Author's Note: Sorry for the long wait! If you haven't noticed, I've got another 3 stories I'm working on. Speaking of which, I'm going to shamelessly advertise the companion story to this one "What Really Really Happened" for a brief bit. If you're enjoying this story, it will plug in some missing information by giving you Lance's point of view on the events. As for this story, I'm real sorry if you're a Scott fan. I'm trying really hard not to bash him, but he just makes it so darn easy. Enjoy the update!

The rest of my classes seemed like a blur. All I could think about was all the cryptic messages Lance kept giving me and what they could possibly mean. He said we'd talk later, but how much later? I kept waiting for him to suddenly appear at my locker or slip into the seat next to me, but I didn't see him again all day. I was gathering up my books when I felt someone behind me.

"Finally," I sighed. "Now, are you going to explain what's going on or what?"

"Explain what?" I whipped around to find Scott looking at me confused.

"Uh…" I bit my lip and cursed myself for thinking it was Lance. Of course it wasn't. "Explain how I'm supposed to get home. I wasn't sure how to find you after class."

"Well, I would have told you at lunch to meet at the car by ten minutes after the last bell, but you ran off…" Scott frowned. "Is everything okay, Kitty? You seem really on edge."

"It's just being at a new school," I shrugged. "And everything."

"Okay," Scott nodded. "Well, we should go meet Kurt and Jean. They'll be waiting at the car."

"Right," I forced a smile. "Let's go."

"So…" Scott and I fell into step as we weaved our way through the hallways. "How was the first day?"

"Okay, I guess," I answered while trying to casually scan the hallways for Lance.

"Still taking it all in?" Scott put his hand on my shoulder to guide me, and probably comfort me. I smiled back at him and stopped my searching.

"Yeah," I answered. "I mean in some ways it's like any school I guess, but it's still new to me."

"What did you think of your classes?" Scott kept up the line of questioning, and I almost had to stop myself from calling him Dad because of how parental he was acting.

"They were okay. I feel like I'm kind of behind in some, but way ahead in others. But it'll work itself out, right?" I looked back as Scott held a door open for me and I walked through. Because I wasn't looking where I was going I stumbled down the first couple of steps and fell into someone's arms. When I looked up, there was Lance. Go figure.

"Woah! Watch out there," he laughed. "I can't always be around to catch you, ya know."

"Kitty, are you okay?" Scott immediately came up behind.

"Yeah," I shook my head as a blush crept over my cheeks. "I'm just klutzy."

"The gold medalist of klutzy," Lance mumbled as he released me.

"You didn't sprain anything did you? We've got a… uh… workout… when we get home," Scott put his hand back on my shoulder and frowned in concern.

"I'm just embarrassed," I assured him and then nodded in Lance's direction. "But I'm okay thanks to…"

"Oh, hi. I'm Scott Summers and this is Kitty Pryde," Scott held his hand out to shake.

"Lance," he responded off-hand while busy fumbling with a cigarette and lighter. Scott raised his eyebrow, whether in response to the cigarette, the unanswered handshake, or because he was waiting for a last name to be produced didn't matter as Lance just blew a puff of smoke and glanced at the hand Scott offered him. I thought I saw his gaze flicker to Scott's other hand on my shoulder, but I couldn't be sure.

"Well, Lance. Thanks for helping Kitty," Scott pulled his hand back and raked it through his hair. "But you really shouldn't smoke. It'll kill you, and those around you for that matter. Plus it's banned from school grounds, and it's illegal unless you're eighteen. Are you eighteen?"

"What are you?" Lance's brow furrowed. "Campus police or something?"

"Just a concerned citizen," Scott shrugged.

"Well, don't waste your concern on me," Lance smirked before taking another drag.

"Look, I'm just trying to be friendly," Scott argued.

"And you're trying a little too hard," Lance glared, and now I knew he was looking at Scott's arm on mine. Scott didn't seem to notice though.

"What is your problem?" Scott snapped.

"Yo, Lance. Can I get a ride, or what?" Todd hopped up at that moment and then he saw who Lance was talking to. "Oh, Summers."

"Hey, Todd," Scott offered without taking his eyes from Lance.

"Hey yourself, Summers," Todd replied. "Who's the babe?"

"The girl is Kitty," Scott corrected him. "She's new."

"Just how I like 'em," Todd stood up from his crouch position. "Hey, baby. Whatchya doin' with Summers?"

"She's joined us at the Xavier institute," Scott frowned at Todd.

"Ah, too bad. You're one of those weirdos," Todd shook his head and crouched back down.

"You're one to talk, Tolanksy," Scott grumbled.

"Lay off him, Shades," Lance snarled.

"Let's get out of here, man," Todd yanked at Lance's arm. "The X-geeks ain't worth it."

"I don't know about that," Lance smirked as his eyes raked over me sending a chill running down my spine.

"Come on, Kitty. We've got to meet the others and get back for our workout," Scott tugged on my arm.

"Right," I nodded to him before turning to Lance. "Well, thanks again… Lance?"

"Just be careful, Kitten," he smirked before turning to follow Todd who had already hopped off.

"It's Kitty, actually," Scott called after him.

"Yeah, yeah," Lance waved him off without looking back. I watched him go for a minute and then quickly caught up with Scott who was already stomping off to his car. When we got there, Jean was already sitting shot gun, a beefy looking guy leaning down to talk to her while Kurt sat in the back.

"Verr you guys are!" he shouted and waved his arms. Jean looked up and smiled before waving off the guy. As he walked past us, I felt his gaze on me and had to resist the urge to vomit. He actually looked a lot like Ross, and from his arrogant swagger, I figured he was probably like him in a lot more ways than one.

"What's wrong?" Jean immediately asked as Scott slid into the driver's seat.

"Just met Todd's latest friend," Scott started up the car. "He's a real jerk, that Lance, kid."

"Lance?" Jean turned to look back at me with a question on her face, but I did my best to block out her thoughts from my head.

"Yeah. And he was smoking," Scott shook his head. "On school grounds. Total troublemaker."

"He did help me out, though," I offered weakly.

"Yeah," Scott scoffed. "I'm sure it was out of the goodness of his tobacco infested heart."

"Well, he's new," Jean argued. "Maybe he just needs to settle in."

"So, is he a mutant?" Kurt asked, breaking an awkward silence. Scott shrugged but continued to be silent, obviously stewing. Jean looked at me with eyebrows raised waiting for me to answer.

"I guess we'll find out," I replied, careful to send Jean a clear thought to keep quiet about what she may or may not have seen in Northbrook.

"Yeah," Jean nodded with a bit of a smile. "I guess we will."