Okay people! It's ten o'clock and I'm REALLY tired! I decided to split this epic story into two chapters. I'll try to finish the second half before 8:30 tomorrow. One thing I will tell you: There isn't as much fluff here as in my other stories. I promise though, it will come later. I'm planning a scene in part two that'll have Angst lovers crying to Mommy! There IS some fluff in here and some family elements that I'm sure you'll love! Okay, the deal here is that a boy named Devlin comes from the future to ask for Kevin's help. His father was kidnapped by a strange monster that only Kevin can defeat. Along with having to travel into the future, Kevin finds out some horrible knowledge about Gwen's future: She's married! He also begins dealing with a strange instinct to protect Devlin and a new fear that he can't understand. Yeah...sucky summary but trust me! This is probably the greatest Gwevin I've ever written in my life!

"Mommy, I don't understand!" The little boy sobbed. His black hair fell in bangs over his one dark eye and one green eye and he brushed them back irritably. "I can't do this! You're better at it! I can't go alone!"

"It's too risky for me to go! You know what might happen if I travel back to the past right now! We can't risk little Ben and Julie!" The red haired woman placed a slender hand on her son's shoulder while holding her other hand protectively over her bulging stomach. "I've taught you the basics of time travel. Paradox will help you with the initial journey. The rest is up to you. You don't have a choice, Devlin. It's the only way to save your father!"

The six year old's eyes flared with determination at the mention his dad. He thought back to how he had last seen his father...being throttled by that monster... He shivered a little. His eyes then fell on his mother's bulging stomach and his resolve solidified. His mom was right! He had to do it! For his mom, dad, and unborn siblings! That monster would not do any more harm! "If only Uncle was here..." He muttered softly.

"Ben is halfway across the universe, Devlin." The woman said firmly. "You have a better chance than anyone right now! Besides, if Ben went, there is the slight chance that he'd be recognized by his past self! That would be a disaster!" She held out her arms and pulled her son into a hug. "Paradox knows where to take you and I promise you that you'll recognize your father's past self when you see him."

"Yes...from what you told me, he's pretty hard to miss." Devlin smiled dryly.

The woman smiled at the uncanny resemblance between Devlin and his father and felt a tear come to her cheek. "I wish I didn't have to ask you to do this, Devlin. I know you're scared but my hands are tied. I'm so sorry."

Devlin put on a brave face and forced himself to grin. "Don't worry about it, Mommy! I can handle it!" At that moment, a rip in the air around them signaled Paradox's arrival.

"It's time, Devlin." Paradox held out a hand.

Devlin threw his arms around his mother and tried not to cry. "I won't fail, Mommy! Don't worry!" He sounded more sure than he felt.

Paradox placed a hand on Devlin's shoulder. "Come. Don't worry, Devlin. I'll be with you until you're safe in the past."

Devlin nodded mutely as he was lead through the rip toward a time twenty years ago...

"Give up?" Kevin stared over the juice cup-ridden table with a smirk. "You know you can't beat me, Tennyson! I got a stomach of steel! Literally!"

Ben held a half drained juice cup firmly in his hand and grinned easily. "Those were simply an appetizer! I haven't even begun warming up!"

"Come on, guys! This can't be good for you!" Gwen sat next to Julie, suppressing a look of disgust. "You could spend your money on better things than endless juice!"

"I think that they get free juice once they go over twenty." Julie muttered, resting her cheek on her hand. "I really need to see about asking Mr. Smoothie to withdraw that offer before they go out of business."

"Carrot, shredded cabbage, and caramel." Ben's smile widened. "I know you won't be able to stomach this!" He drained his cup with one long slurp.

