their searching sitting by the wall border next to a bison. 'must be the rumored flying bison the Avatar rides.' He thought before flying down to greet them. He landed about twenty feet away, and set Sam down.

As they slowly approached, they heard them talking to each other.

"Aang." Said the girl. "Are you sure you want to seek out Spirit? I mean, they say he is the son of a demon." Danny gasped. They were talking about him.

The boy, Aang, nodded defiantly. "Just because his father was wicked doesn't mean that he is." Danny smiled a bit when he heard this. At least he would have a chance of getting into their group now.

"Thanks." He said as he and Sam stood before them. "It feels good when people give you a chance, and don't judge you before getting to know you."

Instantly, the boy with the blue water tribe coat pointed a spear at his throat. Sam however, was much faster, and she took out her staff and knocked the spear from his hands.

"Listen before you attack on impulse. You'll get more allies that way." She said, snarling under her breath. He whimpered and nodded, scooting behind the girl. 'Way to earn their trust Sam." Thought Danny, slightly smirking at his friends fighter reflexes.

Aang slowly approached Danny, still on high defenses, and examined him closely. "Your not here to fight, are you?" Danny shook his head 'no' and held out his hand.

"I'm Danny, and that darkly dressed fighter is Sam, my best friend." He said.

Aang took the hand without blinking, smiling as well. "I'm Aang, that's Sokka, and that's Katara." He motioned to each person as he spoke. Danny nodded to them. Katara smiled kindly while Sokka grunted.

"We were wondering if we could join your group." Said Sam getting right to the point.

"That would be great! We were just going to look for the Spirit if you would like to join us!" Danny paled and gulped loudly.

"I am the Spirit." He said shyly. "I thought the glowing eyes gave it away." Aang let his jaw hit the ground.

"You're the dangerous, evil, and wicked half demon everyone is so scared of?" said Sokka. Danny nodded.

"He's not evil though." Said Sam, stepping in front of her friend defensively. Sokka flinched, remembering what happened last time that he angered the girl.

"I figured as much." Said Aang. "Now that we have the Spirit on our side, it's time to head to the Earth Kingdom!" he said excitedly. Everyone nodded in agreement.

Danny and Sam were practically buzzing with excitement as they took to the skies. This was defiantly a new beginning, and they couldn't wait to see the Dawn of the new world they had put themselves in.

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