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Chapter 6 – let's settle this

Aang, Katara, Tucker, Sokka, and Toph looked at the ferocious battle playing out before them with fear. They had never seen so much anger in one person as they did in Valerie.

She was out for blood.

"Die Phantom! You'll pay for what your father did! I'll never forgive you! NEVER!" Danny dodged a few well-aimed blows with skill, while Sam was trying her best to help Danny with her staff.

Suddenly, one blow hit Danny, and he fell to the ground, yelling in pain.

"Take that! Worthless piece of trash! I'm glad your mother is working as a slave in the palace, under those poor conditions. That wretch birthed you after all."

Danny's eyes widened, and he quickly stood and faced Valerie.

"My mother… oh my God, my mother is ALIVE!" Valerie smiled.

She leaped forward, and stabbed him in the side. He howled in agony, but held his ground.

Now that he knew his mother, the one he had though was dead for years, was alive, and under the power of such horrible people.

He would not stand for it.

With grace unknown to normal humans, he leapt forward, and tackled Valerie to the ground, holding a glowing green hand dangerously close to her neck.

She howled with anger as he moved his hand forward, so close her hair started to curl as it was singed with radiation.

"Vladimir will get you if I don't Phantom! Im sure he has already sent you the dream." Danny growled. So Valerie was working for that man.

Danny got off the girl, and looked her in the eye. Sighing, he walked away towards Sam, who was still holding her staff in a protective manner, and turned towards the recovering Valerie.

"Tell this Vladimir guy that if he wants me dead." Danny glared at the girl causing her to flinch. "He'll have to come get me, and I won't willingly put my head in the noose."

And with that, he turned Sam around with him, and walked back to the rest of the gang, still in shock from the battle they had just witnessed.

Toph squeezed the hand she had unconsciously grabbed during the fight, and realizing it was Tucker's, she squealed and released the appendage, not able to see the frown appear on the inventor's face.

"What was that about?" asked Katara. "Is she an old enemy?" Danny shook his head.

"the first time she came after me was only about a year ago. She is actually the daughter of one of my father's old enemy's. I'd rather not discuss that…." They all nodded in understanding.

Danny sighed. "umm, I'm sorry to say this, but I think I need to leave for awhile." All their eyes widened. Before they could comment, Sam looked them all dead in the eye.

"Danny needs to find his mother. After all, he thought she was dead for eight years."

"His Mother is alive?" asked Katara. "I thought she was killed…"

"Valerie said she was captured, and is currently living in the Fire Nation palace as a servant. I know this is most likely a trap, but I need to be sure. Now that I know that she may be out there, alive, I will not rest until I know for sure."

Sighing, they nodded. With a last farewell, Danny flew into the skies, eyes narrowed with determination.

Unknown to him, he would not see the gang, nor his beloved Sam, until the eclipse.

Weather he found his mother or not.

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