Kevin eyed his own cup warily. While his stomach was made of steel, he could still taste! 'Come on, Levin! You can take it!' He raised the rim to his lips and started to drink. His eyes widened as an awful taste filled his mouth. It contained the disgusting, dirty feel of carrot, a very sauerkraut-like cabbage flavor, and a sickeningly sweet dash of caramel. He felt himself gag and he was unable to keep from spitting the horrible liquid onto the table. "UGH!" He quickly snatched a bottle of water and began gargling. "Tennyson, you're more of a mutant that I am!" He sputtered as he spat the water to the side. "Ugh..." He shuddered involuntarily as the last traces of the juice faded slowly from his taste buds.

Ben let out a laugh. "Still the champion! Now my twenty bucks if you please?" He held out his hand, his green eyes glinting victoriously.

"Fine..." Kevin handed Ben the money, grumbling.

"And you're on cleanup duty! Have fun!" Still chuckling, Ben led Julie off.

Kevin's heart sank at the sight of the forty plus juice cups, crumpled napkins, and the drink he had just spat out. He glanced hopefully at Gwen. "Say, Gwen could you...?"

"Nope! A bet's a bet!" Gwen stood up. "I gotta hit the books tonight anyway. See you later!"

"Thanks a lot..." Kevin muttered as Gwen ran off on a stream of mana. He watched her until she disappeared into the distance. A smile spread across his face. 'She looks real pretty when she does that...' He mused to himself before he began picking up the cups.

Devlin's nose wrinkled with distaste as he inhaled the air. This was before crystal energy was utilized, so the air was rank with a sharp scent that could only be that liquid called gasoline! 'Yuck! How did Mommy and Daddy survive here?!' He already felt himself getting dizzy. He shook his head a little. Paradox had left. 'Why did he leave?' He wondered. 'He said that it wasn't his destiny to help me or something...something about a mess up in the passage of time...I'll never understand that guy!' Trying to keep his head clear, Devlin stumbled through the streets until a flash of movement caught his eye. His breath caught in his throat. A large green and black car was driving by. It was more old fashioned than the model he was used to but there was no mistaking the design! It was his father's car from twenty years ago! Feeling his courage mounting, Devlin ran after the retreating car.

Kevin groaned as he fumbled with the garage door. Cleaning up the mess from that contest took longer than he had thought. "Mom, I'm home!" He called out, before remembering that his mother was on a trip somewhere. 'Right...got the house to myself...' He stretched and let out a yawn. 'Maybe I'll throw a party tomorrow night...' He thought in a daze. He fell on his bed and was asleep almost immediately. His ID mask fell to the floor at the foot of his bed.

That night, he had another nightmare. He saw Ragnarok calling for help. He heard voices, thousands of voices speaking in his head at once. Another vision came into his consciousness. It was a man, in his mid thirties. He had long hair down past his shoulders. He had a familiar bulky build and a mischievous glint in his dark eyes. There was a woman with him...a beautiful red haired woman who had a strange resemblance to Gwen. There was a little boy with them... 'He looks a little like I did as a kid...' Kevin thought to himself before the vision faded and he was faced once more with the decision on whether to save or kill his father's murderer.



… "Hm?"

"Wake up! Sheesh...you sleep like a rock at age sixteen too!"

… "Wha?" Kevin blinked his eyes a few times, trying to clear the sleep out. He squinted, trying to see through the darkness. He caught the outline of something looking down at him and he immediately jumped out of bed and morphed his hands.

"Wait! Don't hurt me!"

Kevin froze when he realized that the voice belonged to a small child, but he didn't drop his guard. "Who are you? What do you want?"

"Can you turn on a light? I wanna see what you look like..." The boy had a strange curiosity, as if he knew who Kevin was.

'That's impossible...' Kevin turned and grabbed his ID mask, fitting it on before flipping the light switch. Sure enough, he was staring into the face of a young boy, six years old at the most. The boy's black eyes were wide with fascination. Not fear, just fascination... 'Weird...' "Any particular reason for coming into my house?" A thought occurred to him. "Which I locked!"

"Oh...well..." The boy took his right hand out from behind his back, revealing a laser handgun. His face flushed guiltily. "You may wanna fix that hole I shot through the door before your mommy sees it..." He grinned sheepishly and slipped the weapon into his jean pocket.

