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Chapter 3

~Altair's POV~

I awoke before the sun had even risen, and glanced down at Adina's sleeping form. She was practically sleeping on me; I smiled. Recalling what had happen last night with the thieves. I hadn't searched the damn area and she almost got hurt again.

I brushed my fingers against her cheek; she stirred a bit and shoved my hand away in annoyance.

"Mmmm…stop…that Al…Altair." She mumbled, sighing heavily.

I skimmed my fingers down her neck causing her to shiver, and leaned down to whisper in her ear, "Wake up Adina, we have to start heading to Masyaf."

She opened her eyes and looked at me, "Fine." She mumbled sitting up, and winced when she stretched, her shoulder still hurting from the cut.

"Does it still hurt?" She nodded and stood up, grabbing her white jacket to hide her injury.

I watched as she placed everything back onto the gray horse, seeing how she stiffened and tense from her injured shoulder.

After about fifteen minutes getting everything together, we were on our way to Masyaf.

~Two days Later~

We rode during the day and at night we rested, I asked her every few hours if she needed to rest or not from her injury, she merely just brushed it off. As we got closer, people in the small town in front of the Assassin's place stared at us, but mostly at Adina for her strange clothing.

"We can stop here and put the horses in the stable over there to rest." I dismounted, Adina following behind me as I led my horse into the stable, removing his tack and letting him rest.

She did the same and we walked up the hill to the entrance of the Assassin's place. She stayed close to me; feeling the warmth of her body.

After walking up the long path of the hill and people continuously staring at us, we saw the gate of the place; I could hear her suck her breath in surprise and smiled mentally.

One of the guards stopped us, indicating at Adina, "Rauf… she's with me. I'm here to speak to Master about my assassination and about my companion here, who is also an assassin."

Rauf scoffed and pointed a finger at her, "A woman an assassin… I laugh at that Altair. You know as well as I do women cannot be assassins like us."

"I would stay your tongue Ra…" I was cut off as Adina went at him, grabbing his wrist and pulling it behind him, a blade pressed at his throat.

Rauf grunted from the pain and glared at her, she spoke in his ear, "Watch what you say, Rauf. Even though I am a woman, I can and will cause physical pain to you."

She released him, handing me my dagger back and not even realizing she had taken it.

"Can we go now Altair, before I change my mind and skin the man?" She strolled by Rauf who snarled, curling his lip in disgust at her.

I grinned at Rauf, "I warned you Rauf, but you didn't listen."

"Adina! Hold on." I called to her, running up to her.

I grabbed her arm, "You stay by my side from here on out and do not speak unless Master asks you to speak alright. Rauf already hates you for embarrassing him in front of his friends, since he is also the combat instructor for the Novice."

We made our way up the stairs and as we stopped at the closed doors, I knocked and waited.

"You may come in." The voice on the other side of the door said.

I opened the door and allowed Adina to walk in first and then I stepped inside, closing the doors behind me.

"Master Al Mualim, my assassination was successful." I stated simply.

"That is good news Altair, and who is this you bring to my studies." He glanced at Adina and smiled softly.

~Adina's POV~

I stared at the older assassin in front of me, dressed like one except the black robe he wore on top of his assassin clothing. A long white beard that was probably past his shoulders, those black eyes stared at him, more like studied me.

"This is Adina, Master; she's from the future and an assassin like us. She bares the Mark of the Creed on her right shoulder, but isn't fully trained as one."

"An assassin? Come child; come closer so I may look at the mark." He beckoned me with his hand and Altair nodded. I walked forward, removing my white jacket and sliding the corner of my shirt on my right shoulder, indicating the mark.

"Ah…so she is one, since she isn't trained as one fully, she will be a novice. So tell me child, how did you end up during this time."

"I… well, my name is Adina Mendoza, and I come from the year 2012. I was kind of kidnapped by a company called Abstergo. I know Altair's descendant Desmond Miles, who is also an assassin like me, well a novice as well. We escaped our small 'community' which is an Assassin hide out off the grid, much like here.

It's only about 30 people or so in total, and even till my time the Templars exists and are after us every day. They are much more dangerous in my time then in this time, having guns, money, and a lot more templars then there are now.

It's rather hard to explain how I really got here, but it was through this machine they use called Animus."

I only told him details, and not how my ancestor was somehow in a relationship with Altair and looked exactly like me. I held that out from Altair for many reasons though.

Al Mualim was quite for a moment and looked at between me and Altair. After an awkward silence he spoke, "Well that is interest, an assassin from the future, but you're a woman which makes is rather hard to suggest if you should train in this time or not. I'll have to think about it Adina, but for now you can settle with Altair, if he is okay with it."

