The last and joyful chapter. I had lots of fun writing this, even though I procrastinated a lot. Enjoy! Italics should be flashbacks, just so you know.

Secret 5: Happy End

A young boy no older than six or seven years old ran up to you and sat comfortably on your lap, flashing you a toothy grin as you ruffled his hair playfully.

"Tell me a story, Mom!"

"What story do you want to hear, Mir?"

He pointed a small chubby finger at you and laughed heartily. "You!"

You gave him an innocent look and pointed to yourself. "Me?"

He nodded anxiously.

You pulled out an old photo album you kept when you were still a teenager and opened it; revealing several pictures that served as happy memories of you, your girlfriends and most importantly, Arron. You sucked in a breath and inwardly blushed as you remember your wedding with a smile on your face.

"Want to hear how I got married?"

He nodded eagerly.

"It all started out like this.."

Half a year passed by as you finally finished filming Pi Li MIT 2, now it's Christmas Day; the day you've finally decided to get married – secretly to Arron Yan away in Seoul and away from that darn annoying paparazzi.

"Brenda, hurry it up already!"


Cindy had just finished fitting you into your wedding gown as Janice skillfully ties your hair up in a Hermione Granger-like chiffon as she gently places the veil across your hair angularly. As you quickly yet flawlessly apply some make-up to beautify yourself, GuiGui came in with a small bundle of flowers neatly stuffed into a straw-weaved basket and in her other hand, held your bouquet of lavender.

"Are we ready to go? Brenda, you're so pretty!"

"Yeah, we're all set."

"Except I'm still a bit nervous here."

Each of the girls gave you a reassuring hug.

"Don't worry. Just take deep breaths and go with the flow!"

"It won't be so bad, cheer up."

"It's time guys. Let's go."

"Our Brenda's finally getting married."

"Y-you guys! Stop with the mushy stuff!"

They teased you for a bit longer until GuiGui and Cindy led you outside to the chapel, GuiGui as the flower girl and Cindy as matron of honor; whereas for the bridegroom, it was WuZun posing as best man. As the church doors swung open, the organs began to play as Arron took your hand in his and walked down the aisle to stop in front of the pastor as GuiGui, Cindy and WuZun quickly follow behind. As you reach the front, everyone who was invited to the secret marriage sat down in the pews. The pastor smiled and turned towards you in his small wooden podium.

"Do you, Miss Brenda Raen Qian, agree to take this gentleman, Mr Arron Yan, as your husband and vow to never leave his side until death do you apart?"

"Yes, I do."

He then turned to Arron and repeated the same thing, except..well, you get the idea. Arron turned to you and flashed a bright smile.

"I do."

"You may now kiss the bride."

Arron slowly unraveled the veil and kissed your warm awaiting lips, his arms flew around your waist as he held you closer and deepened the kiss while you simultaneously hooked your arms around his neck as the crowd exploded in loud cheers and clapping. He broke the kiss as you rushed outside the wedding chapel with everyone else gathered around while the girls stood at the ready to catch the bouquet. You closed your eyes, turned around and threw the bouquet backwards; later turning around to see who had caught them. Oddly enough and to your utter surprise, WuZun had caught it. Everyone either had an OMFG or WTF look on their face, and Arron did too.


He rushed quickly towards GuiGui and shoved the bouquet into her hands.

"Here, take this."


"Yes. Really. Just take it."


Cindy and Janice cornered her before she had the chance to escape.


"Are you going to get engaged to WangZi?"

"N-nonsense! Why would I?"

"You so would."


"AHHHHH!!!!!!! I don't want to hear anymore!"

And with that, she ran away..until she bumped into a certain somebody. None other than WangZi, who caught her just before she fell face-first to the floor. WangZi sighed heavily.

"Gui, be a little careful next time, okay?"

"O-okay.." She looked away, blushing madly as you giggled at the sight.

Arron got a little jealous and gently turned your face to him and kissed you hungrily.

"No looking at others. That includes him too."

"Aww..jealous much?"


"Just kidding. You know I love you."

He sighed. "My own words used against me."

He spun you around and carried you bridal style to the semi-decorated BMV and dropped you into the passenger's seat as he hopped into the car and drove off, waving to your friends as you went to enjoy the rest of your honeymoon at a private hotel resort.

"There! What'd you think of it, Mir?"

You found the little kid sleeping soundlessly still on your lap as you smiled, petting him softly as you slowly carried him downstairs. He instantly wakes up at the sound of the garage opening, meaning your husband's come back from a long exhausting day at work.

"I'm home!"

"Just in time. I was just telling Mir a story about our wedding."

"Oh really now? What does he think of it."

"Romantic I suppose."

You both shared a laugh as you recalled all the happy moments spent together, from childhood until now. He kissed you gently on the lips as poor Mir gasped in shock and shield his innocent eyes from the ghastly sight before him.

"AHHH! Mir is too young to see this!"

He then runs upstairs and locks himself into his room and falls asleep seconds later. Arron chuckled as you both watched his little act in bemusement.

"I hope we don't give him nightmares."

"Who knows? Maybe he might be dreaming."

"Maybe." Arron yawned.

"I'm tired. Let's call it a night."

"Whatever you say."

You head upstairs as you slipped into bed, following by a extremely tired Arron; snuggling against you as he pulls the covers over you and gives you a goodnight kiss. You kiss him back passionately and smile up at him, hugging him close, whispering "I love you." before falling asleep in his arms. Arron looks down at your cute sleeping figure and kissing your forehead.

"Love you too."

And falls asleep.

Moments later, Mir came knocking at the door.

"Can I sleep in here? There's monsters in my bed."