What was a kid doing with a laser?! "What's your name?"

"Devlin L-" The boy stopped and looked down at the floor. "My name is Devlin."

"Who are your parents, Devlin?" Kevin took a step closer, curiosity overcoming caution.

"Well my mommy is named..." He mumbled something under his breath. "And my daddy is..." He muttered another mess of inaudible jumble. He shuffled his foot and looked so uncomfortable that Kevin didn't press the subject.

"Why are you here, Devlin?"

"Well I-" Devlin cut himself off and seemed to be pondering something. "My parents...um...are away on emergency Plumber business. And...they told me to find a Plumber to take care of me while they were gone. I'm targeted by a lot of people because of my parents, so they wanted me to be well protected."

"Why didn't they hire someone?" Kevin asked, positive that Devlin wasn't telling the truth.

"It was an emergency and they had to leave right away. I tracked the nearest Plumber's badge and found you." He looked up at Kevin with big eyes. "What's your name?"

"Kevin Ethan Levin." Kevin replied, feeling his suspicion fading away completely and being replaced with something else that he couldn't recognize. He wanted to protect this kid. He was glad that Devlin had found him.

Devlin's eyes lit up with a powerful combination of excitement, adoration, and hope. "I gotta stay with you then! Please? Only you will be good enough!" His smile was one close to hero worship.

Kevin nearly staggered when he saw the wave of emotions flowing from the boy. Was he that well known? Why did his name have such an effect on Devlin? He wasn't exactly the most well known or well liked Plumber. Still, it seemed so perfectly natural, a smile spread across Kevin's face. "Sure thing, kid. Stay as long as you want."

Before Kevin could stop him, Devlin rushed over and hugged him. He was tall for his age so his arms went around the base of Kevin's waist and his head nuzzled into the area between Kevin's stomach and chest. "Thank you so much, D- Kevin! Thank you!" Then he froze and drew back slightly. He tapped a hand experimentally against Kevin's stomach and blinked a few times at the hollow metal sound. He stared up curiously at Kevin. "I didn't know..." He didn't seem able to decide what to say.

Feeling his natural shame for his appearance increase to an unnatural high, Kevin quickly backed away. "S-So would you like to sleep on the couch or the bed?"

"The couch is fine!" Devlin was still staring at Kevin in a very calculating way.

Kevin shifted uncomfortably under Devlin's scrutiny. "Okay then. Wake me up when you get hungry and we'll get something to eat." He watched the kid leave the room before he collapsed on his bed. All of a sudden, he felt more tired than he had in days!

Kevin woke up early the next morning and walked downstairs, careful to be very quiet. Devlin was still asleep. His brows were creased slightly, as if he was having a nightmare. Kevin pulled the blanket over the kid's shoulder and placed a hand gently on his arm. 'What is up with me?!' He wondered as he stared at the sleeping boy with a type of compassion that he would have never thought was possible.

Devlin let out a whimper of terror. He could see his dad! The four armed beast had him tightly...so tightly... His mom was trying to shoot mana but the weight of little Ben was holding her back. The monster swung an orange hand at her, his dad yelled in pain, and Devlin woke up screaming. "Mommy! Daddy!" His eyes grew even wider when he realized that he was staring at a face made of Taedenite and stone. He felt his fear fade away as he recognized those eyes. Wordlessly, he threw his arms around Kevin's shoulders and began to cry.

Kevin was stunned beyond words as he held the sobbing kid in his arms. "Shhh...It's okay..." He gently stroked Devlin's hair and whispered softly to him until he finally stopped crying.

"I-I'm s-sorry..." Devlin sniffled. "It w-was s-so real..."

Kevin smiled encouragingly and ruffled Devlin's hair, pushing his bangs out of his face. "Don't worry about it! I get some pretty bad dreams too!" It was then that he first noticed Devlin's eyes. His right eye was bright emerald green, like Ben or Gwen's eyes. The left was so dark brown, it was indistinguishable from the color black. 'Woah...' Kevin couldn't bring himself to look away.