"I'm fine with it Master, she only trust me so far. Rauf is already mad at her after she practically embarrassed him in front of his friends after she surprised him with the blade at his throat, my own blade actually which I didn't notice her take from my waist."

Al Mualim chuckled, "Well it's settled, she may stay with you and maybe we can find her assassin attire that fits her frame. Malik said you have a scroll for me."

Altair nodded and handing him the scroll.

"You may go now; I'll call you later on after I've decided." I nodded and Altair led me out of the Master's quarter, heading up some more stairs and taking me to where his room was here.

We stayed silent the whole way to his room; he opened the door and was amazed at what he had. A large bed was centered in the room; the covers were brown, like an eagle's feather color. It didn't seem like he used it much since he had a Persian carpet at the corner of his room with pillows like the bureau in Jerusalem.

He had a balcony which looked out in the garden, which was a really awesome view as I walked over, feeling the breeze on my face. I glanced back over my shoulder and looked at him, he looked in my direction.

"I have some robes that my fit you a bit big, but it's something so you can wash and we can have the women from the Garden come up and prepare the bathtub for you and wash your clothes." He motioned me to follow him as he walked over to a door, and opened it pulling out similar robes to his assassin attire and handed them to me.

"Uh… thanks Altair." I smiled sheepishly grabbing the clothes.

"I'll be back in a few minutes to get one of the girls from the Garden to come up." I merely nodded and watched as he left, closing the door behind him as he left his room.

I sighed and ran a hand through my hair and glanced out the window. I removed my white jacket and tossed it onto the bed, placing the clothes he gave me down as well. I removed my black converses and set them aside, taking my socks off as well.

I sat on the edge of the bed, lying down to stare up at the ceiling. I wonder how long I'm going to stay here before I drifted back to Abstergo's like yesterday morning. There was a knock on the door making me jump out of my skin.

A young girl walked in, maybe 17 or 18, her skin a beautiful light tan with green eyes. Her hair was black as night, which was at least up to her waist.

"Master Altair sent me up here to prepare the bath for you and wash your clothes." She said in a shy tone, her gaze to the ground.



"My name is Adina and what is yours?" I asked as she looked up at me.

"It's Sarah…I'll go prepare the bathtub for you Adina." She walked past me, disappearing into a separate room. I could hear the water running, and sighed knowing I would be able to soothe my aching muscles for once.

I removed my clothes, standing in my bra and underwear. I held my clothes in a bundle, along with my white jacket in one arm and in the other the clothes Altair gave me. I walked into where she had gone.

"The water is done Adina, here I'll have your clothes wash and then brought back to you when there dry for you. If you need anything I'll be in the garden or ask Altair for me." I handed her my clothes and watched her leave before removing my bra and underwear placing them next to the clothes from him.

I stepped into the bathtub and sighed happily as I lay down inside, feeling the warm water start to soothe my muscles. There was a small cloth on the edge of the tube.

I used it to scrub my body, getting rid of the sweat, dried blood from either my wounds or the soldiers I had kicked two days ago, and dirt. I dipped my head into the water, washing my hair with the soap he had. It smells just like him as it invaded my senses, and sighed heavily.

I didn't hear the door open to the room as I scrubbed my leg, suddenly when I hear footstep coming towards my direction. Just then the figure spoke, "Altair?" and walked into the room.

I glanced at the doorway, throwing the cloth at the intruders' face who was shocked when it wasn't Altair.

"Get out!" I screamed, wondering if everyone in the whole damn place could hear me.

~Very short Malik POV~

I sighed as I made my up the stairs to Altair's room, arriving a few minutes ago to Masyaf on a very, very tired horse who I think will be very sore. I my fingers through my black hair, knowing Altair would probablybathing after almost a week on his mission.

As I opened the door, I could hear the water splashing as he moved in the tube. "Altair?" I called out, no response from him. As I rounded the corner I was shocked to find Adina, her left leg out of the tube as she scrubbed herself with the small cloth Altair always had there. She turned to look at me, and throwing the cloth in my face and screaming at me to get out.

~Altair's POV~

I sat out in the garden, watching the birds swoop by and snatch the small bugs flying around. Like an assassin killing its target in one swift motion with a blade. I sighed, hanging outside to wait for her to bathe, knowing it would be strange to linger in my room while she bathed.

I jumped when I heard a scream, Adina! I ran into the place and ran as fast as I can up the stairs to my room. I slammed my door open to see a frighten Malik with a small cloth on his face as he removed it to look in my direction in shock.

"I…Altair…I thought you were…the one bathing and not Adina. I swear…that I didn't see anything." Malik swallowed nervously as he stared at me.

"Adina," I called out, "it was Malik, and he uh…accidentally mistook you for me."

I could hear her scuff angrily, not responding to me.

