Okay this is my first fan fiction, for Assassin's Creed, so don't kill me okay. And it is with our one and only Altair and two of my OC's that belong to me, Adina Mendoza and Jasmine Mercado.

Chapter 1

My name is Adina Mendoza, and soon to turn 22 years old in a few days. I have two best friends I've known since I was small, Desmond Mile and Jasmine Mercado, which are currently dating each other. Me and Desmond came from the same small community actually, strange I know. I have a bit of Italian in me from my father's side, meaning I have a very slight accent. Here are some small details about me; I have very light gray eyes. I'm about 5'5 in height, and very slender. My hair color is very strange to me; I have light brown hair with golden tints in it. I find that very strange though, but some people think that my hair seems a really strange, but nice color mixture. My skin is very light, almost pale looking.

So now that you know, how I look like and a tiny bit about me, let me tell you how I ended up during the Crusader's Era, when the templar were in control, in Jerusalem in 1190. All I can remember was waking up in a dark alley and seeing people dressed differently. I'll go back a few hours, in how I ended up here.


I sighed as I made my way back from work, after working for almost ten hours straight, I was exhausted like hell. As I entered my apartment, I failed to notice the person standing behind me as I had closed the door. I gasped in surprise, someone placing a cloth on my mouth, and wrapping an arm around my waist.

I heard an unknown woman's voice telling me to calm down or else. I ignored her, and felt a sharp pain on my neck. My eyes became blurry, and soon everything became dark as I fell limp in the man's arms.

I awoke in a strange place and tried to sit up, realizing my wrist were bound to the table. I glanced around the room, and realized it look like a lab. Glancing over, I spotted another table like the one I was on, just slightly different though. I heard a familiar voice coming from a room, "Look Lucy, I need to rest. I've been in the Animus for…"

"Desmond? Is that you Desmond?" I called out to him, as he walked out of the room, with a blonde lady.

"Adina?! What are you doing here? Lucy? What is going on… why is my best friend strapped to the second Animus?" I saw him narrow his eyes at the lady called Lucy.

He walked over to me, Lucy following him.

"Desmond, it's rather hard to explain but… we have info that Adina's ancestor had a relationship with Altair or something like that. So… we're planning on sending her like she is through the machine she is on, and see if he can recognize her in some way." She paused to continue what she meant and Desmond looked at her in confusion.

" I see you don't get me, Desmond, but this machine she is on, can send her in two places, her body will seem like it's still here in this world on that table, but physically and mentally she will be in Altair's world, your ancestor. Check her right shoulder, and you should be familiar with the mark she bares, just like you do."

All I can do is stare at them in utter complete shock, as she said things about our ancestor, something I haven't heard since I was a child. I could feel Desmond's warm fingers on my neck as he pulled my shirt a bit to check my right shoulder and gasp in surprise.

"How in the damn world is that possibly? She bares the Mark of the Creed." He spoke low, staring at my shoulder, I felt nervous now, and he wasn't supposed to find out about this.

"Desmond… I… can explain. You weren't supposed to find out like this." I said in an apologetic voice.

"I need to think, I'm going into the Animus Lucy and don't pull me out." He let my shirt go, walking over to the other Animus, and lay down. He pressed something near his head and soon fell asleep.

"Now Adina, I know Desmond wasn't supposed to know about your secret, but he had to anyways. So now it's your turn to go as well, and meet Altair." As she said this, she poked around on the screen, before pushing something that cause me to cringe in pain. I felt something sharp go throughout my body, felling my eyelids heavy as I fell asleep.

After a few seconds of feeling like I was floating in the air, I could feel cold hard ground beneath me. I opened my eyes and look around, realizing I was no longer at Abstergo's Laboratory. I see that I'm in a dark alley and glanced at the end to see people in different clothing then me.

~End Flashback~

The people were dressed like they were from the crusade's age and then it hit me; I was in the crusade's age. I mentally slapped myself, realizing I would stand out like a damn hawk. I was dressed in dark gray jeans, with a red shirt, and a white jacket. As I walked towards the entrance of the alley, people started staring at me.

A small child pointed at me, his mother quieting him, but soon it got the curiosity of some nearby guards. They walked in my direction, and I counted about five of them in total.

"What is a pretty lady like you doing by herself, and dressed like a whore too?" The leader of the group said, as they advanced on me. The man in front smirked, and whispered something to his friends. I gasped, knowing what was going to happen, and turned around, running down the alleyway. I ran around the corner, realizing it was a dead end.

They yelled at me, and chased me, surrounding me in a circle. "You may run girly, but you can't hide from use." One of them laughed at the remark, before he walked towards me, grabbing me by the arms and pulling them behind me. I snarled in anger, head butting him in the chin, hearing something crack.

Another guy came up to me, slapping me across the face rather hard, causing my lower lip to split. He took my arms as the other guy walked aside holding his messed up chin.