Devlin felt slightly uncomfortable as Kevin stared into his eyes. He hated his weird eyes and always tried to hide them when not around his parents. 'But Kevin is...' He sighed silently to himself. 'I guess he can see...'

"Where is Kevin?! Didn't I say to come as soon as possible?!" Ben paced in front of the house while Gwen leaned calmly against a wall.

"You know that Kevin's always late. Don't worry about it." Suddenly, her eyes flashed. "I sense something...a presence..."

"What kind of presence?" Ben asked, stopping his pacing.

"Something...something powerful and...important somehow...It's vague though. I can't tell exactly what's going on..." She shook her head slowly.

"Hey guys!" Kevin got out of the car and waved cheerfully. "What's up?"

"Where have you been?!" Ben walked over and folded his arms. "You took a half hour!"

"Sorry...we were stopping for some breakfast?" Kevin grinned sheepishly.

"We?" Ben asked, confused. 'Who could Kevin be with this early?' At that moment, his attention was drawn to the back seat of Kevin's car. A little boy jumped out, a bagel in one hand and a smoothie in the other. 'Who's that?' Ben took a step forward. The boy looked surprisingly like Kevin, with low bangs shading his eyes. He had ripped blue jeans and a ratty gray hoodie on over a stained white tee.

Gwen felt a shock go through her system. 'That's what I was sensing...' She took a hesitant step closer. Kevin was grinning easily.

"Ben, Gwen, meet Devlin. His parents are Plumbers and are both away on an emergency call. I'm taking care of him till they come back." He ruffled Devlin's hair. Devlin grinned up at him, making a warm feeling erupt in Kevin's chest. "Now, what did you need me for?"

"I need a smoothie and you're the only one around with a car! Our parents are at work and I'm starving!" Ben threw his hands into the air in a helpless gesture.

"That's your big emergency?!" Kevin rolled his eyes as Devlin burst out laughing. "Ben, one of these days, I swear..." He groaned in exasperation.

"Well, how about we go to Mr. Smoothie's and then go to a movie?" Devlin piped up.

Kevin glanced at Devlin and smiled. "Good idea, kiddo." 'This is so weird...I never feel like this around other kids...what's going on?'

"It was your idea." Devlin took a sip of his smoothie. "Weren't you saying something about wanting to take Gwen?"

Kevin would have blushed if his face was normal. "Uh...well...sorta..." He muttered. "I mean...I rented a few DVDs so..." He shrugged.

Gwen smiled. "Sounds like fun, Kevin!"

Ben pouted. "What about me? What am I supposed to do?"

"Use the twenty you got off of me yesterday and go nuts." Kevin waved a hand dismissively.

Ben grinned. "Oh yeah! I almost forgot!"

Gwen snuggled against Kevin as their fifth movie continued. It was around evening by this point and there was something about the dark lighting that made her much bolder about her advances. Moving closer to him felt like the most natural thing in the world. She felt his strong stone arm wrap around her shoulder and smiled. A happy sigh left her lips.

Kevin felt Gwen cuddle closer to him and his heart did a backflip. It seemed so easy at that moment. She felt nice and warm against him. His eyes closed and he softly nuzzled her hair.

It had been forever since they'd been able to be together alone like this. It felt really nice... Gwen was hardly even paying any attention to the movie. All of her focus was on Kevin's steady breathing and his slightly muffled heartbeat. She felt Kevin's gaze on her and tilted her head up. He was so close...if she just leaned in a little more...

"Da- Er...Kevin?" Kevin drew back away from Gwen and turned his head toward the hallway. Devlin was standing there, rubbing his eyes. "I-I had a nightmare...can I sleep on the sofa?"

Kevin felt a flash of agitation at Devlin's badly timed appearance but it quickly passed. "Sure thing. Come on over." He watched Devlin walk over and lie down on the sofa, his head close to Gwen's lap. "Want a pillow?" Devlin nodded and Kevin handed him one of the small cushions. Devlin propped it up so that it was against Gwen's side.