"Malik…what are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to be at the bureau in Jerusalem." I whispered low, motioning him to the balcony.

"Well Master Al Mualim , had sent me a bird as I was riding back to Masyaf for something about wanting me to help you with Adina's training. It seems like he will accept as one into the Brotherhood Altair, even if she is a woman.

I was speaking to him, and he says she must keep her physical appearance outside of Masyaf on missions as a man though, just in case."

"So who will be in charge of bureau in Jerusalem while you're here? And I think Adina will be glad about the news, but Master will talk to her soon."

I glanced at the door way which led to the bathtub and heard the faint rustling of the robes as she stepped into the room. Her face was flushed from what happened, when Malik walked in on her.

She growled, "Your luckily your with him Malik, or I swear I would have killed you on the spot."

Malik tensed at what she said and I laughed, looking at the two. I looked at her, and saw that my clothes were slightly bigger, but seemed perfect on her as she sat down on the bed to put her shoes on.

"Do the clothes seem okay?" She nodded, not looking in my direction.

"It seems like you two should apologize for what happened. I could feel the tension in the air and it's really annoying actually." I sighed in frustration.

"Uh…I'm sorry Adina; I swear I didn't know it was you." Malik said and Adina looked at him, "I'm sorry as well; I almost thought it was another assassin sneaking around or something."

"We should start heading to Master Adina, Sarah will be bringing your clothes in a few hours." She nodded at me, walking to the door and stepping out.

"You want to come along Malik." He merely looked at me, following me out of my room.

~Adina's POV~

Ugh, stupid Malik walking in on me like that earlier. Damn, I wish I had a blade with me then I would have done some damage to him. I sighed, and could hear Altair and Malik behind me; I knew my way by know to Al Mualim quarter.

"…Altair, I don't think you supervising her training…is the best. That's why I'm here Altair."Malik spoke in a whisper to Altair, but I could hear them easily. Training…training me?

"Ready Adina, just knock on the door." Altair spoke, silencing Malik with a glare.

I knocked on the door and waited for Al Mualim to respond. After several seconds he responds, "You may come in."

I opened the door and walked inside, holding it open behind to allow Malik and Altair to come in as well.

"Hello again my dear child, I have thought about it. I will allow you to train as an assassin, but in one condition. Out of these walls, during missions your appearance must be of male. I don't want to risk the Brotherhood and the Templars knowing about you. You are allowed to be who you are inside these walls only, but that is it.

Oh, by the way Malik and Altair will be in charge of your training from this moment on." He said, looking at me with those dark eyes of his.

I nodded and glanced at Altair who simply stared at Al Mualim. He spoke again, "I see that those robes of Altair seem good on you. I will have one of the girls from the Garden come up and measure you for your size."

"Uh…thank you, Master." I said.

Damn it! Altair's going to train, hell no. I'm fine with Malik in my training, but Altair. I thought as I glanced at Altair quickly and then back to Al Mualim.

"That is it for now Adina; you may start today if you like." His back to us as he looked out the large window he had.

I stepped out, both of them following me. After heading back to Altair's room to get something I left, I spun on him the moment he stepped into his room.

"I don't want you to train me. I'm fine with Malik, but not you." I growled, jabbing a finger in his chest.

He looked at me amused," Why not? What's wrong with me teaching you?"

"I…fuck it; I know you're going to enjoy messing around with me." I

He chuckled at that, "I won't, I promise. That's why I have Malik for, to keep me in check. Right brother?" Malik looked at him, not saying anything.

"Well might as well start your training and it shall be climbing first. I want to see how well you are at that." He smirked at me.

I grumbled in annoyance, following him as he walked out of his room. Malik stepped in besides me, "He'll take it easy on you Adina, don't worry. Just like he said, that's why I'm here. You should be able to catch up rather quickly on the training."

"Alright Malik, I trust you to keep him on check them. I just want to wipe that smirk off his face." I glanced at Malik, who stifled a laugh at my remark with his hand. He smiled at me, "Now you know how I feel at times when I see his face everday."

I laughed and sneaked a peek in Altair's direction to see him glaring daggers at us. I mouthed sorry to him, but he still glared at me.

Ha, all I know is that at least I can trust these two from everyone else so far. Al Mualim gives me the creeps, he kept looking at me almost the whole time, like I was someone he knew. Well all I know is that I love these two; Altair and Malik, there like older brothers to me. But I knew my day was just about to begin at a not so great start when I start climbing.

Altair is going to drive me insane, he was my own person hell, but there is something about him that reminds me so much of Desmond. I know there related but still, it's like they have the same personality and everything, except this one here doesn't smile like Desmond or joke around.

I sighed as I followed them on, and couldn't wait to see how my training would be. I just hope I don't die here or anything.

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