"Now, now girly, you shouldn't have done that to one of my men. Now you shall suffer the consequences from me and then the rest of my men here." The leader laughed at me.

He walked up to me, running his hand down my neck and then stopping to rest them on my chest before continuing down. He stared at my jeans in confusion, trying to work the zipper. He growled in frustration, "Damn thing, I can't get it…" He was cut short, and gasped in surprise, coughing up blood. Some of the droplets fell on my face, and watched as he fell to the side, a small blade protruding from his back.

The guards scrambled around, and saw a white cloaked figure leap down from the rooftop. One of them yelled, "Assassin! Assassin! Kill him!" I caught a glimpse of his face and saw that it was Desmond.

The guard holding me threw me aside, joining in the fight. I landed on my left wrist, hearing a sickening pop. I cried out in pain, holding my injured wrist to my chest. 'Desmond' advanced on the last guard, swiftly getting him in the throat. I heard a gurgling sound from the dying guard.

I stared in shock, my eyes locked onto him. He advanced towards me, and I could feel his eyes on me. I felt the power emanating from him as he stood before me. I struggled to stand up, leaning against the brick wall.

"Des…Desmond?" I managed to choke out in a shaky voice, scared after almost getting raped and now facing someone that looked like Desmond, and might kill me.

When he spoke, he caught me in surprise. "Desmond? Who is this Desmond person you speak of? You are not from here, girl…your clothes; they are of assassin's color, but you're not." He said simply, looking me up and down. I couldn't see his face, but I saw a scar on his lip, similar to Desmond, and in the same exact place too.

Now I remembered what Lucy had said, of Altair being Desmond's ancestor and I, having one during this time as well.

I managed to choke out his name, "Alt…Altair?"

He caught me by surprise as his left hand shot out, wrapping tightly around my throat as my uninjured hand pushed against his chest, trying to make him release his hold.

He snarled, his eyes darkening, "How do you know my name? Answer me!" He pulled me towards him, shoving me back against the wall even harder. I swear I heard something snap in me, one of my ribs.

I managed to choke through the pain to speak, "Adi…na… descend…Desmo…mark…rig…shoul…" I could see black dots in my vision as I stare at him, before feeling myself slip into consciousness.

~ Altair's POV~

I stare at the unknown girl I held by the throat, and soon realizing my grip had been too hard that she became limp in my grasp. I let her go, and caught her, holding her against my chest. I glanced around, and leaped onto some nearby boxes and up onto the rooftop.

I made my way to a secluded area, and laid her down. I could see a bruise start to form from my hand and regretting getting her to roughly. I remembered what she said back there, before knocking out. Something about my descendant, and that name again, Desmond, and then her right shoulder.

I lift a hand, brushing my fingers against her neck, as I pulled the corner of her shirt down to reveal her shoulder. I stare at a faint mark and gasped out loud, "She bares the Mark of the Creed!"

I removed my hand from her shirt, and stared at her. I realized just how beautiful she looked, and glance away. I shouldn't be falling in love with someone like her; I'm a murder, a cold hearted killer, an assassin. She wouldn't accept who I am and what I do.

My hand automatically goes to her lips, feeling how soft they are beneath my fingers. I see her lower lip is split, and bristle in anger at the guard who did it to her. My hand brushes over her cheek, my fingers soon brushing threw her hair, loving the feeling it left. I sighed softly, and pick her up, heading back to the bureau to catch up with Malik.

As I ran across the rooftops, I hear her mumble my name, burrowing her face into my chest. "Alt…Altair…stop it, pl…please." As I hear her say this, my steps falter, almost falling over with her in my arms. I could feel the corners of my mouth turning up into a smirk.

She's fantasizing about me, but why. I say to myself as I continued on, noticing she stayed quite the rest of the way.

~Adina's POV~

I gasped at the sight I saw before me; I clutched a small blade in my hands. A man in white clothing seemed to be dancing as he killed the guards that came at him. He seemed to be enjoying himself, killing one by one quickly and swiftly. As he stood there, killing the last one, I could see blood coating both of his hands.

I jumped when I heard a loud 'shink' and saw a hidden blade disappear from his left wrist. The white cloaked figure turned and looked straight at me, and slowly made his way towards me.

I trembled and stepped back, feeling a brick wall behind me. I stared at him, and swear I saw him smirking, or was it smiling?

As he said my name, his voice was deep and soft, "Adina." He caught me by surprise when I recognized him,… 'Altair.'

"Don't be afraid of me Adina."


His left hand came up to grip the blade in my hands, while the other came up to caress my cheek, his thumb brushing against my lower lip. It sent shivers down my spine, looking up to see his light honey brown eyes staring hungrily at my lips.

"Altair… don't please…"

I couldn't finish what I wanted to say as he captured my lips, his left hand removing the blade from my hands and tossing it aside.

I could feel someone's hand brushing a cloth over my lip, wiping the blood away. I stayed as still as possibly, pretending to be asleep after the crazy dream I just had. I could sense two people in the room, one near an open door leading to another room, and the one kneeling next to me.