"Is this okay, Mo-Gwen" Devlin looked up, his dark eye glinting while his green eye remained hidden.

"Of course, Devlin." Gwen smiled sweetly, still slightly stunned by Kevin's tender attitude. Feeling an urge that she had never before felt, she reached down and gently brushed Devlin's hair out of his face. Devlin's eyes closed and a peaceful smile came to his face. 'I wonder...why do I sense so much power in him? And there's something else too...but what is it?' Kevin's movements interrupted her thoughts and she watched him reach over her and pull a blanket up around Devlin's shoulders. 'He's so sweet...' Gwen's gaze grew even softer as Kevin drew back.

"What movie are you guys watching?" Devlin looked blankly at the empty screen.

Kevin grinned in embarrassment. He had been so focused on Gwen, he hadn't noticed that the movie had ended. To his delight, he saw a similar look cross Gwen's face. "Um...how about The Princess Bride?" (KEVIN REFERENCED PRINCESS BRIDE!!! "Hello. My name is Kevin Ethan Levin. You killed my father. Prepare to die!" OMG! I WAS FREAKING OUT SO MUCH!!!!)

"Oh! I love that movie!" Devlin sat up a little and reached for the popcorn. He paused when he noticed the awkward looks on both Kevin and Gwen's faces. "You can go ahead and put your arm around her again, Kevin. I'm not watching." He put one hand up to shade the left side of his face as he turned his attention to the movie.

Gwen felt herself blushing at Devlin's blunt statement. 'Are we that obvious?' She glanced at Kevin and noticed his hesitation. She scooted closer to him and leaned into him, closing her eyes. She was still aware of little Devlin sitting close by. Strangely enough, he seemed to make this moment complete.

A week later, Kevin and Gwen were hanging out in Gwen's backyard, watching Devlin flying around on Jetray.

"WHOO-HOO!" Devlin shouted, scrunching his eyes shut as the air blew his hair back. "HIGHER! FASTER!" He felt an intense thrill as Ben climbed higher into the sky. "YEAH!"

"Okay, Devlin! Going down!" Ben called out before gliding back down to earth.

"That was AWESOME! Thanks, Ben!" Devlin's eyes sparkled. "Can we go again?"

"Can't, Devlin. I gotta...well..." He glanced at his cell phone.

"Study date with Julie? I get it!" Devlin grinned knowingly. "Say no more!"

Ben blushed as he turned to leave. "Later guys!"

Kevin smirked a little as Ben walked away. "That kid misses nothing..." He muttered fondly, feeling the now familiar warm sensation that he always felt around Devlin.

"Indeed." A voice spoke behind them. Kevin and Gwen both jumped up in surprise.

"Hi, Paradox!" Devlin rushed over. "Is it time?"

"Only if you are ready, young Devlin. I sense that you are."

Devlin grew very pale and nodded his head. "O-okay..." He murmured, hugging himself a little.

Kevin looked from Paradox to Devlin. "Okay, what's going on here? Am I the only one who's confused?"

Gwen shook her head. "No...I don't get what's going on either." She bent down and put a hand on Devlin's shoulder, brushing his bangs aside with her other hand so that she could look him in the eye. His mismatched eyes glinted shamefully as she gazed sternly at him. "What's going on, Devlin?"

Devlin turned away briefly before locking his gaze to Gwen's once more. 'Now or never...' "I'm from the future." He stated simply. "My father is in danger and my mother is pregnant. I was the only one who could come for help."

"Whoa, whoa!" Kevin also knelt down. "Why don't you start from the beginning?"

Devlin took a deep breath before starting. "My father was kidnapped by a monster. I don' t know how but this monster is very important to his past. My mother tracked him down but her powers were too weak to help because she's carrying my twin siblings. She told me to come back in time to find you, Kevin, and bring you forward to help. You're the only one who can save him."

