This story was my Christmas Eve gift to my best friend Brenda. Cindy and Janice are also my friends, hence I decided to kindly incorporate them here too. So, enjoy. Also featured on Winglin and Blogger.

Secret 1: One Step Closer to Him

"Brenda!" Cindy hissed at you. "Brenda!" You failed to notice her calling you, mainly because you were too busy thinking about him.

Yes, him. Arron Yan.

"Brenda!" You turned around and saw him holding something in his hands.

"Arron!" You smiled lovingly, giving him a gigantic bear hug. He grinned, taking out a pink chained necklace and clasped it around your neck.

"It's yours," he whispered, "it's my mother's, but...I'm giving it to you."

You silently admired the gift, until he said: "I'm leaving."

You jerked away from him, looking into his eyes for reassurance. He shook his head to your disappointment.

"I'm leaving tonight, my parents have already decided."

Tears welled up in your eyes, threatening to fall. He pulled you into a tight embrace as you held onto him and cried.

"Will you remember me?"

He nodded, smiling sheepishly. "Always."

He looked into your eyes as he slowly moves closer to your face. You closed your eyes, anticipating for the kiss. His lips was centimeters away from yours when...


The bell rang, signaling the end of school. You snapped out of your trance as the whole class filed out of the room, except for Cindy and Janice, your two best friends. The teacher, a Jinno-sensei look-alike from Gakuen Alice, glared at you disapprovingly.

"Detention, Miss Qian!"

You groaned, packing up your stuff as you head towards the old detention room across the hall, your friends following closely behind you.

"You were thinking about him again, huh?" You sighed heavily in response as Cindy and Janice tried their best to comfort you.

"Don't worry, you'll get to see him one day!" Janice placed a firm hand on your shoulder and grinned as you nodded.

"Speaking of which," Cindy piped in, "what exactly were you thinking about him?"

You froze, blushing madly as they zoomed in on you.

"Hmm?" They said in unison. Your blush was now ten shades of red. "N-nothing!"

"You're blushing really hard Brenda," Cindy pointed out.

"C'mon, out with it." urged Janice.

Although you wanted to keep it to yourself, there was no way you could avoid your friends from interrogating you. So, you thought it'd be better off to tell them rather than have them annoy you all day about it. You formed your group huddle around them and whispered your thoughts to them.

"I was thinking back to when he was eleven and I was eight. His family suddenly decided to move back to Taiwan where his grandparents lived. When he told me about it, I cried and he gave me this," you pointed to your pink heart and butterfly charm necklace,"and then we...we..." You hesitated, unwilling to reveal that you kissed him.

Well, you nearly did.

Unfortunately for you, the two girls caught onto your surprisingly bright red face. They already guessed what happened, so they decided to leave you alone about it for now.

"We have a HUGE problem Cindy," Janice sighed, "are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Cindy nodded, jabbing her thumb at you. "Our Brenda's lovestruck." She said nonchalantly.

"AHHHHHH~!" You messed up your hair in frustration. "GUYS! He's only a childhood friend!"

"Sure he is," Cindy said sarcastically, rolling her eyes for added effect.

"CINDY!" You glared at her menacingly.

She shrugged as she tapped her watch, signaling that you're nearly late for detention.

"Oh crap!"

You ran down the hall, turning to your left, yanked open the door and apologized to the teacher for being tardy. Luckily, it was an easy-going teacher who let you leave, promising to pretend you were at detention. You thanked her and left. As you walked to the vending machine, you noticed a poster that caught your attention, and it wasn't just any poster.

It was an advertisement for drama auditioning to win a chance for girls to spend a three month vacation with Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit and become Arron Yan's co-star in the upcoming Pi Li MIT 2. It was an opportunity of a lifetime, no way were you going to give it up.

You carefully ripped off the poster from the wall and pocketed it, kissing the pink heart from your necklace, feeling like you've won the lottery. But, of course this was way better.

You were just one step closer to him.