"Altair…" the unknown man sighed irritably, "what is it with you and bringing women all the time after a mission."

"Malik…" I heard him growl angrily, "she's not just any women brother. She bares the Mark of the Creed like us. Come here and see for yourself if you like."

I could hear the rustling of a robe, realizing it was Malik heading in my direction. As Altair dropped the cloth aside, using the same hand to peel away my shirt on my right shoulder to show it to Malik.

He didn't notice as I forced my left hand to move towards his direction. I caught Altair off guard, as I shoved him back, grabbing his blade and pressing it to his throat. I straddled his hips, my hair fanning around my face like a curtain as I stared at him.

Those light honey brown eyes stared up at my light gray eyes. "Malik…get her off. She's going to hurt herself even more then she is now." My eyes darkened at that, as I pressed the tip into his flesh, drawing blood.

"Watch what you say before I cut your tongue out." I snarled at him, Malik just laughed and left me with him.

Altair eyes darkened, his jaw clenching, before rolling us over, his left hand tightening on my wrist. I yelped in pain, the blade falling to the ground. He had his chest pressed against mine, putting his full weight on my fracture rib. His hips lay in between my legs, and I could feel my face going red. I bit my lip in pain, looking away from him.

"Get off…your too heavy, you're hurting me…Altair." I spoke threw clench teeth, sucking air in between my teeth from the pain.

He let go of my wrist and rolled off of me, standing up. He reached out with one of his hands to help me up, and I shoved his hand away, just laying there.

"Come on girl, I have to bind that broken rib of yours, and your wrist as well." He spoke, staring at me.

"You mean the broken rib you caused when you shoved me to hard into the wall earlier. No thanks, I'll take care of my own injuries by myself." I growled angrily, standing up.

"And my name isn't girl; it's Adina for your information."

I turned my back on Altair, lifting my shirt to check my fractured rib to see a nasty purple bruise formed. I didn't feel Altair standing right behind me, soon feeling his breath on my neck. His left hand came up to brush against mine as he ran his finger over my rib.

I hissed, biting my lower lip when he pressed down with his finger. I shrank away from his touch, my face going red from what just happened.

I released my shirt, letting it hide my bruise. "I…uh, I can't do it by myself, so…" I bit my lower lip, clearly not wanting his help at all; my face was still red from what just happened, I stared at my feet.

"Why do you shy away from me then? It's not like I bite or something." I saw him smirk at what he just said, walking to me.

"Very well then, give me your wrist Adina. This is going to hurt; I have to re-break your wrist again in order for it to heal properly." I gulped nervously as he said this, lifting my left hand and letting him grab a hold of my wrist.

He wrapped his right hand on my wrist, and placed his left hand on my hand. "On the count of three, I'm going to pull really hard."

"One…two…THREE!" He pulled, and I heard a sickening pop, realigning my wrist. I screamed, and buried my face against his chest to stifle my scream. I cursed him in Italian, trying to pull my wrist from him, but he held on.

"I'll be right back." He said, letting my wrist go and stepping away from me as he walked into the other room which led to other rooms.

I held back the tears that threatened to spill at what just happened, using my jacket sleeve to wipe them away. I leaned against the wall, breathing hard, and glanced up as he came back in holding a small container and a cloth.

"This," he held up the container, "will help soothe the pain for now, and then I'll bind your wrist tightly with the cloth to relieve the pain as well until it heals."

I merely nodded, trying to ignore the pain. He walked to me, grabbing my wrist gently, and applied the cool clear cream on my wrist. I could feel a warm sensation and then cool down; soon he started binding the cloth tightly around my wrist and hand to help heal it.

I cringed a bit and then sighed, as we stood in front of each other, being really awkward at the silence now.

I broke the silence by talking first, "You saw my mark didn't you." He merely nodded, not looking at me. He caught me by surprise by his question, "Why bare the Mark, if you don't act like you are like me and everyone else in the Creed?"

"I…I've been ignoring who I really am…every sin…" I as cut short when I felt a strange feeling go through my body like electricity. I fell forward onto him, everything becoming dark.

~Small Altair's POV~

As I asked her my question, she seemed to think as I saw her eyebrows furry together as in deep thought. As she was saying something, suddenly falling against me, and burly catching her before she fell down. "Adina!" I called her name out, as I shook her, getting no response from her, I suddenly felt concerned as I took her to my room.

~Adina's POV~

I gasped, my eyes snapping open as I looked around, realizing I was back at Abstergo's Lab. No! What's going on? I yelp when I felt pain on my side and wrist, glancing down to see a tightly bound cloth.

It was real, I got hurt in his time and now…

"Let me out of this." I called out, Lucy appearing, cutting the ropes on my wrist. My hand automatically goes to my side, cringing when I felt my fractured rib.

"How is that possible?" I say out loud, glancing at Desmond who had awoken from the Animus to stare at me.

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