Kevin's eyes grew REALLY wide. "Wait a second! I'm not the most powerful guy out there! You didn't need to come back to find me! Why not Ben? Is he still alive where you are? Or is it when you are...? Gwen would do a better job! Why couldn't you get help from your time period?"

Paradox put up a hand to silence Kevin's freakout. "Peace, Kevin. You will find out all of the answers in time. Don't worry. Now, while you have all the time in the world, I'm sure that young Devlin grows restless. His parents are waiting."

Kevin steadied his breathing before nodding his head. He felt an unnatural calm wash over him as his determination to help Devlin increased tenfold. Devlin needed him. He couldn't turn away! "Alright, Devlin. I'll help you." He grinned to mask his slight fear. He turned toward Gwen as she placed a firm hand on his shoulder.

"Not without me, you aren't!" She said sharply, her eyes flashing.

"Gwen...it could be too dangerous..." Gwen held up a hand to silence him.

"You just said that you thought I was better for this job than you!" She smirked a little. "Do you think I'll let you go alone after hearing that?"

Kevin grimaced. "Me and my big mouth..."

"It's okay. Mommy said that you would come as well, Gwen." Devlin piped up.

Kevin blinked. "How would she know?"

Gwen smiled triumphantly. "That settles it. When do we go?"

Paradox held out his hands. "Right now."

Kevin's eyes narrowed at the sudden brightness around him. As far as he knew, they had only taken a single step before...WHAM! There was golden light surrounding them. For a moment, he wondered if they were dying. Then, he realized that it was the light of the sun. "Is it supposed to be this bright? Where are we? The Sahara Desert?" As he said this, he realized that the sun, while very bright, gave off a comfortable and not overbearing warmth.

"Nope! This is Bellwood!" Devlin waved his hand around to indicate the whole area. Gwen and Kevin stared in awe.

Where the concrete roads and cement had once been, pathways of clear quartz stretched out in all directions. People were gliding over the thin crystal paths on strange glowing shoes while neon hovercrafts dominated the large roads. "Crystal energy." Devlin explained. "It repels the quartz and allows people to glide. It also provides a clean, fully efficient fuel source." A deer wandered onto the road and a hovercraft immediately swerved to avoid it. "It also rejects organic matter and other vehicles, minimizing crashes and roadkill." The deer quickly darted off toward someone's yard. It was then that Kevin and Gwen noticed how odd the homes were. They were large, white, and domed, clearly made of an alien material. Most of the yards were overgrown with exotic plants and fruit trees, also not native to Earth. The deer shied away from a large, violet, snapping carnivorous plant and began nibbling on what looked like a blue and orange striped pear.

"Cool, huh?" Devlin felt immensely pleased at how impressed Gwen and Kevin were. "Welcome to the future! A great summer in the year 2030!" He spread his arms out wide and grinned brightly.

Kevin snapped out of his stupor at Devlin's words. "2030?! Wait, that's only twenty years from our time! Are we still alive? Are we still here? Where am I? What do I look like?"

Devlin's grin faltered and he nervously scratched at the back of his neck. "Uh...I can't really say anything yet..." He looked anxiously down the road. "My mom should still be at home...when are we, Paradox?"

"A week after you left." He stated simply. "The same amount of time that elapsed in the past.

Devlin's mouth fell open. "A WEEK?! I thought we'd be able to come right back to when I was when I left! That's why I took my time in getting to know Gwen and Kevin! Why didn't you come sooner?! Daddy could be dead by now!"

Paradox calmly held up a hand. "That's why I came when I did. The time to act is now."

"Why didn't you take me right back to when I was when I left?!"

"I have my reasons, young Devlin." Paradox waved his hand impatiently. "Now you'd better go to your mother. You are three seconds behind schedule already." He checked a gold wristwatch before disappearing.

"Wait!" Devlin ran toward where Paradox was and looked around frantically. "Great! Now what'll I do?!" He took a deep breath to calm himself. "First is my mom. One step at a time...that's what she always says..." He turned back to Gwen and Kevin. "Come on. My house is this way."

Kevin was aware of the people staring at him as he walked by and did his best to keep his eyes locked on the ground. He felt Gwen's hand slip into his and felt a little better. He looked up as Devlin turned and started walking down a driveway. His jaw dropped open as the house came into view.

Hidden by the thick growth of magenta trees, the house stood. Long radio antennae stuck out of the top and pieces of advanced technology littered the lawn. There had clearly been a struggle whose effects hadn't yet been cleaned up. Next to the house, slightly levitated, was a landing pad. On it was a green and black helicopter and a large empty space for another aircraft.

"Daddy took the jet with him." Devlin explained. "The helicopter is for emergencies."

"The design on that...it's the same as the design on your car, Kevin!" Gwen gasped.

"Yeah! Your dad has good taste!" Kevin nodded in approval at the helicopter.

Devlin grinned. "I figured you'd think that..." He turned toward the door of the house. As they drew closer, a magenta light could be seen illuminating the walls. Gwen stopped as they drew closer.

"This energy...It's so strong!" She held up her hand and tried to sense the source. 'There must be a mistake...It can't be...' She quickly turned off her Anodite senses. Devlin's power combined with this new power would surely give her a headache if she kept this up.

The door opened and a tall, beautiful, though sad faced woman stepped out. "Hello, Devlin. Three seconds late, just as Paradox said." She smiled and held out her arms. Devlin readily rushed over.

Kevin and Gwen stared at each other before looking intently at Devlin's mother. She was middle aged but beautiful, forty years of age at the most if that much, with long, fiery orange hair that flowed smoothly down to her waist. Her eyes glittered like the dew covered spring grass on the ground. Her hands were long, slender, and calloused, as if she had seen and won many battles. A powerful aura surrounded her, to the point of being almost visible to the naked eye: A faint magenta outline that seemed to shift and fade if looked at directly. Her mouth was curved in a kindly, though mischievous smile, as if she still had the heart of a teenage rebel. Her stomach, they now noticed, was bulging slightly with the weight of unborn children. She turned her emerald gaze on Kevin and Gwen and her smile widened.

"I was hoping to be seeing you two." She walked over and placed a hand on each of their shoulders. "Yes...just as I remember..." Her eyes sparkled. "I know you're confused and scared. Don't worry. Everything is playing out as it should."

"Remember?" Gwen spoke up. "How do you remember us? And why does your aura feel so..." She tried to describe the sensation but couldn't. She watched the woman's eyes glint cheerfully.

"I repeat, you'll find that out when the time is right. Now, we need to focus on the task at hand." She looked toward the burnt and trashed yard. "You're lucky you didn't come any sooner...the monster came back and triggered the traps I had set up." She shuddered. "If anyone else had been in the area...thank goodness I was able to keep up a shield..." She shook her head slightly before turning back to Kevin and Gwen. "Come inside. I'm sure you want to rest while I explain what needs to be done."

Inside, they were served a huge plate of chocolate chip cookies. Kevin was already eating his fifth. "Wow! These taste just like your cookies, Gwen!" He chugged a glass of milk before popping another cookie into his mouth.

Gwen rolled her eyes at him. "Honestly, Kevin! Couldn't you have better manners?"

"Ah! Righ'! Fanks fah duh gookuhs!" Kevin said to Devlin's mother, his mouth still full.

"You are impossible..." Gwen muttered, shaking her head. "He said-"

"'Thanks for the cookies!' I know." Devlin's mother smiled. "I know."

Kevin swallowed his mouthful with some difficulty before becoming serious once more. "So what do we need to do? What are the details of this monster? Your husband? Where are they and what can we expect?" His eyes suddenly caught something. "Hey! That gold locket around your neck! It looks just like Gwen's!"

"Focus, Kevin!" Gwen elbowed him while looking curiously at the locket. "So, what about it? What do we do?"

"I tracked his location down to this area." Devlin's mother handed them a Plumber's badge. "You can use my badge to find it. Don't try using your powers to track him." She shook a finger at Gwen. "It won't work." She handed Kevin a laser gun. "You won't need this but I know you'll feel better if you carry it."

"You know me so well!" Kevin turned the gun over in his head. "Whew! Level 6 tech! Nice!"

"So when we get there, then what?" Gwen persisted.

"You'll see. Kevin will know what to do once he sees the monster."

"How?" Kevin stopped admiring the weapon to look back at Devlin's mother.

"I can't tell you any more." She checked her watch. "It's time. Devlin will accompany you both to the site." Devlin grew noticeably pale. "Don't worry, sweetheart." Her eyes grew sympathetic. "I promise you that you'll be fine."

"How can you be so sure?" Kevin asked, shocked that a mother would willingly send her six year old son on such a dangerous mission.

"She knows." Devlin smiled. "Don't worry!" He led them out the door toward the helicopter. "Besides, I'm the only one who knows how to fly that thing."

Gwen's hand flashed as they continued climbing higher. "That's strange..."

"What is it, Gwen?" Kevin leaned over to look at her.

"Devlin's mother was right. I try tracking her husband's aura and I'm getting three different locations at once!" She lowered her hand. "And one of them is here...it's almost as if..."

"As if what?" Kevin leaned over more.

"It's nothing..." She leaned back against the back of the seat and sighed. "Devlin, what's your mother's name?"

"Gwendolyn." Devlin replied calmly, checking the global tracker at his side. "Here we go..."

Gwen felt her suspicion sinking deeper into her heart, slowly confirming itself. "And her maiden name?"

"Tennyson." Devlin said absently, his attention fully focused on the ground below.

Kevin felt his heart freeze. Devlin was Gwen's son?! That woman...was GWEN?! And she was... Kevin leaned forward and spoke frantically. "What's her last name now?!"

"Hold on tight!" Devlin shouted as the chopper's blades began to roar. "I'm still not good at landing yet!"

As he spoke, their seats lurched, almost throwing the helicopter on its side. "WHOA!" They all shouted as the vehicle violently steadied itself into an upright position.

"Okay...Mommy said that the building was where Daddy is. Let's go!"

As they walked, Kevin felt himself being overcome with fear. "Um...what exactly do we know about this monster?"

"All I know is that the monster originated during your time because of a release of power combined with someone's fears. It entered a rip in time made by the person who released the power and came here."

"Who released the power? Whose fear created it?" Gwen asked. A loud roar came from the building.

Kevin felt his heart freeze. That roar sounded familiar...

"The person who released the power was a woman named Charmcaster." Devlin noticed the hatred that flashed across Gwen's face at the name. "And the fear..." Another roar echoed and he was aware of Kevin beginning to tremble. "...is Kevin's."

Kevin couldn't see! He was blind! There was blackness everywhere! All he was aware of was three mismatched eyes. One was a large green eye with a rectangular pupil. The other two were orange slits on the other side of the beast's face. It opened its jaws, revealing a mouth full of sharklike teeth.

"Hello, Kevin. Miss me?"

"Kevin! Kevin!" Gwen shook Kevin's shoulder, breaking him out of his daze. "Stay with us, Kevin! I need you to tell me what you remember about what happened with Charmcaster! How did you feel the whole time?"

"Weird!" Kevin replied immediately. "I mean...she was flirting with me! It all happened so fast...and then she kissed me out of nowhere and there was blankness for awhile..."

"Why did you hang out with her?" Gwen asked, her eyes flashing urgently. "Don't you remember how you were feeling that day?"

"I was angry...I was thinking about that kid...about you...about Ben...about me..." Kevin looked at his hands. "I was ashamed of what I was. I just felt as if I couldn't bare it any longer. That's why I kept getting so mad...it all hurt so much..."

Gwen's heart sank. "I should have known..." She turned her head toward the gaping door. "I think I know what's waiting for us in there..."

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